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When you had entered the weight room for the first time, you had promised yourself that you will create an impressive body so that everyone will look at you with awe and respect. But it has been several months and you can’t find the difference in your body and in the eyes of the onlookers.

You had not been negligent on your part. Just like everyone else, you pushed beyond your limits and grabbed weights. You never compromised with your diet, your kitchen was loaded with the super foods necessary for muscle building. You followed every move of a bodybuilder yet you were disappointed with the results.

It was a few months ago that someone suggested you to increase your testosterone for enhancing your muscle mass and power. A steroid was the suggestion. You surfed on internet for steroids but couldn’t find a satisfactory justification for the same.

You don’t need a steroid that contains actual testosterone. You need something that will boost your testosterone naturally. It should assist your body organs to release testosterone and lead to increased muscle mass. A supplement is the perfect answer. And if you are overwhelmed with the downpour of supplements in the market, then TestRX is the name.

What Is TestRX?

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A natural bodybuilding supplement, TestRX accelerates testosterone in a man’s body that is necessary for delivering gym performance and for building cool muscles.

Please note that TestRX is a supplement, and not an illegal steroid. Hence, it is not subject to the disadvantages and risks of consuming steroids. It is very safe indeed for you and helps your body systems to raise testosterone using a natural means.

Along with larger and harder muscles, your aerobic performance in the weight room enhances, unnecessary pounds gets melted away and it also takes your sex life to the next level, making your relationship stronger and unbeatable.

How Does TestRX Work?

TestRX is a unique supplement that instructs your body calmly to produce more testosterone. It does not contain testosterone in an artificial form. Testosterone is a vital component that accelerates the process of protein synthesis, building larger muscle mass and inhibiting the growth of a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is an unnecessary element that breaks down the muscle tissues. Testosterone fights with this cortisol and gets rid of it for our good.

TestRX contains amino acids that are building blocks for protein. And it is not a new fact to know that protein is super-essential for muscle building. It depends entirely on the bioavailability of the protein to utilize protein and build muscles.

Testosterone facilitates ease in the process of protein synthesis through binding to androgen receptors in the muscles. The protein is utilized by the body for repairing the small micro-tears occurring in the muscle tissue as you lift heavier weights and develop muscles.

    Increase in testosterone = Increase in muscle growth = Faster recovery = Stronger and bigger muscles = Increases red blood cells = Oxygenation of muscles.

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    ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

    In a 2000 study, this ingredient boosted testosterone and HGH in a few football players within a period of 7 weeks. ZMA is an important ingredient that helps athletes to enhance their aerobic performance. It also fortifies the immune system of a person.

    Fenugreek Seed Extract

    In a 2010 study, a group of men experienced weight loss, and more bioavailability of testosterone due to this ingredient. In a 2011 study, a group of men experienced improvement in libido and sexual arousal by consuming 600mg of fenugreek seed extract every day.

    Vitamin D3

    A fat-soluble vitamin, this ingredient absorbs calcium and boosts testosterone. In a 2011 study, a group of non-diabetic men experienced almost 25 percent increase in their testosterone levels by daily supplementation of Vitamin D3.

    Vitamin K2

    In a 2011 study, Vitamin K supplement increased levels of testosterone. It also leads to cardiovascular benefits.

    Vitamin B6

    This ingredient enables the testes to produce more testosterone and regulate estrogen levels.


    It enables muscle oxygenation, aerobic performance, utilizes glucose optimally, and increases testosterone. In a 1992 study, a group of men had a substantial difference in their testosterone levels.


    Zinc is very important for survival and functioning of all the body organs. However, as we sweat, we tend to lose zinc. Hence, athletes and bodybuilders need to consume more quantities of zinc. In a 1981 study, it was observed that men performed well in the bedroom due to optimum consumption of zinc. In a 2006 study, zinc was provided to wrestlers in boosting their performance and testosterone levels.

    D-Aspartic Acid

    A form of amino acid, it stabilizes the process of testosterone synthesis, and enhances performance in the bedroom. It releases LH, GH and more testosterone unlike placebo-based supplements. In a 2012 study, 60 men consumed this ingredient and experienced 30 to 60 percent increase in the testosterone levels.

Why Test RX Is Better As Compared To Other Brands?

    Your muscle needs a natural fuel, and that is TestRX. It is better than other bodybuilding supplements because of the following reasons:

    Ideal Dosage: The scientists and health experts at TestRX have studied extensively on what should be included in this supplement and how each ingredient works scientifically. Hence, you get an ideal dosage and not a random tablet to boost your muscles.

    Pure and natural testosterone: Other bodybuilding supplements do not focus on the beneficial aspect of testosterone that is a building block for your muscles. If there is no testosterone, there is no muscle growth. TestRX team understand this simple phenomenon and hence, they have developed this unique formulation.

    A versatile product from Leading Edge Health: A brand is also worth crucial before buying any health supplement. No one opts for a random brand that promises to deliver you a ripped body within a week. The TestRX brand understands that muscle growth is a scientific process and will have to undergo through gradual stages. Hence, no hurry and no worry. You can trust Leading Health for more effective results.

TestRx Formulation


TestRX will serve multiple benefits for you in the following manner:

    Increase in testosterone naturally: The pillar of muscle growth, testosterone is increased by TestRX.

    Increase in HGH: Your growth hormone gets boosted.

    Weight loss: You do not have to depend on another weight loss supplement as your unnecessary pounds get melted with this supplement. You lose weight in a healthy manner and not by starving yourself.

    Considerable strength: This natural formulation provides you with considerable strength, in the upper as well as in the lower body.

    Considerable energy: As oxygen is supplied to every muscle cell and tissue in your body, you feel more energetic during workouts and throughout the day.

    Considerable performance: You can now show your true performance levels in the weight room as well as in the bedroom.

    Considerable virility: Your lasting-capacity in the bed increases with the help of TestRX.

    A ripped-off body: TestRX gives you more and more energy, and you keep performing more and more in the gym, as a result of which you earn a ripped-off body.

Any Side Effects

    TestRX is based on a natural and scientific formulation. It will not lead you to the path of unpleasant side effects. However, as a word of caution, it is necessary to follow the below mentioned procedure before buying any kind of supplement.

    Check the label and the list of ingredients properly: This is the first step before buying any supplement. You ought to check the web portal and understand whether the company is displaying the list of ingredients or not.

    Seeking help from your family physician: In case you are having any medical condition, or you are consuming any medications, or you are allergic to certain ingredients, or need to know more about a specific ingredient – these are all the cases for which you can approach your family physician and seek help from him.

    Go for a trial: After seeking an explanation from the family physician, you can opt for a trial pack.

    If you feel that this is a completely safe product and you do not have any allergies or medical complications, then go ahead with a discount package.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Testo RX

We have already discussed the working of TestRX supplements and its benefits. Still, we would like to list out the top 5 reasons why one should try TestRX to boost up their testosterone levels.

1. Natural and Authentic: If you love to shop groceries and veggies from organic stores, then why compromise with the supplements? If you are buying a supplement, go for the most natural one. TestRX is a natural and authentic supplement that does not contain artificial flavor in it. Hence, you become a bodybuilder not through any shortcut but through extreme efforts and a smart solution.

2. Best Ingredients: Yes, a natural supplement refers to natural ingredients used in it. But there is are certain rules as to which natural ingredients are to be used and in what proportions. TestRX is not a supplement that contains natural ingredients in a haphazard manner. It is the combination of best quality ingredients mixed in the right proportion. Each process is carefully supervised to avoid any issues.

3. Best Brand: Leading Edge Health is a reputed brand name that supplies quality health supplements to the customers around the world. Hence, you are trying a best quality product. It will come with a label, list of ingredients and an expiry date. Since you are buying from the online portal, you will get an original product in your hands.

4. No worry about purchase: You need not worry about your money spent on the trial purchase. It will be refunded to you if you did not like the product.

5. A reasonably priced product: You are not spending half of your pocket to buy this supplement. Since it is affordable and worth a try, you will not be under any pressure

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Will TestRX Work For Me?

TestRX is the ultimate supplement that will definitely work for you in building your muscles, speeding up the recovery time, creating more energy levels, and converting your flabby body into a highly muscular one.

The difference created out of TestRX is not a temporary one. This supplement leads to long-term results. It not only covers this benefit. It converts you into a muscular man who is terrific and hot in the bedroom. Due to the ingredients such as zinc and D-aspartic acid in this supplement, it gives you intense virility and makes you a man that your partner dreams of.

TestRX will also work for you in increasing your growth hormone that boosts up the physical energy levels and gives you larger and harder muscles.

Did you know that you are losing testosterone after the age of 30 by 10 percent annually? Hey, that’s not fair. This does not matter even if you eating a highly nutritious diet or following a strict exercise regime or de-stressing yourself every day. As a result of this bitter happening, even if you work hard in the weight room, you cannot see any results in yourself.

TestRX provides you with a 67-day money back guarantee for restoring and balancing your testosterone levels in the body in the most natural way. It offers you with a plethora of benefits that help you to harness your potential in the gym. Remember, smart work and not short cut. Thus, TestRX is a smart solution that works for you to get that ripped-off body.


If you confirm with the ingredients and benefits of this supplement, you will be amazed by the miracles it bestows on you. However, we as sensible customers, always like to read a review of the product before making a purchase decision. And it is one of the best ideas to do so.

The team at TestRX understands this consumer tendency and hence, they have provided some of the genuine testimonials on their website, including video testimonials. Here is a gist of the customer reviews.

This customer experienced a sudden and favorable change in his energy when he consumed this supplement religiously for a period of one week. Within a week itself, he could lift heavier weights. He knows that this is a perfect way to build big muscles and he has found out the right solution.

- John P New Jersey, USA

This customer has posted his pictures before using TestRX and 60 days after using the supplement. One can notice that before using TestRX, he had a nasty flab on his body and water retention. He decided to give TestRX a try and didn’t change his diet regime. After a period of 2 months, the same customer experienced a dramatic difference that he himself couldn’t believe. He earned 3-4 pounds of muscle mass, reduced body fat, and looked harder and bigger. Only TestRX was suffice to bring about an amazing change in him.

- Jacob B Toronto, Canada

Doctor Recommended TestRX

In short, if you are struggling with every method to earn strong muscles, then you need to try TestRX and even consume it on a daily basis. The team at TestRX knows very well that a man’s muscles are an important part of his body and he needs to nurture it well. He should also keep in mind that building strong muscles should not be the only goal but it should be done by adopting a natural process.

TestRX provides you with the natural and safe approach to earn your dream body, including strong muscles. Not only does it give you a sense of pride and self-esteem, but turns you into an amazing human being.

TestRX - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Purpose of TestRX

TestRX is a unique kind of bodybuilding supplement that boosts natural testosterone and muscle growth in a man.

Recommended Dosage

Twice a day, as per the directions given in the packet.


TestRX offers you with tremendous muscle growth, strength and sex life by boosting your testosterone naturally.

Brand Name

Leading Edge Health


1 Month Supply - $69.95
2 Month Supply - $139.95 $129.95
3 Month Supply - $209.95 $179.95
4 Month Supply – $279.95 $239.95
5 Month Supply - $349.95 $299.95
6 Month Supply - $419.95 $339.95 (Free Shipping in US only)
TestRX Coupon Code - "215492" will automatically apply! Available Only From TestRX Official Site

Is TestRX categorized as a steroid?

Not at all. TestRX can be defined as a natural supplement and not an illegal steroid. It is comprised with essential nutrients and does not contain a tint of artificial hormones.

Is TestRX safe?

Absolutely. It is a 100 percent safe supplement.

IS there a need to cycle TestRX?

No. Unlike steroids, TestRX does not need any cycling process.

When are the results of using TestRX expected?

Within a month
For best results – 1-3 months

Shipping and Delivery Time

Express Shipping – 2-3 days
Regular Mail – 7-10 days
Outside North America – 2 weeks

Are discounts and offers available on the purchase?

If you opt for bulk packages, then they are available at super-saving costs. As your order goes bigger, you save more money.

Is customer service available?

24/7 Customer Service is available through phone and email.

Money back guarantee

67-days no risk, money back guarantee scheme is available.

Where To Buy TestRx?

Visit TestRX Official Site

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