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For a man, in order to live a satisfied and high energy level, the testosterone hormone plays a vital role. When the testosterone levels drop down significantly, it leads to fatigue, depression, health issues, obesity, muscle loss, weak bones, unregulated sugar and blood pressure levels, and low sex drive. All these problems make a man’s life more miserable. He doesn’t understand how to juggle with so many issues in life, especially the sexual life ones.

Men above the age of 30 experience an average 1 percent loss of testosterone level each year. So, just check your age and calculate how much percentage of testosterone you have lost in the last years. When you will turn 80, your 50 percent of the testosterone level will be vanished without any intimation.

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Yes, we have a solution for this. The supplements industry have been taking considerable efforts in developing an anti-aging supplement that boosts testosterone levels in men and which helps them live a satisfied and energetic life. Time to know more about this amazing supplement!

What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

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Prime Male is a synergistic formulation of 12 potent ingredients, targeted to boost testosterone levels in a man, providing him all the benefits right from a sharp mind to an active body. Several studies were conducted to prove the value of the ingredients used in this supplement.

This supplement is a no joke. It will reignite the spark, fire and energy in yourself that you had lost due to the loss of testosterone levels.

Please note that it is not an illegal steroid that will build your muscle mass. Nor it is a sex-boosting formulation. It is purely an anti-aging supplement that works scientifically and logically in testosterone production.

How Does Prime Male Work?

PrimeMale is a scientific formula to overcome three obstacles that hinder the process of testosterone production. The three obstacles can be explained as below:

    Luteinizing Hormone

    According to the medical research. Luteinizing hormone (LH) leads to rise in testosterone in the testes. The amino acid contained in PrimeMale performs the job of signaling the brain to release LH in sufficient quantity that is not otherwise possible.

    In a study, 23 men in the age groups of 27-37 consumed a daily supplement of 3 grams of D-AA. Within a period of 12 days, they experienced a boost of testosterone by nearly 42 percent.

    Prime Male is also comprised of another useful ingredient, zinc that releases LH.

    Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)

    It is hard to know that most of the testosterone in your body is binding to the SHBG molecules. This results in significant decline in free testosterone levels. As PrimeMale consists of ingredients like magnesium and nettle root extract, it helps a lot. The nettle root immediately binds with SHBG and lets the free testosterone available for the system and becomes more biologically active.

    On the same lines, magnesium performs a great job of reducing the content of SHBG in the bloodstream. Boron also comes to help by decreasing the SHBG levels in the bloodstream. So, all the three ingredients work together in accelerating the levels of free testosterone in the body.

    Estrogen and Prolactin

    You must be well aware that estrogen and prolactin are female sex hormones and need not occupy space in a man’s body. But it is natural to have female sex hormones in a male body. If the levels of these two hormones boost up, the levels of testosterone go down. For this purpose, Prime Male was designed to reduce the levels of estrogen and prolactin.

    Boron in Prime Male reduces estrogen by more than 39 percent within one week. Luteolin in Prime Male also reduces estrogen and increases testosterone. What about Prolactin levels? Well, Prime Male takes care of it by reducing with another valuable ingredient known as Mucana Pruriens.

    Thus, this clinical science forms the foundation on which Prime Male was formulated. You receive a safe, natural and quick boost in testosterone levels due to the synergistic combination of these bioactive natural compounds.


Will you ever buy canned food without checking its label? Never, you will never do that. Then, will you buy a supplement without checking what it contains? The experts at Prime Male advise all the customers to check and confirm the ingredients before swallowing any kind of supplement. Hence, here is the list of ingredients of Prime Male supplements.

Korean Red Ginseng Logo

Korean Red Ginseng

Benefits: Boosting the immune system, increases longevity, treats male impotence, increases testosterone, sexual satisfaction, and reduced erectile problems.

Study: 60 men who suffered from erectile dysfunction were provided with red ginseng and they experienced considerable improvements in themselves.

Luteolin Logo


Benefits: One of the powerful aromatase inhibitor amongst 1431 natural compounds, reduces estrogen-production, stimulates more testosterone.

Study: According to the published article in the Current Cancer Drug Targets reports, as luteolin binds estrogen receptors, it blocks the formation of estrogen.

Magnesium Logo

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate)

Benefits: Lowers SHBG counts, increases free testosterone, increases male potency.

Study: When 10mg magnesium was provided to a group of athletes, there was a significant rise in the levels of testosterone as compared to the group not consuming magnesium. According to the study in University Hospital of Parma, magnesium citrate absorbs easily into the body than other magnesium forms. Moreover, it also increases serum testosterone.

Mucana Pruriens Logo

Mucana Pruriens (seed) extract

Benefits: Reduces prolactin levels, increases HGH, and reduces hormone cortisol.

Study: When 5gms of Mucana was given to 150 men in the study of University of Lucknow for a period of 3 months, it increased semen production in men. Another study was conducted wherein a different group consumed extracts of Mucana Pruriens and experienced a boost in the testosterone by nearly 27.3 percent.

Nettle Root Extract Logo

Nettle Root Extract

Benefits: Elevates testosterone, decreases estrogen, increases serum testosterone.
In Prime Male, only root extracts of Nettle are used and not the leaves and the seeds. This is because the root part is more effective than the other parts of the same plant.

Vitamin B6 Logo

Vitamin B6

Benefits: Stimulates androgen receptors, reduced mood swings, increases libido, and helps absorb other nutrients in the body.

Study: When lab rats were deprived of Vitamin B6, they experienced loss of testosterone by nearly 74.5 percent. This observation was published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry.

Vitamin D3 Logo

Vitamin D3

Benefits: Is beneficial for survival, higher testosterone.

Study: The importance of Vitamin D in boosting testosterone levels and increasing longevity is published in an article of the Journal of Endocrinology. Drinking a glass of milk daily or basking in the sun for some time is not sufficient. Hence, you need a supplement like Prime Male that contains Vitamin D3. A study conducted in the Medical University of Graz observed that a group of participants consuming a supplement of Vitamin D experienced an average 20 percent rise in their testosterone levels.

Vitamin K2 Logo

Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7)

Benefits: Helps Vitamin D3 to work efficiently, boosts testosterone.

Study: The nutrition experts in the Tohoku University of Japan inferred that Vitamin K2 leads to increase in the serum testosterone levels. In an animal study, lab rats witnessed a 50 percent rise in the testosterone levels when they were fed with Vitamin K2 dosages for a continuous period of 5 weeks.

In Prime Male, an improvised version, bioactive form of Vitamin K2 is utilized known as Menaquinone-7. This ingredient helps in further and better absorption of other nutrients into the body.

Zinc Logo


Benefits: Boosts more LH, and produces testosterone without any difficulty or hindrances.

Study: In a study, footballers were provided with a supplement comprised of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6 for a period of nearly 8 weeks. They witnessed an increase of free testosterone by 33.5 percent within 2 months of time.

9 elderly men in a study who suffered from low testosterone experienced double increase in their testosterone levels in 6 months of time. When men in the age group of 27-28 were not provided with sufficient quantity of zinc, their testosterone levels declined by more than 73 percent.

D-Aspartic Acid Logo

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

Benefits: Stimulates testes to release testosterone, releases LH.
Study: Men who suffered from fertility issues were provided with 2.7 grams of this ingredient for 9o days. The testosterone production increased by 30 percent to 30 percent in them.

Bioperine Logo


Benefits: A bioavailability enhancer, helps blend nutrients faster in the body, restores testosterone.

Boron Logo


Benefits: Influences hormones, maintains healthy bones, and increases cognitive powers, blood plasma.

Study: In a study, men consuming 10 mg of boron supplement for a week experienced decline in SHBG and rise in free testosterone levels.

Thus, Prime Male is a synergistic blend of 12 potent and natural ingredients that are highly effective for testosterone production, without a tint of artificial substances.

Why Prime Male Is Better As Compared To Other Testosterone Supplement Brands?

When you have decided to consume a supplement, then why only Prime Male and not any supplement easily available in the pharmacy market. Here is a rational justification as to why Prime Male is a better choice over other alternatives.

    Top-class ingredients: The research and development team at Prime Male have put concrete efforts in choosing the world’ best ingredients that are testosterone-boosters in the most natural way. It contains 12 potent ingredients and provides you with optimum dosages in day to boost your testosterone levels.

    Risk-free guarantee: A product purchase is covered by a 90-day risk free guarantee which will enable you to get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the results. Hence, no fuss and no worry about the purchase.

    Transparency: There are a limited number of testosterone supplements in the market that disclose their ingredients and label. What is the point of purchasing such supplement when you do not know its contents? But at Prime Male, the team is transparent enough in letting the customers know what this supplement contains, how it is beneficial for you and what all scientific studies were conducted to prove their value. Thus, you get a complete idea about the product ingredients and its worth.


Prime Male supplements offer following benefits to a man.

    Testosterone Level Loss Image

    It accelerates physical and mental energy levels. Thus, it makes you physically active throughout the day. Also, it helps your mind to be alert and active to do strenuous work.

    It provides more strength, thereby building lean muscle mass of your body. For bodybuilders, this is a great supplement. Those who are not bodybuilders can also harness optimum benefits of exercising because of this supplement.

    It helps in shredding off the extra calories from your body, making you fit and slim.

    The Vitamin D component in Prime Male supplements makes your bones healthy and strong. As a result, you do not have to consume another Vitamin D supplement or hope for sunrays to work for you. That extra glass of milk not needed now.

    Low testosterone often leads to frequent mood swings. You may feel tired, you may feel irritated, angry or depression for certain periods of the day. This is certainly not good if you want to live a satisfied life. Prime Male elevates and stabilizes your mood. So, you are mentally balanced all the day.

    Though Prime Male is not a specific sex-boosting supplement, it accelerates your libido and improves your performance in bed. Hence, this is a relationship-saver for you.

    Apart from muscle-building and energy-boosting tasks, PrimeMale helps in reducing the blood pressure levels of the body. Your heart rate is improved and your overall heart health is promoted.

    As mentioned in the earlier point, Prime Male improves the health of your cardiovascular organs. It means your heart, the blood vessels, arteries are protected from further damage.

    Now, all the diabetics and diabetes-fearers out there, do not get disappointed. This is because PrimeMale has something nice in store for you. PrimeMale regulates your blood glucose levels considerably. Hence, you can be worry-free when it comes to high sugar levels.

    Elderly men suffer from prostate problems such as frequent urination, feeling full even after urination, and so on. Another benefit of this supplement is that it improves prostate health of elderly men, reducing all the related problems.

    We have talked about physical health. Let us talk about skin health. Even men like to have a clear and flawless skin. PrimeMale gifts you with such a healthier and tighter skin that will make you feel proud.

    This supplements is like a miracle for enhancing cognitive functions of the brain such as improving focus, concentration, alertness, memory and so on.

Side Effects

    Place of Manufacture : PrimeMale supplements are manufactured in recognized and FDA-approved setups.

    Manufacturing Practices : These supplements are manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Practices. This ensures a greater level of purity, safety, quality and efficiency. As a result, you get a complete safe and natural product in your hand.

    Ingredients : It does not contain any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is purely made out of natural and potent ingredients that have been tested as per the practices. You get a chance to check these ingredients before purchasing the product.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Prime Male

1. An anti-aging supplement: If you feel embarrassed to consume a muscle-building or a libido-increasing supplement, then need not worry. PrimeMale is an effective anti-aging supplement that will provide you with a number of benefits.

2. Impressive results: If you need a supplement that offers you with impressive results, then PrimeMale is the one. It gives you results in least possible time. For instance, according to the studies, PrimeMale boosts testosterone by nearly 42 percent within 12 days.

3. Scientific formulation: Even before trying a new supplement, always check its formulation. The good news is PrimeMale is scientifically formulated that overcomes all the barriers towards testosterone-formation.

4. Risk Free Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the product, your money will be refunded within 90 days of the product purchase.

5. Grab a product from a reputed brand name: PrimeMale is the product of Propura Limited, a well-known name in the field of natural health supplements.

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Will Prime Male Work For Me?

Probably, you have reached that gloomy phase of life that you don’t feel that you can reignite the spark you had a few years ago. Perhaps you have become depressed, or you experience frequent mood swings, a lot of irritability and fatigue. You must have even tried out several methods of testosterone boosters such as injections, patches, pills and steroids. You feel this is the end of it.

You don’t feel that this situation will ever change in life, any positivity can reappear in your all facets of life. As you have tried and failed several testosterone boosters, you wonder whether PrimeMale will work for you or not.

Well, to begin with, let us explain that this is not a booster for your libido or muscle-building. It is an anti-aging supplement fortified with natural ingredients that works on all the aspects of your health. It targets all the areas of your well-being, offering you with reignited passion and spark in every aspect of life.

Thus, being 100 percent natural yet effective, PrimeMale will definitely work for you, provided you are a man above the age of 30 years and having low testosterone concerns.


Prime Male Testimonials Review Image

If any of your friends is consuming Prime Male supplements, then you must have definitely sought a first-hand, unbiased review of these supplements. However, for your reference, we are adding some of the reviews that will help you in making a purchase decision.

Prime Male has helped this customer in enhancing levels of energy and testosterone. He experienced several side effects due to other methods such as injections and patches. When nothing worked, he turned to PrimeMale on the recommendations of his friend.

- David P Sydney, Australia

This customer experienced weight loss, higher energy levels and increased libido. PrimeMale indeed saved life and marriage of this customer.

- Steve S New York, USA

Customer 3: This customer regained vigor and sex drive due to PrimeMale. For him, PrimeMale is a winner.

You can even watch the testimonial videos, and images of the customers who have been using PrimeMale for their benefit.

- Paul B Manchester, UK

Thus, if you are on the search of an anti-aging supplement that is great for your testosterone levels, then PrimeMale is the best choice. It provides you with immense benefits right from overcoming tiredness to regulation of blood sugar levels, from enhancing cognitive functions to increasing your sex drive. We can call it a ‘jack of all trades’ without any worry in mind. Comprised of testosterone-boosting ingredients that are 100 percent natural, this unique formulation deserves an applause and a quick addition to your empty shopping cart. Make it a part of your routine and rediscover the amazing you.

PrimeMale - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Purpose of PrimeMale

PrimeMale is a unique formula targeted to boost up the testosterone levels of men. It is formed on the basis of a scientific explanation as to how testosterone levels in a man decreases and how it needs a boost.

Recommended Dosage

1 capsules 4 times a day along with a meal or a snack.


The benefits of PrimeMale are mainly for men above the age of 30 who would like to treat the problems of low testosterone and who would like to have a boost in their energy, vitality and virility.

Brand Name

Propura Limited


1 Month Supply – 1 Box of PrimeMale - $69.00
2 Month Supply – 2 Boxes of PrimeMale and Free US and UK Shipping - $138.00
3 Month Supply – 3 Boxes of PrimeMale Plus 1 Box Free Plus Free Worldwide Shipping - $276 $207.00
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For whom is PrimeMale suitable for?

PrimeMale is recommended for men above the age of 30.

How will PrimeMale help in sec drive of a man?

Please note that is not a libido-boosting or a penis enlargement pill. It is an anti-aging supplement that will help in restoration of sex drive of a man.

Is PrimeMale a muscle building supplement?

PrimeMale is not a specific muscle-building supplement. But as it increases testosterone, it increases the lean muscle mass of a man.

How does PrimeMale absorb the testosterone-boosting ingredients in one’s body?

Due to the presence of a powerful ingredient known as Bioperine, PrimeMale absorbs all the testosterone-boosting ingredients in one’s body.

Which Vitamins are used in PrimeMale, that are responsible for increasing testosterone?

Vitamin D3 and VitaminB6, both are great for boosting testosterone in men and are included in PrimeMale supplements too.

Which kind of botanical extracts are used in PrimeMale for increasing testosterone levels?

Mucana Pruriens
Nettle Root Extract
Asian red ginseng

Is PrimeMale purchased accompanied with a money back guarantee?

Yes. 90-days risk free 100 percent money back guarantee is available for first time consumers.

Is worldwide shipping available?

If you are choosing the 2-month supply package, then shipping to US and UK is free of cost.
If you are choosing the 3-month supply package, then shipping to any part of the world is free of cost.

Where To Buy PrimeMale?

Visit PrimeMale Official Site

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