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When women turn 30, they start getting an “I am no more young and beautiful” feeling. Moreover, the society looks them down, saying that they are losing their womanly characteristics day by day. Yes, it is true as hormones play an important role in determining the attractiveness in a woman. But do men age and become less handsome? Do they lose energy and enthusiasm? Do they experience weight gain and muscle loss?

Of course, men are also humans. They also contain hormones. One of the most significant hormones in a man’s body is testosterone. Testosterone acts like a fuel for a man’s masculinity.

It determines your energy levels, sex drive, enthusiasm, mindset, and cognitive abilities. Unfortunately, as men cross the age of 30, their testosterone levels begun to drop gradually. This means that their masculinity also starts reducing. But hey, you need to be worried. You gain still be masculine, hot and young with a valuable testosterone-boosting supplement.

You are not supposed to fuel your body with testosterone, but you can train your body to produce more and more testosterone. One of such supplements is PMD Platinum TEST 600. Want to know more about it? You should know about a supplement in detail before buying it. Here is a short review.

What Is PMD Platinum TEST 600?

PMD Platinum TESTO 600 is a one of the testosterone-boosting supplements developed by the expert team at GNC.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About PMD Platinum TEST 600

According to the manufacturer, PMD Platinum TEST 600 provides a man with the following benefits:

It offers an amazing drive to succeed in life, whether you are at work or in your bedroom with your partner.

It is an important supplement to provide muscle gains, relief from joint pain, strength, libido and overall well-being.

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Features and Specifications

It is comprised of clinically proven and patented ingredient, Testofen.

A bottle of PMD Platinum TEST 600 contains 90 Liquid T-gels.

How Does It Work?

You cannot fill up your body with the testosterone hormone. There is something called free testosterone in your body with is more biologically active. You can definitely seek help of a supplement to boost this free testosterone and improve your masculinity.

    N-TEST 600 contains 600 mg of Testofen, a patented and clinically researched ingredient. Testofen comprised of fenugreek seed extract which has great powers to increase testosterone in men. Several studies have been conducted to prove significance of Testofen as it increases testosterone levels by about 98 percent.

    Did you know that only 2 percent of the testosterone is free, biologically active and unbound? Only a limited percentage of testosterone can enter your body cells and cause an action on the biological actions of the androgen receptors. N-Test increases this free testosterone naturally, and results in anabolic benefits for a person.

    More ingredients are contained in N-TEST 600 namely, Tribulus Terrestris, Hesperidin and Transresvertrol. These ingredients are superb in performing well during training sessions, building free testosterone levels, muscle gains, strength, hard and stronger muscles, and in improving your sexual life.

    These supplements are in the form of liquid gels known as T-gels. These gels also contain an ingredient known as Bioperine. For those who don’t know about Bioperine, here is a short introduction about this useful ingredient. Bioperine is a delivery agent that increases the bioavailability of other ingredients in a supplement. Thus, you not only consume the supplement, but you also get all the ingredients absorbed into your body cells, tissues and muscles. Bioperine is also useful in building muscles and for anabolic outcomes.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

The clinically researched ingredients contained in PMD Platinum TEST 600 are as follows:

  • Testofen [1]
  • Tribulus Terrestris [2]
  • Hesperidin
  • Transresvertrol
  • Bioperine
PMd N-Test 600 Ingredients Image

Dosage: 3 Liquid gel capsules / Day.


It increases free testosterone by natural means.

It does not result in androgenic and estrogen related negative effects.


Though the manufacturer states that it has superb benefits for men, this supplement has not resulted in positive impact on many of the customers. Most of the customers have tried this supplement, believing in the clinically researched ingredients, but they couldn’t find any difference in themselves.

Though it is repeatedly mentioned that clinically researched ingredients have been used, it does not mention the site links or research references, which would have been appreciated by the customers.

After comparing the price with the supplement effects, it seems to be a bit expensive. You can find a better and effective supplement at the same price or at a relatively lower price.

Is PMD Platinum n-TEST 600 Safe To Use?

Yes. PMD Platinum TEST 600 is safe to use as it does not result in any androgenic or estrogen-related side effects. It suppresses all the elements that are responsible for creation of more estrogen in the body.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

One of the customers, Mr. Josh, Arizona bought this supplement from GNC. For the first two weeks, he could see a new spark in his sexual life and also a greater amount of energy in the weight room. However, this lasted only for a short period of time. Even though he increased the dosage, he couldn’t see any change in his body and health. He again placed an order on another shopping portal but his efforts were in vain.

- Josh A Washington, USA

Mr. Tony from Kentucky took this supplement as per the given instructions. He even prepared a systematic diet plan and a dynamic workout schedule. He did not gain any muscle gains. He just wants his money back from the manufacturer.

- Tony K Sydney, Australia

Mr. Kevin from the United Stated was in search of a perfect supplement. Upon receiving a recommendation about this supplement, he consumed it thrice a day. But after nearly 4 weeks, there was no improvement in his health at all. Hence, he is again in search of another testosterone supplement.

- Kevin D London, UK

Well, it would not be fair to state that PMD Platinum TEST 600 is the best supplement. You can still try for it, but you have to go through the cons of this supplement too. Hey, do you think that your search for a best supplement ends here? Not at all. This is not the end of the world. There are a few yet effective supplements that can boost up your testosterone levels and help you gain masculinity without any artificial means.

Recommendation/Best Alternative



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5/5 (70 Reviewer)

If your target areas are muscles, a sex drive and a highly-cognitive mind, then you need to implement a Triple-Action Formula in your life. Well, TestoGen is an excellent quality supplement that can offer you with the triple-action formula, you can definitely achieve all your fitness objectives.

You will gain stronger and harder muscles, an improved sex drive and cognitive abilities such as concentration, alertness and focus. Well, here goes the cliché – A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is what TestoGen will give you by natural and dynamic means with fortifying ingredients such as fenugreek extract, DAA, B Complex Vitamins and so on. You gain a plethora of health benefits in a single supplement with a stipulated dosage of 4 capsules in a day.


Crazy Bulk has been a well-known name for most of the bodybuilders and athletes. They have a huge variety of valuable supplements that work right from bulking, cutting, losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass. Well, if you are not aware about their unique testosterone supplement, then here is a short information about it.

TestoMax is a specially designed testosterone-boosting supplement by the researchers at Crazy Bulk. It provides you with considerable amount of energy, potential-harnessing powers, weight loss, and more muscle gains.

If you stack it properly with other supplements of Crazy Bulk as per their recommendations, then you can build an amazing physique. Please note that Crazy Bulk has not created stacking strategies to sell their supplements and earn profits, but to provide you with powerful nutrients and energy.

TestoMax Review

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4.5/5 (53 Reviewer)

So, with TestoMax, you can maximize your performance in the gym and in the bedroom, lose unwanted flab, reduce your recovery time and gain energy for the next workout session. Be ready to maximize your potential with TestoMax!

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