6 Best Exercises that Increase Testosterone Levels


Exercises & Top Forms for men to boost healthy testosterone

Does exercise really boost testosterone levels, or is it a myth? Well, all exercises cannot affect your hormonal levels, but there are certain regimes that can surely boost your testosterone levels. Keep reading this article until it ends to know more about these exercises. 

Top 6 Exercises to Boost Testosterone

No. #1: Resistance training 

Resistance Training Workout

As per scientific research, resistance training is a boon for all men who want a rise in their testosterone levels. A perfect example of resistance training is weightlifting, and it helps in providing you with short-term as well as long-term benefits

In a 2007 study, men who performed resistance training exercises thrice a week for a month experienced a rise in testosterone levels after a fitness regime and due course. 

In another study, it was observed that resistance training resulted in magical results more in men as compared to women. So, we suggest all men go for resistance training. 

No. #2: HIIT 

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

The popular form of workout – high-intensive interval training is a proven method of increasing testosterone in men. 

In a study, men who did interval training of 90 seconds on a treadmill for a consistent period experienced higher testosterone levels than the group who did 45 minutes of running. So, now you know why fitness experts are suggesting you subscribe for interval training packages. 

No. #3: Sprint 

Sprints Featured

We are talking about sprints of short duration and not marathons. In several scientific studies, it has been observed that sprints can result in testosterone formation. 

In a study, men who made sprints of 6 seconds experienced significant testosterone production in the body as compared to the people who did normal exercise routines. Here is how you can utilize sprints in boosting your testosterone. 

After you have done with the weight-lifting routines, go for a sprint on the treadmill. In the beginning, short sprints are enough, and you do not have to beat yourself up. You can even utilize the space in your backyard or a public park if you do not have enough resources at home or do not have a gym subscription. Anything is possible if you have the willpower and a growth mindset. Even if you are not lifting weights on some days, don’t forget to do your usual dosage of sprints. That is essential. 

If you have a bicycle, do not let is collect dust and dirt. Instead, use it for your sprints. A sprint could be less than 15 seconds but not more than that. Do it twice or thrice a week for best results. Also, recover completely after each sprint. Do not stress your body and mind while doing it. You should be enjoying it and not getting stressed out. 

No. #4: Forced Reps 

Forced Reps Featured

Yes, we know it is hard to motivate yourself to do forced reps, especially those with weights. Instead, we suggest you seek assistance from a personal trainer. He will guide you on how to do forced reps and will motivate you regularly. You will have an accountability partner. 

According to scientific research, forced reps can boost up your testosterone levels as compared to the reps done by you. When you do something by yourself, you are either not doing it fully or cheating on you sometimes. You pamper yourself and do not push off-limits. Your last set of exercise can be treated as a forced rep and be done in the supervision of your trainer. Of course, your trainer will be like your assistance and get the work done by you. 

No. #5: Take Rest periods between Repetitions 

Take Rest Between Repetitive Workouts

While elaborating exercise regimes, people often tend to forget about rest periods. A rest period is essential, but it is taken for granted by the experts. Hence, we are adding this vital point in this article to stress more on the rest period and not simply on the exercises. 

Though shorter rest periods are good for growth hormone development, testosterone can be increased with longer rest periods.

So, go for a rest period of about 120 seconds between your repetitions. During these rest periods, you are not supposed to relax on the chair or the floor. You can utilize these rest periods by stretching or doing some recovery exercises that do not involve the same muscle groups you just exercised. In this way, you are utilizing your rest periods to the maximum level and also increase your testosterone levels to the optimum. 

No. #6: Cardio is great, but Avoid the chronic workouts 

Cardio Workout

You must have heard hundreds of times from the fitness experts that cardio is great for losing weight and getting into the metabolic state. Cycling, running, jogging are all cardio exercises. As weight lifting and weight training can increase testosterone, cardio can also do a similar job. 

But one of the studies concluded showed that testosterone levels increase at a lower rate in people doing cycling as compared to those who do weight training. So, do not believe that if you are doing a marathon or are running on a treadmill, you are working on your T levels. Go for the right exercises such as resistance training and curb all the myths in mind regarding chronic cardio and its link with testosterone levels. 


So, these are the exercises that you need to incorporate in your daily routine to increase testosterone levels. Following are four factors you need to consider:

  1. If you are obese, then focus on weight loss exercises too. Your weight can decide a lot about your hike in testosterone levels

  2. Older men can seek lesser benefits after a workout. So, keep in mind that you should not expect unrealistic results after post-workout sessions. 

  3. When you exercise in the morning, the testosterone boost could be maximum. While strength-training workouts are great to be done in the evening. 

  4. If you are not in good shape, you will experience a lesser change in testosterone levels. As you get on the track, your hormonal levels will show a dramatic change
Effects of Exercise of Testosterone Production

In a nutshell, you do not have to set any unrealistic expectations at the beginning itself. Go slow and steady with the workouts and keep the above things in mind. 


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