Zinc Testosterone - Don’t Lose It, But Gain It Rightly

When we talk about important minerals essential for our body, then the first name that comes to our mind is calcium. We don’t know why we never care about the zinc levels in our body and the need to keep them at the optimum level. It is only when you experience the symptoms of low zinc levels that you actually think of consuming a zinc supplement.

Well, now this is the right time why men should give due importance to your zinc levels. It would be recommended to check your zinc levels, analyze related symptoms and seek doctor’s opinion. If you doctor recommends, then a zinc supplement would play an important role in your diet. Are you still confused why we are stressing on taking zinc supplements, particularly for men? Well, here is the good news. It is because zinc increases your T-levels. Want to know how? Then, read further.

What Is Zinc Testosterone?

Amongst the 24 micronutrients, zinc is one of them and is extremely beneficial for our body and overall survival in a better way. Found in legumes and eggs, zinc can be consumed well along with such foodstuffs.

However, as zinc is also a testosterone-booster and a natural aphrodisiac, a supplement of the same is necessary for those who are zinc- deficient. It controls the enzymes, hormones and also the immune functioning of our body.

The disadvantage of zinc is that it is lost when we sweat. Hence, athletes and bodybuilders lose a large amount of zinc when they exercise and sweat. Even people who sweat a lot also lose zinc. Hence, you need to know why and how zinc can be useful for you by reading the following.

Relation With Testosterone

Zinc Testosterone

In all our facets of a fulfilled life, zinc is an important minerals. We have been more conscious of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in out diet, but we pay very less attention towards zinc as a vital ingredient in our daily diet regime.

It is important to know that zinc influences several bodily functions and regulates the functioning of more than 300 enzymes in our body system.

If you want to trace zinc in your body, then you would be amazed to find that it is present in your every tissue, organ, bodily fluids and cells. 90 percent of your bones contain zinc. Surprising, isn’t it? Even your semen and prostate glands contain large quantities of zinc.

Now, you can find out the interesting linkage of zinc with the testosterone levels in your body. As we said that zinc influences the functioning of enzymes, it also regulates an enzyme known as aromatase, which converts estrogen into testosterone in men. As this enzyme is better stimulated due to the high presence of zinc in your body, your testosterone levels automatically shoot up.

Another significant task of zinc is to increase the levels of luteinizing hormones in your body which are also equally responsible for higher levels of testosterone.

Thus, in addition to multiple health benefits, zinc also plays a vital role in the high production of testosterone in men, which is a genuine need.

Research Study

Study [1] - 1996 - This study proved the remarkable effects zinc had on the testosterone levels in men.

This is the most reliable study that was conducted to evaluate the zinc levels and serum testosterone levels in adult men. Nearly 40 healthy adults took part in this study. Their ages were between 20 and 40 and they had no deficiencies as such. Another group comprised of 9 elderly men who were above the age of 64 years and had lower zinc levels.

This study is very important from the point of scientific research. As a result, the lead researcher received a congressional commendation due to the extensive interest he took in the same. He has invested more than 50 years in understanding the impact of zinc on human bodies. Really impressive!

Key Points

1. Deficiency of zinc can lead to lower growth rate of physique and health, diarrhea, and slow healing of wounds.

2. Zinc is predominantly used in the treatment of various ailments and disorders such as cold, strengthening the immune system, skin conditions, and high blood pressure, high glucose levels, correcting sexual problems in men, bone related diseases, respiratory disorders, and even ulcers.


One can find two standard dosages for zinc. If you want a preventive dosage, then a low dosage of 5-10 mg will be better. If you are zinc-deficient, then a higher level dosage of 24-45 mg will be recommended for you.

The different forms of zinc and the relevant dosage can be given as below:

    Zinc Citrate – 34 percent zinc – 146 mg of zinc citrate can provide you with 50 mg of elemental zinc.
    Zinc Sulfate – 22 percent zinc – 220 mg of zinc sulfate can provide you with 50 mg of elemental zinc.
    Zinc Gluconate – 13 percent zinc – 385 mg of zinc gluconate can provide you with 50 mg of elemental zinc.
    Zinc Monomethionine – 21 percent zinc – 238 mg of zinc monomethionine can provide you with 50 mg of elemental zinc.

Please note following points with regard to zinc supplementation:

    Daily zinc supplements should be consumed.
    You can go for a higher dosage of zinc for a shorter period of time but do not continue it for a prolonged period of time.
    Do not consume zinc along with supplements of calcium, magnesium and iron as it will hinder the process of absorption of the same.

Side Effects

If you are consuming zinc supplements without seeking the opinion of a medical practitioner, then it is definitely not advisable. You need to know the right amounts of zinc consumption and hence, you will have to seek doctor’s opinion beforehand.

There is a possibility that you might be allergic or sensitive to zinc and you may experience effects such as nausea, stomach pain, and a metallic taste lingering in your mouth. Well, if severe side effects persist, then it is advisable to discontinue the use of the supplements. Excessive dosage can also cause serious effects such as fever and fatigue. Hence, do not consume any supplement, including zinc supplements without seeking the opinion of a medical practitioner.


    You would not believe but zinc is available in every facet of our life and we are not even aware of it. It provides us ample benefits which we should definitely know about.

    1. Leads to significant rise in testosterone levels

    In case you are zinc deficient, then your testosterone levels will be low. When you add zinc to your diet, then your testosterone levels boost up and you will notice the positive change in yourself. By hindering the action of aromatase enzyme, zinc also increases sperm volume and motility.

    2. Improves Sexual Health of Men

    Apart from physical well-being, zinc also has a positive effect on the sexual well-being of a man. A man’s sexual drive, potency and fertility is influenced largely by the amounts of zinc present in your body. Moreover, zinc is also effective for sperm production in men. If you observe carefully, all things are inter-connected. Low amounts of zinc in body leads to low testosterone levels, and low testosterone levels are the root causes of a low sex drive and low sperm count. Thus, now you get an idea why you should work on your low zinc levels and bring it to the optimum level!

    A research was conducted in the Wayne State University of Medicine Study on Zinc as a vital mineral in men. The researchers witnessed that the men between the ages of 20 and 80 years who limited their zinc consumption for 20 weeks experienced a drastic drop in their testosterone levels too.

    On the other hand, another group of elderly men who were consuming zinc supplements for about 6 months experienced a boost in testosterone production. Thus, you can observe the direct relationship between zinc and testosterone.

    3. Enhances Cell Repair Process

    You must have noticed that any form of exercise stresses your muscle in some or the other way. For instance, a light walk or lifting weights causes a stress on your muscles. These muscles tear and are broken down into cellular level as we utilize them. When these muscles are put to rest, they become stronger and larger.

    This strength and size is added by zinc in the form of nutrients and proteins. Hence, if you want a dramatic change in your muscles and optimize your exercise regimes, then zinc is must in your diet as food or as a supplement.

    In conclusion, zinc is important for a man’s physical health, muscle strength and sexual health. Not only does it supports your bone health, but it also enhances your performance in the bedroom, taking your life to a higher level of bliss.

    A zinc supplement along with the doctor’s recommendation can definitely be a body-changing decision for you. It has a reliable and genuine clinical record and hence, you cannot deny its importance and worth. If you are moving in the right direction, then you definitely expect massive change in your fitness life.

Additional Key Factors

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Zinc - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Does zinc increase testosterone?

Yes. You can read the above article in detail.

Functions of zinc in your body

Regulation of enzymes
Increasing LH secretion
Control of several body functions and functioning of organs

Form Of

Immune Booster

With which substances can zinc be consumed?

It is consumed with green tea for better absorption in the body.

With which substances one should not consume zinc?

It is better not to consume zinc along with iron supplements and chlorogenic acid because it will lead to ineffective absorption in the body.

In which foods zinc can be found in ample amounts?

Meat, eggs, and legumes.

Are any clinical proofs available to state that zinc increases testosterone?

Yes. Clinical proof is available.

Which is the best Zinc Testosterone Supplements?

TestoTEK, PrimeMale, TestoRX, TestoMax, TestoFuel and TestoGen.

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