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How do you shop for supplements? ‘Shop’ seems to be the wrong word, right? You don’t shop, but place an order, or give a try, or include it in your regime, or take it as a recommended dosage. But before making a purchase, you browse through the supplement categories, check the reviews, understand what it contains and then analyze your own medical condition.

Thus, whatever you say, shopping or purchasing or trying, you are entering into a product buying procedure. But do you think you should be trying supplements frequently? Obviously not! Trying clothes, accessories, and sunglasses is okay for your personal statement. But trying supplements is not a good habit.

This is because as you keep trying and consuming supplements, it affects your organs and hormones and then, your body reacts to it adversely. Unknowingly, the level of nutrition in your body keeps changing and reacting to the supplement ingredients.

Hence, we suggest you to research any supplement thoroughly before giving it a try. Now, if you thinking of trying Jym ZMA Jym, then do not make a hasty purchase decision as we have a review for you. We have also described about some testosterone supplements at the end which are genuine and worth trying. Do not hesitate to give them a place in your regime.

What Is Jym ZMA Jym?

Jym ZMA Jym is the ultimate source of zinc and magnesium, the two vital minerals needed for smooth functioning of the body. According to the creator of this supplement, it will become your good companion throughout your bodybuilding journey.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Jym ZMA Jym

In this case, we have the opinion of the Owner of Supplement Science and the designer of this supplement itself, Dr. Jim Stoppani. He is using this product since he has created it. According to him, Jym ZMA Jym is a perfect blend as a Vita Jym multivitamin and as a mineral supplement to satisfy all your zinc and magnesium requirements. He even quitted taking Vita Jym as this particular supplement was providing him with all zinc and magnesium resources.

Claims Image

Due to the bioavailability component, the two important minerals of zinc and magnesium will get absorbed easily into your body.

Features and Specifications

Jym ZMA Jym is an advanced ZMA supplement boosted with an improved bioavailability component.

How Does It Work?

Unfortunately, the maker of this supplement has not taken time and efforts to describe about the working of this product in detail. Customers would like to know more about each of the ingredient used, how they affect a human body and their bodily responses. As there is lack of description of the same, customers do not get any idea about the product functioning.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

The ingredients contained in Jym Alpha Jym can be listed as follows:

  • Rice bran powder
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Vitamin B6[1] as Pyridoxine HCI
  • Magnesium as Magnesium Aspartate
  • Zinc [2] as Mono-L-Methionine and Aspartate
  • Bioperine Black Pepper Extract
Jym ZMA Jym Ingredients Image

Dosage: 3 Capsules / day.


It is affordable as one bottle of Jym Alpha Jym of 90 capsules will cost you only $21.99.

You can stack it with other Jym products for better results, however it adds a burden to your wallet.


Jym Alpha Jym is very slow to show effects on the body and well-being.

It results in negative effects in case you are over-consuming.

Since it is not supported by any clinical evidence, many people do not prefer to buy it.

People feel that it is better to opt for a pricey yet effective supplement instead of a cheaper one.

Is Jym ZMA JYM Safe To Use?

If you are consuming the dosage as recommended on the label of the product or as per your doctor, then this supplement is safe and will not result in any side effects. You also have to store the supplement as per the given instructions. As this product contains chemicals that have been banned by the State of California and can cause diseases such as cancer or birth issues or reproductive concerns, you should not consume it if you are pregnant or nursing.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Though we couldn’t find a lot of negative reviews about Jym ZMA Jym, here are some of the negative reviews from few of the customers. As this product is priced at a reasonable rate, customers make repeated purchases even when the product does not help in improving their strength and stamina.

The supplement does not bring any result in our body, this is what this customer says. However, he purchased the same for two months and waited for the results. Since it was not expensive, he didn’t feel a burden on his pocket to make repeated purchases. But after two months, he decided to stop buying and switched to other better product that was a bit pricey than Jym Alpha Jym but delivered instant results.

- Patrick W North Carolina, USA

When this customer consumed this supplement for a period of 30 days, he didn’t experience any result. Hence, he simply made the dosage a bit higher but he realized that he was feeling too sleepy and tired the whole day. As a result, he stopped the consumption of this supplement.

- Chris K Mackay, Australia

Conclusively, Jym ZMA Jym does not deserve a try and do not take a chance. As we had promised in the earlier part, you can find following five testosterone supplements that are worth trying and using in your supplement regime. However, remember that mere daily supplement is not sufficient to heighten your testosterone levels. It should be necessarily backed by a balanced diet regime. Include all the foods that boost up testosterone levels. The next important task is to incorporate a blasting workout schedule and to stick to it on a daily basis.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

Since buying a testosterone supplement is a high-priority agenda, these are some of the best ones in the market.

TestoGen - Wolfson Berg Limited has taken extensive efforts in providing us with an excellent collection of health supplements. TestoGen is one of these supplements that is specifically made for all the bodybuilders, athletes and fitness conscious people out there! Your testosterone problem will get resolved within a month with this supplement consumption and you will be willing and happy to get involved yourself in physical activities. Your muscles, libido, energy, stamina, endurance, concentration – everything will be at its excellence. Learn More on Testogen >>

PrimeMale - The scientific formulation and a reputed brand name are two things for which you should give PrimeMale a try. You will definitely not be disappointed with your purchase decision as you will love the effects of the supplement. It has high quality and proven ingredients, and a unique mechanism to fight against all the obstacles that pop up in the way of releasing free testosterone. Priced at $69 for a bottle, your purchase is also covered under a 90-day money refund scheme. Hence, your purchase money is 100 percent protected. PrimeMale works on how the testosterone levels drop down in a man and works at its best to accelerate the same. It is a true fighter! Learn More on Prime Male >>

TestoFuel - A supplement with an updated ingredient formula, TestoFuel is a recent innovation in the list of testosterone supplements. As the name indicates, it fuels up the declining testosterone levels, and making your life happier and satisfying than earlier. $65 will be worth if you try this product for at least month. Containing ingredients like oyster extract and DAA, this supplement has been a favorite companion of many men across the world. Learn More on Testofuel >>

TestoTEK - A man who wants a one-stop solution for his low T-level problem should definitely try TestoTEK by TEK Naturals. Ranked as the number 1 supplement by a reputed web portal, TestoTEK improves your mindset, burns the unnecessary flab and gives you a fabulous and muscular body within a month, providing you consume as per the ideal dosage guidelines. No synthetic and banned materials are used in this product. No fuss, no worry! Learn More on Testotek >>

TestoMax (Sustanon) - A bottle of TestoMax capsules will cost you $59.99 and you have to consume 4 capsules a day to see the dramatic change in your body within 4 weeks. Crazy Bulk is the manufacturer of TestoMax capsules and it is a well-known name in the field of bodybuilding supplements. Since it is not comprised of any banned substances, it is 100 percent legal, safe and made up of all natural ingredients. You can avail a number of offers and discounts on the Crazy Bulk site along with stacking recommendations, and a newsletter signing up option. Keep rocking! Learn More on TestoMax (Sustanon 250) >>

TestRX - Leading Edge Health – you must have been impressed with the well-known name itself. The supplement quality and its working is true to its brand name and popularity. Thousands of men have been using this supplement and have gained immense benefits out of it. It does not require any cycling as it is not a steroid but a 100 percent healthy supplement. If you have any doubts regarding the working of the supplement or if you would like to check the scientific evidence, then you can contact their customer service support team which is 24/7 ready and cooperative to help you. Learn More on TestRX >>

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