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If you are a Google person, then probably you must have explored everything about testosterone, right from foods to the best exercises. Perhaps, the websites must be promoting a supplement or an injection. But don’t worry, this article is all about creating a meal plan for increasing your testosterone levels. This plan sounds idealistic but is also realistic. Hence, get your shopping carts filled with foods that we talk about. We assume that you know how to prepare the meals described in this article. 

Before we move towards the actual meal plan, we would like to provide you with certain instructions and guidelines. With the help of this quick guide, you can create your meal anywhere and at any time. So, you could be travelling or are living on your own, but you can still prepare meals all by yourself.

1. Stay away from foods that Increase Estrogen Levels in Men 

There is enough over-dosage of articles talking about foods that increase testosterone. But guys, there are foods that even increase estrogen in your body, and you have to stay far from them. First of all, you have to notice these foods and know not to buy them. We are not only talking about foods; we are also discussing materials such as plastic and soaps that can increase estrogen in you. So, be careful and try to be organic. 

2. You have to Cut Fat first before Building Muscle Mass 

Studies have shown that it is challenging for a body to build muscle mass and increase testosterone levels if the fat percentage is above 14 per cent. So, shed that fat first as it could be hiding estrogen in the layers. 

3. Take Care of your Cortisol Levels 

Do you know who the enemy of testosterone is? It is not estrogen but the cortisol hormone. Cortisol does not allow you to get sleep and increase testosterone levels. Get some herbs or a good supplement so that your cortisol levels are in control. In addition to it, we suggest you do yoga and meditation regularly and avoid stress coming in your life. 

4. Get the Right Food 

Testosterone Rich Protein Foods

This pointer is not only about healthy foods, but good quality testosterone-increasing foods. Organic versions of foods are the best since these are free from chemicals and preservations. Similarly, if you can make it sugar-free and oil-free, then it will work best for your testosterone levels. 

For instance, if you do not like broccoli, then you should not spice it up excessively. Adding some herbs is okay but completely tampering its nutrition level by over-cooking is certainly not advisable. 

5. Do not Misunderstand Fats 

All fats are not bad, and all fats are not healthy. Men tend to overlook facts and misinterpret them. Understand which ones are healthy fats and consume them. During this process, do not eat unhealthy fats, considering them as good for your body. 

6. Go for a Post-Workout Shake or Smoothie 

Post Workout Shakes

A post-workout meal is a must. Do not skip. As you are losing calories, you have to fill up your body with nutrition and proteins. After training, your body should need healthy carbs and protein, and a shake can provide you with that energy.

It has been proven in clinical studies that simple carbs and protein shake will help the free testosterone enter your body cells and tissues without any effort

7. Do not Over-Eat 

Sometimes, we become so conscious about nutrition that we over-indulge in wholesome foods. It does not matter how wholesome your food is, it should be in balanced proportions. So, do not assume that if you are eating too much, you are seeking nutrition. In fact, you are simply hampering your health by over-eating. Over-eating will lead to an increase in body fat and boost up estrogen, which is not at all desirable

8. Do Not Drink Alcohol 

Say No To Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited. But if you cannot get rid of it completely, you can at least get into moderation. Alcohol results in estrogen formation and testosterone inhibition. So, drink moderately, once a week is permissible. 

9. Take a Supplement 

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

You cannot depend entirely on your meals. You might be a vegan or a vegetarian, and this becomes difficult in seeking protein or healthy fats. So, go for a premium quality supplement and have it in your routine. Do not think it as an add-on. A supplement will provide you with all vitamins, healthy fatty acids, zinc which a diet plan cannot provide. So, don’t feel awkward, consider it as a diet plan and have it daily as required. 

10. Do not Skip Meals, especially your Morning Breakfast 

No matter how tied up you are in work or family tasks, do not skip meals. It will hamper your health and energy levels and will make you fatigued. 

Diet Plan 


  • 4 organic eggs, Avocado sandwich and one scoop of protein powder

Morning Snack

  • Yoghurt (sugar-free and low-fat)
  • A handful of nuts (check if you are intolerant) 
  • 2 bananas or any fruit that is available at your home 


  • 1 cup chicken, 1 cup salad (broccoli preferable, lettuce will also do), whole wheat bread slices (gluten-free), 1 cup spinach
  • You can even prepare a salad with a dressing and olive oil. Chicken can also be replaced by any fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel or turkey, depending on your availability. 

Pre-workout Meal 

  • Peanut butter with 2 whole-wheat slices.

Post-workout Meal 

  • Protein powder shake, or a multi-fruit smoothie with one scoop of protein powder in it

Evening Snack 

  • Cottage cheese, or 1 boiled potato, or mixed nuts and seeds


  • Steak or fish or chicken, brown rice, 1 cup cooked vegetables of your choice. If you have gravy, then make sure it is blended with coconut milk and vegetables. 


So, this is an ideal diet plan for maintaining and regulating healthy testosterone level. You can plan it as per your preferences and likes. We highly recommend planning your meals as it will help you to be on a diet and not fall off the track.

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