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Low and High Testosterone Difference

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101 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone (Free Guide)

If you feel that you are overweight, unattractive, sad and erratic man, then probably your testosterone levels have dropped down significantly. Thanks to our modern and unhealthy lifestyle, men these days have become less physically and mentally active, and just want to sink into that comfort zone forever. They have less urge to exercise or to have intimacy or involve themselves in a mental activity that requires active thinking. 

But you do not envision yourself as the same person in the next five years. You were not the same person five years back. You were energetic, physically and mentally active, the life of the party and whatnot. However, the drop in your testosterone levels weakened your masculinity and it is hard to believe in yourself. 

Why are T-levels in men dropping? 

You should not blame yourself. Currently, we have surrounded ourselves with all the drastic factors that tamper with our testosterone levels. You cannot iron out these factors out of your lives. But you can brilliantly alter your lifestyle and make essential changes to it. It could be in the form of diet you consume, the workout you perform, the routine life you have adopted for yourself and also by taking dietary supplements that specifically target in skyrocketing the testosterone levels. 

According to the studies, there is a gradual 10 per cent decrease in testosterone levels in men every year. Further studies show that one in four men above the age of 30 suffers from low testosterone levels. You do not have any idea right now how this syndrome is affecting you. 

Why should one not go for steroids or other artificial ways? 

If the next thing that comes in your mind is the steroid for raising your testosterone, then you ought to read this. Years ago, steroids used to be the quickest way to increase T-levels and earn cool muscles like ever. But various scientific studies have been conducted to know the side effects of steroids and please note that consumption of steroids can be fatal for a human. Not only you will go for illegal means to buy a steroid but it is dangerous for your health. In some countries, steroids are illegal but once you get acquainted with its adverse effects, you will never pronounce the word ‘steroid.’

Instead, you can invest your time and efforts rightly and increase your T-levels naturally. You just have to alter your lifestyle and make it more healthy, not much effort needed. It is also beneficial for long-term health and well-being. 

Can one Increase Testosterone Naturally? 

Part One: Testosterone-Inducing Foods

Testosterone Inducing Foods Featured
Testosterone-Boosting Food How does it help? How to eat it rightly?
Cruciferous Vegetables We have been told to eat these vegetables since childhood. These vegetables are not only loaded with nutrients but also with testosterone-boosting substances.
broccoli Test Boosting foods
1. Broccoli
These vegetables contain a higher amount of indole 3-carbinol that reduces the amount of estradiol in men. You do not have to over-steam or overcook it. Better eat it raw as a salad in your lunch.
cabbage test vegetables
2. Cabbage
High fibre content, estradiol-reducing properties, fat prevention properties, weight management, estrogen-reducing properties are some of the benefits of cabbage. Make it a chopped salad out of it with a tasty dressing on the top of it. You need to have this salad three or four times a week.
cauliflower test vegetables
3. Cauliflower
This is another staple food in the testosterone-boosting diet. Comprising of essential indoles, it balances your estrogen levels. Have it three or four times a week. You can skip the stalk and eat only the leafy part of this veggie. A cauliflower picker will add to your taste buds, though we will also recommend you to eat it raw or in a cooked form.
Sprouts Test Foods
4. Sprouts
Along with the essential elements of indole-3-carbinol, sprouts are also rich in fibre. It will help you in getting rid of the unwanted estrogen from your body, making the path clear for the production of free testosterone. Boiled sprouts are common in daily routine. You can even steam or roast for a change. Smaller sprouts are more beneficial than regular ones. Needless to say, you can shop these from any grocery store!
kale veggies
5. Kale
Kale is also a type of cabbage and is full of indoles and phyto-nutrients. It reduces estrogen. Though it can be eaten raw, you might not like its taste. Hence, you can cook it to reduce its bitterness. One can find recipes of kale on the internet.

6. Spinach
Comprising minerals such as zinc, magnesium and calcium, spinach is a boost for your testosterone. Remember Popeye, how he gains instant energy! Though it is a funny cartoon, it inspires us to eat more spinach and become muscular like him! A spinach salad or a soup will work as a wonder! You can even have a can of spinach. LOL.
Apple Fruit T Boosting
7. Apples
An apple a day keeps the testosterone intact. It is essential for the health of your reproductive organs and for boosting testosterone. Loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, proteins, you need to include it in your diet regime. Just wash your apple and bit it right away. No need to kill a fruit in a blender. You can cut them into slices for topping these on your salad or on your protein shake itself. Apples are always delicious to munch on!
banana T fruit
8. Bananas
Comprised with Vitamin B6, potassium, and bromelain, it increases your libido capacity and boosts testosterone. Bananas are the best for your diet and can easily fit into your bag with no fuss. A morning smoothie having frozen bananas will enhance your taste bud. Or you can simply peel them and eat them right away.
berries t fruits
9. Berries
You can have four kinds of berries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. All of them serve with a large amount of fibre and Vitamin P content, which you cannot find in any other fruit. It strengthens your blood vessels and capillaries, improves blood circulation, boosts immunity and gets rid of estrogen. Make yourself an “all-berries” salad. You can also blend them in a nice smoothie!
t fruits grapes
10. Grapes
Loaded with antioxidants and testosterone-boosting properties, it removes estrogen from your body. The skin of grapes is important with respect to testosterone. Eat grapes along with the skin. The skin counts. Do not peel the grapes. Do not blend as you might discard away the skin while sieving the contents.
t boosting kiwi fruit
11. Kiwis
Kiwis are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. So, this is an ultimate natural source of testosterone. Kiwis also help in anti-ageing, makes your skin look healthy and free from wrinkles. So, apart from testosterone-inducing properties, you also get the anti-ageing supplement from this natural fruit.Simply cut it into slices and eat it as a salad. You can find it anywhere in the world due to its increasing importance.
Orange T Fruits
12. Oranges
High in Vitamin C content, they fight against cortisol, the enemy of testosterone. It also attacks another estrogen that converts testosterone into estrogen. Hence, including maximum oranges into your diet will help you in the long-term. Raw oranges or an orange juice on a daily basis would be alright. If you are eating oranges as a whole, then your body is also getting the required amount of fiber, leaving you away from the constipation problem.
Papaya T fruit
13. Papaya
Vitamin C is one of the rich vitamins found in papayas. Studies have shown how Vitamin C helps in doubling your testosterone, muscle growth and boosting your immunity. Papayas can be added to a fruit salad. You can combine it with a healthy breakfast. If you do not have a sweet fruit in your fruit dish, then complement it with sliced papayas.
pineapple testosterone fruit
14. Pineapple
It is also known as a magnesium treasure house. It instructs your body to produce testosterone naturally and you also get higher amounts of zinc. Pineapples taste great when blended into a fine smoothie. If you do not like to eat raw pineapple slices, then you can grill them and eat it with a high protein lunch.

pomegranate T fruit
15. Pomegranate
Pomegranates are often advised for weak persons to gain energy. Hence, it is an energy-boosting fruit with an appealing taste. It also has a higher level of antioxidants. Eating pomegranate in raw form is a good deal. Or you can make juice out of it. You can even go for a ready-to-drink juice of this fruit, provided these are low or zero in sugar content.
Main Protein Sources These protein sources should occupy 50 percent of your diet. These will give a boost to your testosterone and muscle mass. Hence, it is the biggest mistake to quit them even for a day.
green beans t food
16. Beans
These are low in fat and high in protein and provide a great source of fibre for your body. It improves your overall health without much of a hassle. It contains more zinc as compared to red meat. Superb isn’t it! Beans can be found in any grocery store. You can opt for canned beans or dry beans, depending upon your convenience and preference. You can create a bean salad if you are tired of eating them boiled or raw. You can even pack them into a container and eat it when you travel. No need to wonder about healthy food when you are outside. This testosterone-boosting treat is a must for every fitness freak.
cottage cheese t foods
17. Cottage Cheese
It is not always feasible in terms of time and effort to cook organic poultry stuff or high protein food items. In this scenario, cottage cheese comes to your rescue. This is a much affordable and easily available alternative that can fit in your daily diet routine. It has less fat and more protein content. Store large cartons of this cottage cheese the next time when you shop at the grocery store. You can have dressings on it and can pack in travel containers. One cup a day will give you a testosterone-boosting impact in the long-run.
fish t food
18. Fish
Just check the mercury intake, or else you are fine with maximum fish consumption. Fish have considerable amounts of protein, the essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which give you expected amounts of strength, and low fat. It is also great for your skin and hair. You also would like to look good and not just muscular, right? The kinds of fish that you should consume on a regular basis are tuna, salmon and tilapia. Top it with spinach or make a tuna salad sandwich. Make sure that you combine a fish with a green rightly to gain more nutrients. A lunch with tuna or salmon is treating your testosterone in an amazing way.
Lean Organic Beef
19. Lean Organic Beef
Infused with proteins and zinc and less amount of fat, organic beef should be on your list. It is better to opt for the organic version of beef so that you get the authentic form of nutrients and not mixed with any kinds of preservatives. Your hormones will definitely receive the necessary boost with lean organic beef foods. As beef contains as it is fattier than our usual poultry items. But you can include it in your diet once a week to get the required amount of saturated fats for your body.
organic eggs t foods
20. Organic Eggs
Yes. We are again stressing the word organic. Eggs are ignored these days because of the usual bad cholesterol story. Let us tell you the truth, that story was over-hyped and eggs were under-rated since then. If you are buying the organic eggs, then you are acquiring the right kind of cholesterol for the protein formation process in your body. You can welcome three to four whole eggs for your morning breakfast. If your doctor advises you to skip the yellow portion, then go with the doctor’s advice. Hey, you do not have to make a butter-omelette. Skip that butter as it takes ages to melt it from your body. Instead, pick up the can of olive oil from the kitchen cabinet. Go healthy, guys!
organic milk and cream
21. Organic Milk and Organic Cream
Milk is a rich source of muscle-building ingredients. It also boosts testosterone and hence, bodybuilders and fitness freaks always have milk in their diet. But instead of drinking milk in the pasteurized form, one should go for the raw, organic milk. Similarly, organic cream does not contain huge traces of hormones. It does not contain estrogen content. Hence, organic milk and organic cream can be added safely to your diet schedule on a regular basis. Many of the eminent fitness personalities have organic cream in their schedule without any guilt. A cold glass of organic milk can be soothing for your mind as well as boosting your testosterone. Go, get it guys!
Oyesters Testosterone Food
22. Oysters
If you had been keen on reading about the supplements in the above sections, you must have noticed that one of the supplements contain oyster extract. Adding oysters to your diet can also help a lot. Oysters are richer in zinc than any other foodstuff on this planet. You can get oysters from any grocery store. If you love oysters, then bang on! It is a great deal! Make sure you do not add oil to oysters while cooking and do not fry them at all. Eating oysters once a week can lead to energy levels, testosterone impact and also make you a winner in the bedroom.
poultry t boosting foods
23. Poultry Foods
Turkey and chicken are the best lean protein sources available in this world. The fat-to-protein ratio is marvelous and you can add them to your daily staple diet to derive testosterone-boosting benefits out of it. Make it a daily habit to include poultry in your diet. You should always have this in your weekly grocery shopping list. Do not add too much of spices or fry it deep. You can go for roasted or grilled options to retain the proteins and other nutrients in it.
raw nuts zinc foods
24. Raw Nuts
If you are a vegetarian, then you are welcome to this section. Raw nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pecans should be in your diet. These are healthy fats, particularly the mono-saturated ones. Eating nuts is pretty simple. You can keep a jar of almond at your desk or a container filled with nuts in your gym bag, However, do not over-consume this or munch on it every now and then. Large doses of nuts can be harmful to your health as it contains selenium. You will just dry yourself. A handful a day will do the magic!
raw pumpkin seeds zinc food
25. Raw Seeds
How can we forget these resources of healthy fats? Comprised of Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, raw seeds should be on your shopping list as well in your regime. Amongst all the available seeds, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds rock the chart. Pumpkin seeds are the most recommended ones as they boost testosterone along with other health benefits. You can stop for these seeds from a store or from an online source. You can even harvest in your backyard if you wish to save bucks and get the purest form. It is a good and healthy snack you will not find elsewhere!
Other Vegetables We must have missed out certain vegetables which are also powered with testosterone-boosting properties. Let us have a look at these.
Avocados t fruit
26. Avocados
Healthy fats, Vitamin B6, folic acid – all these are present in avocados. It has been scientifically proven that avocados have the capacity to increase your energy levels, and produce your testosterone. You can top them on a salad or also eat it as a vegetable. Eating avocados along with grilled salmon or with mangoes or in a sandwich will be a better option!
celery t leafs
27. Celery
This is a simple vegetable that does not taste great but has impressive testosterone-boosting capacity. According to a research study, celery is shown to release testosterone in our body by secretion of the necessary, relevant hormones. Celery can be great in a salad combined with a limited portion of spices and condiments. If you want a healthy snack, then go for the sticks.
Garlic t foods
28. Garlic
Garlic has always been beneficial in reducing cholesterol and fighting against blood pressure levels. Moreover, it also restricts the cortisol formation, which acts as a barrier in the muscle growth process. Hence, including this little thing can do a miracle for you. Eating whole garlic cloves can be a bit embarrassing. Hence, better season your food with it and reap the benefits.
onion t food
29. Onions
After garlic, comes the onion. In 2009, a study was conducted on rats with respect to onion juice and it showed that the rats experienced a 300 per cent increase in their testosterone. Onions have the outstanding ability to boost your testosterone, and you ought to keep this study in mind while cooking. Obviously, you cannot add onion juice in your juice or favourite smoothie. Instead, you can add it in a salad, or on your omelette, or scrambled eggs, or inside your sandwich. But make sure that you buy and use onions graciously.
Herbs and Spices Herbs and spices are great for seasoning our food with flavors. But when it comes to the testosterone-boosting process, some of the natural herbs and spices play a pivotal role in accelerating it. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, these herbs are ready to serve you with testosterone on your plate. Just a pinch of them can give you wholesome testosterone benefits. This section shows you how you can best do it.
organic dandelion t boosting herbs
30. Dandelion Root
It maintains the health of your organs such as liver, promotes overall health, decreases inflammation, removes fat, decreases estrogen and increases testosterone. One can have dandelion root tea. You can also mix it with other vegetables and herbs. A salad with vegetables and spices can be a treat for your taste buds.
ginseng root extract t boosting herb
31. Ginseng
Ginseng has been used in ancient medicine to target your brain to increase testosterone. As a result, this herb is used in many of the best quality supplements discussed in research studies. It improves blood flow, promotes new cells, improves sexual health, beats stress, accelerates energy, and promotes testosterone production in the body. Ginseng is not commonly used for cooking purposes. But it can safely be added to hot tea and other beverages. A supplement containing ginseng in its right proportion will do the job.
milk thistle t herb
32. Milk Thistle
Milk thistle can help in decreasing estrogens from your body. It also promotes liver health and makes possible the natural production of testosterone. If it sounds difficult for you to add milk thistle to your diet, then check out the internet for the serving recommendations. You can either add it to your salad or use the seeds in a beverage.
oregano t-boosting leafs
33. Oregano
This is a common herb used for making dishes delicious. It not only decreases estrogen but also increases testosterone. It contains antioxidants, and helps in fighting against free radicals. You can safeguard your body from multiple ailments with this item in your diet. You can use oregano for marinating your lean meats. However, do not use it in heavy dosages as it is harmful for your health, when over-consumed.
rosemary testo herb
34. Rosemary
Rosemary makes blood circulation possible and smooth, even to the intimate parts of your body. It fights against free radicals as it has been gifted with antioxidant properties. A good marinating ingredient for your lean meat! Like oregano, over-consumption of rosemary should be strictly avoided. Take it with a pinch and not a handful while seasoning. Also, do not make it a regular practice of seasoning foods with rosemary.
sage testosterone Boosting herb
35. Sage
Sage belongs to the mint family. Sage consists of three anti-oxidant compounds namely, carnosol, rosmarinic acid, and carnosic acid. It reduces free radicals of the body, and also decreases the hazardous substances that can be found on the meat surface layer. Thus, it is not just a spice but a layer of protection for your meat. You can use sage generously on fruits such as blackberries and kiwis, as per your likes and tastes. You can even mix it in a sauce for added taste. Do not forget to add it in one of your favorite cuisines.
thyme herb testosterone
36. Thyme
It purifies the blood due to the antioxidants contained in this spice. You can pair it with another spice such as rosemary or oregano. The impurities present in your blood will be washed away with this ingredient. Thyme can be an add-on for soups and salads, all made out of testosterone-boosting foods mentioned above. You can also add it to nuts and oil to form a delicious dip!
Turmeric t boosting spices
37. Turmeric
Turmeric is widely known for its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric reduces chest fat. So, if you are suffering from the embarrassing symptoms of gynecomastia, then you should include turmeric in your diet. It reduces and balances your estrogen levels and boosts up your testosterone. You can add turmeric to soups, salads, stews and even on scrambled eggs. Turmeric-based recipes can be easily found on the internet because it is gaining popularity day by day. You can also have a glass full of milk with a right amount of turmeric in it.
tongkat ali longjack T boosting Herb
38. Tongkat Ali
If Tongkat Ali is in your diet, then you can naturally boost your testosterone without any worries. Tongkat Ali has other health benefits too such as – reduction of mental fatigue, improvement in stamina and strength, and amplification of energy levels. It could be mental as well as physical energy levels. Thus, Tongkat Ali has impressive benefits on your body as well as on your mind. Being a healthy and natural aphrodisiac, it promotes a healthy libido and a good sex life for you. As it is comprised of isolated active compounds and extracted from the Asian shrubs, it is available in the extract form. You can go for a Tongkat Ali supplement found online. Just make sure that the brand is a reputed one and it is a pure natural product.
Miscellaneous testosterone-boosting foods – Superstars This is the list in which we include all the other items apart from vegetables and fruits. You can also include them in your diet, depending upon the availability and upon consultation of your physician.
Balsamic Vinegar
39. Balsamic Vinegar
This is packed with antioxidants and is a superb dressing for your food. It maintains vascular function if you mix it properly with olive oil. It also balances your insulin levels, shreds off excess weight, and boosts up testosterone. Apart from a salad dressing, it can be added in your organic poultry or in your organic fruit salad.
Organic Olive Oil
40. Organic Olive Oil
You must have already ditched that butter and substituted it with olive oil. But you must not be aware about a beautiful finding that olive oil can actually increase your testosterone levels! Yeahhhh! It can do it. It absorbs cholesterol in your body and ensures that you have produced enough testosterone naturally. Olive oil is a must for a salad or for making stews. You can use it for making popcorn and still enjoy it without the use of butter. Olive oil should be one of the topmost items in your shopping list.
Quinoa T booster food
41. Quinoa
It really sounds fancy to use quinoa. But do not get overwhelmed. Once you have covered up with the basic testosterone-boosting foods, you can add quinoa to your regime. Quinoa contains zinc, magnesium and proteins and enhances your testosterone hormone and also your sexual life. No doubt you can’t miss it in your diet henceforth, no matter how fancy it sounds! You ought to eat cooked quinoa instead of gulping it in raw form. A quinoa-based breakfast can be a healthy alternative to the usual oatmeal breakfast. Quinoa can also be used in salads to make them stomach-filling and soul-filling.
rice germ active plant sterols
42. Rice Germ
Rice germ is somewhat similar to wheat germ. It increases your testosterone naturally. It contains active plant sterols that leads to intense muscle gains. Rice germ is best used in a protein shake for thickening purpose. You can also use it for garnishing in dinner dishes. Whenever there is a grain-based recipe, rice germ can play a significant and delicious role.
Wheat germ t-boosting food
43. Wheat Germ
Wheat germ is already giving you the desired level of endurance, but are you deriving testosterone-inducing benefits out of it? If not, then you have to make the change now. Wheat germ consists of Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, octacosanol, it increases muscle strength and testosterone levels too. It is also rich in protein and fibre. You can use it in your diet just like other grains. Powder it and mix it with flour, or blend it in a smoothie. A cereal sprinkled with wheat germ will also be a healthy alternative for an oats breakfast.
Whole Grain Rice
44. Whole Grain Rice
The complex carbs such as whole grain rice can boost up your testosterone. You can make a meal out of whole grain rice and enjoy a high-carb diet. You can add it with vegetables, boiled broccoli, or some of your favorite lean meats. You can also prepare a rice dish, topped up with suitable spices. You can also mix it with sprouts and make a one-pot meal.
Whole Oats Testo boosting food
45. Whole Oats
Whole oats are comprised of special nutrients such as arginine and avenacosides, which secrete LH and testosterone subsequently. They are also comprised of active plant sterols and hence, this can become your other grain-based food. Whole oats can become a simple breakfast by adding milk and boiled with it. You can even add it in your home-made granola and mix it with your favorite flavored yoghurt.

Part Two: Effective Exercise Routine – Tips and tricks to keep in mind while working out 

Effective Exercise Routine

Exercise maketh a man’, goes the updated quote. If you want to know how you can pump it right to boost your testosterone, then here are some tips and tricks to do so. While working out, you can still produce testosterone naturally. Be mindful with these tips. 

46. Avoid over-training 

47. Heavy and compound weight training 

Compound Exercises

48. Shred that unwanted flab from your body

49. Perform interval sprints at regular intervals 


50. Include short and intensive workout sessions 

51. Volume Training 

52. Hire a personal trainer

Thus, these tips and tricks pertaining to exercise routine are worth implementing in your daily life. You ought to understand how important these are. Simply lifting weights does not mean you can become the next topmost bodybuilder of your town. It takes conscious, rigorous and smart efforts to become one. If testosterone-boosting is your aim, then make a mental note of all these above tips. 

Part Three: Productive Habits to be incorporated in your daily routine 

Productive Habits to be incorporated in your Daily Routine Featured

Here are certain tips, tricks and habits that you can incorporate in your daily routine. You do not have any idea right now how a productive habit can constructively increase your testosterone levels. Let us learn more about these. 

53. Check your selenium levels

It has been studied that selenium levels have a direct linkage with the amplification of testosterone levels. Though selenium sounds like a rarely found supplement, one can find it in Brazilian nuts. You have to ask your doctor regarding your selenium levels, get a test done and add it in your diet accordingly. Brazil nuts can be simply added if you do not wish to overdose yourselves with selenium. You can find these at the local grocery store or even in granola. 

54. Eat Organic Foods 

Nowadays, being organic has become a trend amongst people. They prefer organically produced foods, fruits and vegetables. For some people, organic has become religion! Jokes apart, we cannot deny the fact that organic foods definitely give us higher food value as compared to the foods produced with pesticides and fertilizer. No matter how much you clean them, there will be a trace of pesticides and you will never know it. Hence, it is better to adopt and maintain an organic lifestyle. Organic foods are available at the grocery stores or special organic stores, or you can buy it from an online store. Some online stores really offer reasonable prices for these foods. Hence, better alter your lifestyle into organic and unhealthy. 

55. Get enough sleep at night

It has been observed in studies that men who do not sleep soundly at night experience low testosterone levels. Hence, it is essential for you to sleep for at least six hours every night. You can develop a proper bedtime routine and get sufficient amounts of sleep. You need to communicate this with your partner or your family members with whom you share the room. Make it a habit in your monthly tracker. You will find in a month whether you get 6 hours of sleep or not. 

56. Sexual stimulation

It is necessary to feel sexually stimulated often as it increases testosterone levels. Well, you can utilize internet resources for this purpose and get on your sexual arousal and sexual drive on the track. Do not overdose it as you might feel distracted during workouts or at the workplace. Hence, a limited amount of sexual stimulation will help. 

57. Maintain a positive attitude

Here comes our favorite tip, a positive attitude. These days, our phone messages, Instagram photos and social media are loaded with positivity quotes and affirmations. But do you really practice positivity in your life? Do you experience negative thinking? How often do you have negative thoughts in your mind? Do you encourage others into positivity or negativity? Well, the key is to develop a positive attitude in such a way that the people who surround you will also experience the same. We want to create an environment and not just a personal attitude. 

58. Fight against depression

There is a link between depression and low testosterone levels. The more depressed you are, the less likely your body will secrete testosterone in the body. Hence, you have to fight against depression and get on your positivity shoes. Be happy, exercise more not just to build muscles but to release endorphins, read good books, listen to music, develop a long-lasting and deep relationship with your partner, or even journal on a regular basis. These tips will definitely help you in not only increase testosterone but also in enhancing your mental health condition. 

59. Cool your bedroom 

The more sound you sleep, the better you will feel. It also reduces stress and makes your brain active during the day. One of the ways to get sound sleep at night is to lower the temperature of your bedroom. Hot temperatures can hamper your testosterone levels and your mindset too. A healthy sleep pattern influences testosterone levels, always keeping it in mind. 

60. Meditation

Apart from weight training and eating healthy foods, mediation can also help you in amplifying your testosterone levels. Meditation is not just meant for monks and spiritual gurus. Anyone, including a fitness freak, can benefit from meditation. You can practice certain mediation techniques, yoga postures to stabilize your stress levels. You can download an app or watch a free video on this. You will get useful tips on the internet itself. 

61. Drink purified water 

Just like the organic foodstuffs, purified water also helps in maintaining your testosterone levels. Unfiltered water contains chemicals, pollutants and xenoestrogens which increases your body’s ability to produce estrogen. This is not the thing that you want! You can buy a water purifier at your home. Check for the company and the overall filtration technique it has. 

62. Optimize Vitamin D 

We have already discussed while elaborating about testosterone-boosting supplements that deficiency of Vitamin D in men can result in low testosterone levels. Vitamin D also promotes the following benefits such as improvement of libido, sperm development, and testosterone-improvement and so on. Sun exposure is one of the best ways to get Vitamin D. Expose your body, including your genitals to the sunlight. If this is not possible in case you are living in a cold country, then taking a Vitamin D supplement will definitely help. We have also listed certain supplements that contain Vitamin D. Don’t forget to check those out. 

63. Participate in competitions

You do not have to aim for being Mr Universe or Mr World for this. You do not even have to worry about winning or losing. Remember that participation is more important than winning. Once you have the target for participating in the competitions, you will be automatically motivated to implement ways for increasing your testosterone. 

64. Do not wear tight clothes while sleeping

Your genitals should feel comfortable while you sleep at night. Hence, wear loose and comfortable clothes instead of tightly fitted garments. As a major portion of the testosterone is produced at night, you should take care of what you wear and how you sleep at night

65. Wear an eye mask when you sleep at night 

These tips will not make you look masculine but it will help you to get sound sleep. If you sleep with artificial lights on, then it will lead to the secretion of more cortisol, which hampers with the existing hormone levels. Hence, make a conscious effort to decrease this artificial light. If your partner does not like it or you do not like to sleep in the dark, then you can use an eye-mask. You can find an eye-mask in a nearby store. 

66. Use cold showers

Cold showers have always shown health benefits. Some of the benefits of cold showers for men are better blood circulation in the body, improvement of hair and skin conditions, and increase in testosterone. The cold shower also stimulates the production of testosterone in your body. If you are not used to it, then try for a 10-minute cold shower in the initial days before going to bed and after you wake up. It will increase your strength and energy levels the next day you wake up in the morning. 

Part Four: Things you need to avoid for increasing and stabilizing testosterone levels 


These are certain things and acts you need to avoid completely so that your testosterone levels are at the optimum level. If you avoid the following items, then you can be at the edge when it comes to testosterone levels. 

67. Avoid over-consumption of alcohol 

68. Intake of birth control pills by women

Birth Control Pills

This point is for only women. As all women know, birth control pills have an adverse effect on your health, including depletion of testosterone levels. As a result, your libido also decreases. You can look out for other contraception alternatives which are safer and healthier than these pills. 

69. Avoid carbonated beverages 

Carbonated beverages have an adverse impact on your testosterone and it is far more than you have expected. These drinks contain a huge amount of calories and have a rapid absorption rate. You can substitute these beverages with healthy green juices made out of organic vegetables and fruits. A morning smoothie before a workout session is packed with testosterone-boosting ingredients such as Vitamin C, zinc and iron. 

70. Commercial protein sources 

The commercial-based protein sources such as protein powders are commonly used and reasonable in terms of price. However, these are non-organic in nature and can increase the estrogen levels in your body. Hence, it is better to go for natural and organic protein sources instead of these non-organic ones. 

71. Throw away the plastic 

Plastic Bottles are bad for Testosterone

Plastic is not only harmful to the environment, but also for your testosterone. Plastic comprises xenoestrogens that can reduce the testosterone content. Hence, replace your plastic bottles with copper bottles or glass bottles. Simply, Go Green and look out for the difference in yourself as well as in the surrounding environment. 

72. Over-consumption of sugar 

Limit Sugar Intake

Sugar is a silent killer. If you will read the harmful effects of consuming sugar, then you will wonder why you buy sugar from the grocery store. You need only 12 teaspoons of sugar and you can substitute it with dates, fruits, honey, jaggery, stevia and other healthy alternatives. Eating sugar can tamper with your insulin levels, thereby affecting your testosterone levels. Cut back your sugar intake. You can even maintain a food journal of the same. If it is not possible to completely eliminate all the sugary items, then cut down one sugary item one week. You will not get overwhelmed and your body will not experience a sugar crash-down effect. 

73. Stress 


74. Plastic wraps 

Avoid Plastic Wraps

As already discussed, plastic is a secret enemy of your testosterone levels. Hence, do not cover your foods in plastic wraps and heat them. Just curb out this practice from your routine and you will feel just amazing. We are sure that you won’t get the same kind of enjoyment but your testosterone will receive a healthy boost. 

75. Ditch the pesticides and herbicides in your garden 

All the pesticides and herbicides contain loads of harmful substances that can shoot up the levels of unwanted estrogens in your body. We are not trying to increase estrogen and decrease testosterone, which these herbicides are leading to. You can try out natural remedies to get rid of pests in your garden. In fact, your product will be healthy and better than earlier. 

76. Insufficient amount of sleep 

Sufficient Sleep

77. Do not overheat your genitals 

Your testicles need to be cooler than the rest of the body. Heating of genitals can result in depletion of the body’s capacity to produce testosterone. You can follow certain tips to cool your genitals such as wearing a loose undergarment, taking a cold shower, and reducing your weight. 

78. Ditch the shampoos that contain Xenoestrogens 

79. Smoking 

80. Soy products

81. Ditch the sunscreens with oxybenzone 

82. Toothpastes comprising of Triclosan 

83. Xenoestrogens

84. Avoid placing your phone in your pants’ pockets

Most of the men have the practice of keeping their smartphone in the pockets of pants or trousers. This is a very wrong practice and can hamper your testosterone and genital organs. Smartphones emit various radiations, rays and over-heat the genitals. As these delicate organs get overheated, they bring down your testosterone levels and also the overall health of these genitals. Hence, even though it is an easy and convenient practice, do not keep your phone inside your pockets. 

Thus, these habits and tips will help you in increasing testosterone. You can start with developing a bedtime routine and get your sleep pattern on the track. Later on, you can start with some organic grocery shopping and other tips. It will take a month or so to inculcate a new habit in yourself. Hence, do not expect miracles in one day. Be patient. Think that you are changing your lifestyle, and not forcing yourself to adopt a new habit. It works better! 

Part Five: Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

Testosterone Boosting Supplements Featured

85. Supplement: #1 TestoGen: Best for: Muscle-Building, Sex drive and Cognition (Rating – 5.0/5.0)

TestoGen Review

86. Supplement: #2 Prime Male – Best for: Improve sex drive (Rating 4.8/5.0) 

Prime Male Review

87. Supplement: #3 TestoFuel – Best for: Muscle Building (12 powerful Ingredients) (Rating – 4.7/5.0)

TestoFuel Review

88. Supplement: TestoTEK – Discontinued! (Rating – N/A)

TestoTEK Featured

89. Supplement: #4 TestoMax – Best for: Sustanon 250 Alternative, Muscle Building and Fat Loss (Rating – 4.5/5.0) 

Crazybulk Testo Max Review

90. Supplement: #5 TestRX – Best for: Muscle Building (Rating – 4.3/5.0)

TestRX Review

91. BCAAs

92. CLA 

93. Creatine 

Bonus Guide: How to incorporate these 101 natural ways to increase testosterone in your life effectively, without any fuss? 

94. Adopt a cool attitude: 

95. Be consistent:

96. Analyze your health condition:

97. Set SMART Goals 

98. Make a plan 

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, it is necessary to have concrete goals as well as realistic plans before you make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. You should not draft goals and do planning in your mind. You should actually put it down on paper. As you write all that you want to achieve and do in life, your mind will be clutter-free from thoughts and ideas. You are good to set in action in the future. 

99. Seek doctor’ opinion beforehand

If you do not know how to analyze your medical condition, then you can seek the help of your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, then you can seek an opinion from a licensed and qualified physician. Just make sure that you can rely on your doctor’s opinions. You can get your T-levels tested the way you check your weight before joining a gym. Similarly, if your physician recommends you to undergo certain tests and examinations, you can get all those done. He or she will get an idea to know about you in detail, your allergies and sensitivities to certain substances. Accordingly, he can suggest you with suitable lifestyle changes. If you are trying a new supplement, then a doctor’s opinion should be on your to-do list before placing an order. 

100. Have patience

Apart from being consistent, you also need to be patient to check the outcomes of your proposed changes. For instance, you cannot expect dramatic changes in your T-levels and muscles after eating broccoli for a week. Even if you are trying a supplement, wait and watch for the results after the specified time. You won’t witness drastic change within a week of supplement consumption. Each resource mentioned in this list will take its own time to work its effects. Enjoy the journey, and not the results of the process! You will gain more if you do not keep expecting from your efforts. 

101. Go for the best supplement 

Adding foods and exercise routines will definitely help. There is no shortcut for these ways. But if you want to add a smart change in your routine, then trying a supplement will definitely help. A supplement is a natural and most effective way of boosting your testosterone levels. It will add value to your diet and exercise routines. You cannot skip your fitness workout or make a diet change, but you can enhance it with the help of a good quality supplement. We have already dealt with this segment in one of the previous parts of this article. 


In a nutshell, we have given you an exhaustive guide on how to increase testosterone naturally by adopting the above 101 ways. The bonus guide consisting of valuable tips will make your journey easier and more interesting. 

Now, don’t waste another minute and get ready to draft your realistic plan, set SMART goals and adopt concrete strategies to implement these 101 natural ways of increasing your testosterone levels to its utmost.