Boron - The Pathway To Higher Testosterone Production

Testosterone. An important pillar on which you can build your body. You work hard in the gym or on the ground, you go for the world’s best diet and a fitness expert, you overcome all your food cravings and give your best for every second. But still, you are not gaining the desired results. You want more, but because you lack in something, you are not able to achieve your goal.

What is that something? Yes, we have stated in the first word itself. You need testosterone. As you age, you lose your testosterone and it doesn’t even bother to intimate you about the same. It doesn’t come with an intimation, does it? You are not happy with the results, even when you are satisfied with the outcomes.

At this time, right kind of health supplements come into picture. You must have gone through many of the supplements and want to know more about its ingredients. Obviously, you have hit this page to know more about a significant ingredient, boron. We won’t stretch this out and we would like to elaborate more about this interesting ingredient.

What Is Boron?

Boron is a trace mineral. Though it is not spoken widely, its importance has always been considered by the fitness conscious people and by the supplements industry. You will not find a common man seeking for boron supplement, unless he knows about the same. Whereas a fitness freak will be aware about its benefits apart from being an important micronutrient.

Boron has significance with regard to bone health and is mostly known to people as a natural remedy for osteoporosis. However, it has other benefits too like wound healing, secretion of sex hormones, and absorption of other minerals and so on. All the benefits will be discussed in the later part.

Right now, it is better to have a little introduction about this hidden jewel. If your diet is rich in fresh veggies and fruits, then you are consuming a liberal amount of boron without any prior intimation. Time to know about it as a supplement. Let’s crack it!

Relation With Testosterone

Boron Testosterone

Boron supplementation seems to be a new trend, but boron has been considered important since ages. Boron was known as a testosterone booster much before the supplement industry came into existence.

During the late 80s and 90s, boron was considered as a natural option to the illegal and unsafe steroids. Those days, internet was not in function and hence, the publicity of boron was done only through word of mouth. Just imagine, how could it had been spread worldwide for testosterone boosting powers!

When the study was done in a University of Tehran, boron supplements gained considerable significance from the year 2011 and established its position in the supplements industry.

Comprised of ergogenic acid, it is said that boron has outstanding powers to increase testosterone. According to the various studies, it has effects on the testosterone levels when a stringent exercise program is also backed up with the supplementation. Health men have witnessed increase in testosterone and decrease in the binding with SHBG.

Research Study

Study [1] - 2011 - The above study was undertaken in the Sport Physiology Research Centre, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. This study has a higher level of significance because of the following three reasons:

This study has a precise and favourable outcome with connection to the boron supplements and the free testosterone in men.

The researchers were not subject to any commercial bias or predisposition. Hence, the study was based entirely on true facts and showed the most genuine outcomes without any trace of bias.

Proper form of academic research was conducted during this study. No marketing department of any supplement company insisted to conduct this research in order to promote and market their supplements. Hence, at the end, you will not be forced to buy that supplement but accept the outcomes of the study instead.

This study is generally worth of our time. The researchers have based their on study on proper medical results and not some random arbitrary facts.

Observations And Conclusion Of The Study:

As the subjects consume boron supplement, they witnessed a significance decrease in the SHBG levels of the bloodstream. As a result, the testosterone was not blocked up but was set free so that the body harnessed it effectively.

In this study, there was a 28 percent increase in the free testosterone and 39 percent decrease in the estrogenic levels.

The boron supplement work in a dual way while increasing testosterone. Firstly, it releases testosterone from binding to SHBG and secondly, it reduces the unwanted estrogenic levels to the minimum level.

Key Points

1. If you have a sufficient intake of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet, then you are already consuming sufficient quantity of boron.

2. However, it is not possible for us to stick on to the diet on a regular basis. As a result, boron amounts might go down in our body without our knowledge. For this purpose, a daily boron supplement with a low dose is recommended.

3. In the field of bodybuilding, boron is still gaining significance.

4. Boron supplement has a large influence over the different enzymes present in the body and with other nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.


If you would like to try for a lower dosage in the short-term period in order to gain benefits, then a dosage of 3 mg a day would be appropriate. Always remember that small dosages are preferred than large dosages and over-consumption of the same.

People suffering from osteoporosis can opt for boron supplements with 6 mg of dosage.

Young guys who tend to use boron for hormonal changes can go for 10 mg of boron supplement dosage.

The above dosages are recommended for the desired objectives, however for optimal dose, it is always recommended to discuss with your family physician.

It takes 4 weeks for the boron supplement to show impact on your body. Hence, do not hurry!

Side Effects

Boron is considerably safe for all men. However, over-consumption of the same is certainly not advisable.

Approach the doctor beforehand: It is recommended to check with the family physician and have a discussion regarding your decision to consume boron supplementation. The doctor knows you very well, will analyze your medical condition and suggest you with the suitable boron supplementation.

Approach with the supplement: If you have a better supplement in mind, then do not consume it directly. Approach your physician with the supplement bottle and get it checked whether it suits you or not.

Check for any medical complications: In case you have certain medical complications, then you need to check it with your doctor and analyze whether it is fine if you will consume the boron supplementation.

Keep regular follow-up: Once the doctor provides with the permission, it doesn’t mean you should continue consuming boron supplements for a long-term basis. You need to check at regular intervals and understand whether it is okay if you are continuing or you can even take breaks in between.

Foods Containing High Amounts Of Boron











Cashew Nuts

Peanut butter


As we have understood very well how boron can influence your testosterone, it is also necessary to know what else it can do for us.

1. Inhibits binding with SHBG

SHBG is the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This is a type of protein that binds the sex hormones together and avoid their impact. However, during this process, it also binds the free testosterone available in the body and does not make it available. As testosterone is bounded, you cannot seek its benefits. Fortunately, boron supplements inhibit the binding of testosterone by SHBG, and makes it free. It may happen that during the first week, the free testosterone level increase suddenly but later one, these levels tend to have a gradual trend of increase.

2. Reduces estrogen

As boron accelerates testosterone, it reduces estrogen simultaneously. In a short-term study, it was found out that boron reduced estrogen levels by nearly 39 percent. On the other hand, in a long-term study, the same estrogen levels increased. Hence, it would be advisable to say that boron supplements can be consumed for a short period of time to reduce the estrogen levels and reap the benefits.

3. Enhances joint and bone health

In a study comprising of 20 subjects suffering from osteoporosis observed that 50 percent of them sought relief due to the consumption of 6mg of boron supplementation on a daily basis. Hence, if your bones are weak and need nutrition, then boron supplementation will definitely boost it up with strength and power.

4. Enhances cognitive performance

As you consume boron supplementation, you perform better with a lot of attention, perception, good memory and other cognitive abilities.

5. Other benefits

Besides these benefits, boron always offers us with metabolism of nutrients into the body, hormone metabolism, cell membrane functions, histamine metabolism and other biological activities.

Conclusively, Boron in the form of a supplement will be definitely of use to you. Research might seem a little inadequate in stating the fact that boron has outstanding powers in regulating the levels of androgens in your body. It needs more confirmation from the scientific side. But one cannot deny the benefit that boron supplements are effective during the short-term period. Hence, you should eat nuts and fresh fruits such as grapes that contain high amount of boron. If you feel that you are not getting adequate amounts of boron, then a boron based supplement will definitely come to your rescue.

Additional Key Factors

High quality boron based supplements are as follows:


Boron - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Is Boron backed by scientific research?

Yes, there is a significant study made with regard to the connection between Boron and higher testosterone levels in men. But we would like to seek more confirmation about the same.

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