Ashwagandha – The Genuine Ayurvedic Alternative For Testosterone Boosting

Amongst numerous valuable Indian natural plants, Ashwagandha occupied a prominent position in the list. If you think that the name sounds weird, then withania somnifera is its scientific name and is found in ingredients labels of several supplements.

The point is not to undermine the significance of this Indian herb because it smells like an equine animal but to know how it can change your life by increasing your testosterone and improving muscle strength. Nothing is calming and stress-relieving like this natural herb. Then, why waste time? Know more about this magical plant in detail.

What Is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a plant from the nightshade family. It is a shrub and has dark green leaves and a red fruit. It is comprised of several alkaloids, fatty acids, and steroidal lactones that are valuable for a person.

It has potent, life-enhancing and rejuvenating properties and is useful in eliminating stress and brining out vigor and vitality in life.

Relation With Testosterone

Ashwagandha Testosterone

Several studies have been undertaken with respect to adaptogens but none of these directly connect to the testosterone levels. However, one can understand how men with low testosterone can gain benefit out of it.

A study mentioned in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 180 infertile men were the subjects. 5g of ashwagandha was offered to them on a daily basis for nearly 12 weeks of time.

There was improvement in the sperm motility and quality. Moreover, there was gradual increase in the levels of testosterone. A similar style of study was conducted on 60 Indian men and same results were reflected in it. Though infertile men were used again as subjects, there was 14 percent rise in their testosterone levels.

Both the studies didn’t take into account healthy men as subjects. Only one study was conducted in which 57 healthy men were provided with 600mg of ashwagandha on a daily basis for 8 weeks. 15 percent rise was seen in the testosterone along with improvement in muscle quality. These men were undergoing heavy weight training during the period of study.

It would be nice to see a similar study conducted on healthy men who are not undergoing heavy weight training. Hence, it is not 100 percent suffice to say that ashwagandha has direct relation with testosterone. Since it is providing other significant benefits, we are considering its importance.

Research Study

Study [1] - These studies prove that after the age of 30, men lose testosterone by 0.4-2 percent on a yearly basis. As a result, the negative effects of low testosterone can be seen through hair loss, loss of muscle mass, and erectile problems. It is observed that when a man is under stress, cortisol hormone is secreted in larger amounts that means testosterone is not secreted in sufficient quantities.

Study [2] - As high stress can lead to decrease in testosterone, it is necessary to fight against stress. Ashwagandha has outstanding stress-fighting properties which can help in reducing stress from your mind and body. As a result, your body and your brain function in an effective manner and produce testosterone in optimum amounts. Thus, ashwagandha has testosterone boosting properties.

Studies such as Ashwagandha Male Infertility [3] and An Overview on Ashwagandha: A Rasayana (Rejuvenator) of Ayurveda [4] have proved that ashwagandha has sperm count-increasing and endurance-accelerating properties respectively. Thus, ashwagandha can increase your masculinity along with an increase in cognitive capabilities.

Key Points

1. The roots and berries of ashwagandha are used in medicinal preparations.

2. It offers various benefits such as insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, skin conditions, backache, respiratory problems, hiccups and liver issues.

3. Utilized as an adaptogen, it can be used as a de-stressor and as a tonic.

4. Ashwagandha is also used for enhancing thinking process, reducing pain, and for anti-aging effects. It resolves the issues of fertility amongst men and women.

5. Derived from the Sanskrit language, it is a natural plant that has a strong smell similar to that of a horse.

6. Indian, Unani and African medicines have been utilizing this ingredient for many medicinal uses.

7. Though Physalis alkekengi is also known as winter cherry, it is not ashwagandha. Do not confuse both of these herbs.

Recommended Dosage

It depends on various factors such as age and health of the consumer before determining the recommended dosage of Ashwagandha. When we say that it is a natural ingredient, it does not mean that it can be consumed in large quantities blindly. You need to check the packet of the supplements and understand your health. There are different instructions for various health supplements, Hence, be cautious while reading it.

The best solution is to check with your physician and seek an opinion about the suitable dosage for you. The best form of ashwagandha is to consume the ashwagandha root extract. The most cost-effective and lower dosage is 300-500 mg of ashwagandha so that it does not result in any kind of unpleasant after-effects.

It is advisable to consume ashwagandha along with meals. If you are consuming it once in day, then go for it with a quick and healthy breakfast time.

Side Effects

Consuming Ashwagandha supplements orally on a short-term basis is a better and safe choice. Even long-term effects have not been witnessed till date. However, over-consumption of the same should be strictly avoided as it can cause stomach irritation, vomiting and diarrhea.

Following persons should not use ashwagandha:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women
If you have diabetes and are consuming medications relating to it, then you need to be alert before consuming ashwagandha.
Cautious use of Ashwagandha needs to be done by persons suffering from low blood pressure levels.
In case you have a stomach ulcer, then ashwagandha is definitely not recommended.
If you are having a condition of auto-immune disorders, then it is advisable not to consume ashwagandha.
If you have thyroid disorder or are consuming related medications, then you may simply avoid or seek help of the doctor.

Thus, apart from these persons, ashwagandha can be definitely consumed without any worry in mind. Just follow the dosage and the relevant instructions given on the supplements packet.


1. Improves cardio and respiratory health

If the health of your cardio and respiratory organs is in a better condition, then you can develop more stamina and give more during the workouts. Ashwagandha improves your stamina by focusing on the enhancement of cardio-respiratory health.

2. Increases size and strength of muscles and reduces muscle damage

If you tired with the consumption of protein shakes on a regular basis, then you can substitute it with ashwagandha. Surprisingly, this wonder ingredient works like a protein shake, providing strength and size to your muscles and makes your body sculpted and lean.

3. Increases Sperm Count and Semen Volume

Ashwagandha can be used to improve male virility, semen volume and sperm counts. Hey, this does not mean that it should be consumed by males who suffer from sexual problems! All men who want to maintain their hormonal health and sperm counts at the optimum level can definitely seek solace in this unique herb.

4. Prevents possibilities of prostate cancer

It would not be a wise idea to say that this herb can cure and prevent cancer. But in the case of cancer, everything that prevents and reduces its severity should never be neglected. Modern medicine will help you but you can still consume Ashwagandha to prevent the cancer symptoms.

5. Reduces stress and anxiety levels

Stress has become a silent killer in our hectic lives. We keep blaming stress and anxiety for all our ailments and negative aspects. We search for de-stressing solutions. Instead of opting for the expensive solution, why not take help of Ashwagandha! This is a natural remedy that can be added as a solution to your complicated lifestyle. Your stress hormones will be kept under control and all the health aspects will be regulated.

6. Reduces insomnia and facilitates better sleep

Sleep tight and soundly with the help of Ashwagandha supplements. No need to stay awake till middle of the night.

7. Improves cognitive abilities

Ashwagandha also influences the cognitive abilities of a person in a positive way, enabling you to concentrate effectively and focus on important things.

Conclusively, there is a favorable relation between the magical Indian herb, Ashwagandha and your testosterone levels. You can always opt for a lower dosage of this ingredient and find remarkable changes in your body. Since centuries, it has been used in the Indian medicine in several medications and tonics. Now, as the western medicine has realized its importance, let us welcome this substance to our new and improvised lifestyle.

Additional Key Factors

If you are impressed with the multiple benefits and testosterone boosting capabilities of Ashwagandha, then you need to add in your closet of supplements today. Here are some of the best Ashwagandha supplements available in the market. Do give it a genuine try and avail all the benefits of it.

Ashwagandha - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Scientific Name of Ashwagandha

Withania Somnifera

Other names of Ashwagandha

  • Winter Cherry
  • Indian ginseng
  • Poison gooseberry

Meaning of the word Ashwagandha

Smell of the horse


Indian Ayurvedic Medicine

Can a person below the age of 18 consume Ashwagandha?

Persons above the age of 18 are suitable for consuming Ashwagandha. But persons below the age of 18 should consult their doctor before consuming this substance.

Can one consume Ashwagandha every day?

Yes. If you are following the recommended dosage and the instructions given strictly, then you consume it on a regular basis.

Is Ashwagandha supported by scientific study results?

Yes, a number of scientific studies support the use and consumption of Ashwagandha and that it boosts testosterone in men.


Stress reliever
Performance Enhancer

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