Enhance Your Masculinity With B-Complex Vitamins

What do you say yourself when you read about B Complex Vitamins? ‘Oh, these are popular Vitamins. I know a great deal about it but I don’t need it right now. Because I am a bodybuilder (or an athlete, you know) and B Complex Vitamins are needed for those who are weak, need to cope up with sudden illnesses, or pregnant women. For me…I need protein, that’s all…!’

Well, if this opinion is from you, then you need to know immediately that you are on the wrongs side. You need protein that is 100 percent true. But you also need B Complex Vitamins to boost your T-level. Yes, T stands for testosterone.

As you age, your testosterone drops down gradually without even sending an official intimation to you. You feel depressed, you feel cranky, you have lesser stamina, and you do not enjoy your intimate life. Though a healthy diet and an exercise regime can definitely boost up your testosterone levels, a dietary supplement comprising of B Complex Vitamins will do a miraculous job as well. We have learnt much about the role of B Complex Vitamins in fortifying our health and body systems. It is right time to know more about how it can affect our testosterone levels positively.

Low Testosterone Level

What Are B-Complex Vitamins?

B Complex Vitamins are the very popular group of vitamins [B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamin)] that are essential for resolving various health issues such as depression, tiredness, heart diseases, cholesterol and issues arising due to high stress levels.

In simple terms, B Complex Vitamins fortify your body and repair the losses. It is an effective mechanism that converts our daily food into requisite amount of energy and provides us with a daily dose of energy every day to perform our routine tasks.

B Complex Vitamins can be found in foodstuffs such as seafood, chicken, almonds, milk products such as cheese, pistachios and so on.

B-Vitamin supplements commonly include Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 and are an essential component in the regimes of bodybuilders and athletes. These vitamins aid the process of producing the testosterone hormone by natural means, without relying on any illegal steroids or testosterone-producing methods.

Relation With Testosterone Along With Research Study

Vitamin B6 B12 Testosterone

Well, the wait is over! We will turn to our main aspect of study. Are B-Complex Vitamins really useful for testosterone production or not?

How do they contribute in improving the masculinity of a man? The following studies show how these vitamins are important for the same.

Vitamin B6 – Study [1] - Study on male rats - For 4 weeks, male rats were not provided with B-Complex diet. As a result, their testosterone levels dropped down significantly, the KH and prostate weight remained the same. Thus, diets devoid of Vitamin B6 can lead to lowering of testosterone levels.

Vitamin B6 – Study [2] - Higher doses of Vitamin B6 on male rats - In this study, male rats were divided into five groups and different doses of Vitamin B6 were injected to them. It was observed that there was no significant difference in the testosterone levels of male rats even after the injections.

Both the above studies show that Vitamin B6 doesn’t lead to rise in testosterone levels but it maintains the optimum levels.

Vitamin B12 – Study [3]According to the study conducted on male rats, it was observed that deficiency in Vitamin B12 can lead to issues relating to sperm. Moreover, it was also observed that if proper Vitamin B12 supplementation if provided, then the deficiency related concerns can be eliminated.

Vitamin B12 – Study 2 This study was done on humans and not rats. Hence, this study has a lot of relevance and importance. In this study, 26 men were provided with 1500 mcg of Vitamin B12 supplementation for 4-24 weeks. Thereafter, semen analysis was done and it was found that sperm concentration and sperm counts increased in many of the cases. However, the target of the study was semen analysis and not testosterone-producing analysis. Both of the studies are inadequate to state that Vitamin B12 boosts up testosterone. However, we can definitely state strongly that it is great for enhancing masculinity of men.

Key Points

1. Vitamin B6 is one of the essential ones amongst all the B-Complex Vitamins. Some of the metabolic functions of Vitamin B6 are metabolism of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and fats or lipids. Moreover, Vitamin B6 is also responsible for a healthy cognitive ability and a strong immunity system. More than 100 enzymatic reactions in our body require Vitamin B6 in its pure form.

2. If you do not have sufficient quantity of Vitamin B6 in your body, then it may lead to muscle weakness, depression, difficulty in focusing, and memory weakness.

3. The foods that are rich in Vitamin B6 are as follows: Poultry foods, brown rice, lentils and green vegetables, dairy products, and fish such as tuna.

4. Time to move towards the next vitamin, Vitamin B12. It should be noted that Vitamin B12 is not produced by the body on its own, and no plant and animal can boast of providing it to you. Hey, did we tell you the correct thing? Now, how you will get that Vitamin, if you really need it? Vitamin B12 is a bit complicated form of Vitamin and can be derived from bacteria and archaea. Certain non-vegetarian foods such as meat, eggs, shrimp and fish contain Vitamin B12. So, if you are a vegetarian, you need to talk to your doctor and get a Vitamin B12 supplement for your own good.

5. Vitamin B12 is vital for the following activities: red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and metabolism of fat and proteins and for the nervous system. If you are deficient in Vitamin B12, then you might suffer from skin disorders, mood disorders, and mental decline and so on.

6. Hence, you need to buy a good Vitamin B12 supplement, enrich your diet with those foodstuffs. Vegan and vegetarians need not lose hope because now-a-days, you can find many breakfast cereals containing Vitamin B12 as an ingredient. So, go for it!


If you are desirous of boosting up your testosterone with B-Complex Vitamin supplements, then your recommended dosage is 6 mcg to 60 mcg, depending upon your physical need. There is no recommendation. But a valuable piece of advice would be to consult your family physician who knows you very well. He or she would be the best person to decide your recommended dosage and for how long do you need to consume it.

Side Effects

Being water-soluble vitamins, the excessive quantity of these vitamins get discharged from the body through urine. Hence, even if you are consuming too much of these vitamins, you need not fear.

If you are consuming the recommended amount, then you need not worry about the unwanted effects of this vitamin.

However, make sure that you restrict yourself to the recommended dosage because excess of B-Complex Vitamins can make suffer from skin problems, high sugar levels and nausea. Hence, be careful.


Recommended by experts for most of the people and for varying benefits, here is a list of benefits of B-Complex Vitamins to the bodybuilders and men who want a rising level of testosterone.

1. Testosterone-Booster with a natural approach

Whether you consume B-Complex rich foods or supplements, it will always help you in boosting your testosterone in some way. Testosterone is the main hormone that is responsible for muscle growth of a man’s body. Hence, as you acquire appropriate quantity of B-Complex Vitamins, you gain more strength and stronger muscles.

2. Improves a man’s libido

The three vitamins, B3, B6 and B12 are responsible for enhancing a man’s libido. Vitamin B3 provides the requisite sexual energy and increased blood flow to the sexual organs. Vitamin B6 controls the prolactin and take care of the sexual pleasure levels in men. Vitamin B12 increase sexual arousal in men and produces a hormone known as histamine.

3. Accelerates energy levels

Bodybuilders need large amounts of energy to do workouts. B-Complex Vitamins supplies this requisite amount of energy to men. They don’t feel exhausted and they perform at the best potential. Moreover, these vitamins burn fat and carbs and maintains the red blood cells, fortifying the body from within.

Till now, you must have understood clearly that our body utilizes the vital components in B Complex Vitamins to produce testosterone. Hence, our diet needs to be rich and should contain high amounts of B-Complex Vitamins. However, if you are still deficient in B-Complex Vitamins, then a supplement will definitely help you.

Additional Key Factors

Following supplements will provide you with the necessary boost of B-Complex Vitamins:


B Complex Vitamins - Frequently Asked Qusetions

B Complex Vitamins

  • B1 (Thiamine)
  • B2 (Riboflavin)
  • B3 (Niacin)
  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
  • B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • B7 (Biotin)
  • B9 (Folic Acid)
  • B12 (Kobacalamine)


Water-soluble vitamins

Is strong evidence available?

No. Though strong evidence is not available about the role of B-Complex Vitamins in testosterone production, these vitamins do play an important role in testosterone synthesis. Hence, one cannot ignore its importance.

Vitamin B6 is a generic name for which Vitamers?

  • Pyridoxine
  • Pyridoxal
  • Pyridoaxamine

What is the other name of Vitamin B12?


What are the four forms of Cobalmin?

  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Methylcobalamin
  • Adenosylcobalamin
  • Hydroxocobalamin

Which are the active forms of Cobalmin in the human body?

  • Methylcobalmin
  • Adenosylcobalamin

Which is the best Vitamin B6 - B12 Testosterone Supplements?

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