Forcefactor Test X180 IGNITE – Does It Make You Ignited?

Force Factor Test X180 Ignite Review

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Often, we simply notice the external aspects of a product and buy it instantly without looking from the internal perspective. For instance, we like the attractive label and say to ourselves, “Hey that looks like a standard product.

If the maker has invested a lot of money on its label, then he must have also invested time and money on its contents.” Sometimes, we even like the name of a product or go for a reputed brand name. Within a few days, we realize that the brand name is nothing to matter, but it is the content that we should look for.

Sooner or later, you realize that you should not analyze any product from its external aspects but study it deeply. Hence, we have this review of ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE for your study purpose. At the end of the review, we have better and efficient alternatives. You can study these options in detail later.

What Is Force Factor Test X180 IGNITE?

In the market, you can find various kinds of testosterone supplements for varying needs such as for anti-ageing, muscle building, male enhancement and so on. It is not possible for a man to consume all these supplements at a time and hence, he ends up compromising with their desires and wishes.

As GNC understands this concern, they created this unique supplement that combines a number of benefits. It is called as ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE

Following claims are made by the manufacturer:

    Ingredients in ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE are safe and are clinically tested.

    It is a wholesome, and groundbreaking supplement for all the men around the globe to fulfill their desires and wishes.

Features and Specifications

Claims Image

It is a breakthrough formulation to bring transformative outcomes in men.

The key ingredients such as caffeine and Testofen help your body to release more amounts of testosterone in the body and result in a massive number of benefits.

How Does Force Factor Test X180 IGNITE Work?

The primary ingredients in ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE are Testofen, EGCG and caffeine. Testofen refers to the pure fenugreek extract that has been proven since years in increasing testosterone, enhancing libido, accelerating energy levels, and delivering higher levels of performance.

If you are using Testofen along with a strength training schedule, then it would bring impressive results in your body. IGNITE is also inclusive of EGCG that increases thermogenesis and improves fat burning process. The last key ingredient, caffeine suppresses hunger and cravings for fat foods, and enabling your body to survive on a low-calorie diet plan.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • Manliness Ignition Matrix – 400mg
  • Fat Incineration Complex – 400mg
  • Other ingredients are gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C Red#40, FD&C Blue#1.
Test X180 Ignite Ingredients Image

We would like to know about the natural and medicinal properties of these ingredients. The maker has not described in detail on the label of the bottle.

Dosage: 2 capsules / day.


It transforms your body and ignites your passion for exercise and sexual pleasures.


In case you are consuming other caffeine-related medications or foods or beverages, then you have to cut them off from your routine while consuming this supplement or else you will suffer from side effects like insomnia and irritation.

As this product has been prepared on the equipment that processes wheat, seafood products, and peanuts, this supplement is not recommended if you are a vegan, or a dairy intolerant or a gluten intolerant.

It is a matter of doubt as the official site contains positive reviews of this product by a fake name. Hence, some of the positive reviews can be incorrect and misleading for future customers.

The ingredients included in this supplement are not clearly elaborated. Hence, we do not know whether these are natural or not.

Is ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE Safe To Use?

It is safe but you have to take care of certain aspects such as other medications and diet regime. For instance, since this supplement contains high amounts of caffeine, you have to limit the consumption of other caffeine-based products, coffees, foods and medications so that your sleep in not hampered. Moreover, you should not drink alcohol, or lift heavy machines while consuming this supplement.

For others, a doctor’s opinion is recommended beforehand.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Customers should be aware about the marketing tactics of the manufacturers. Sometimes, these are not even tactics or strategies, but a big trap to get their customers involved in forced purchases. In the following reviews, we will understand how some of the customers have fallen into a trap of these supplement purchases.

There was no significant change in this customer. His age is 70 years and he has been consuming vitamin tablets since many years. However, when he took this medicine, he didn’t feel any change. If his age is being a barrier, then the claims made by the maker are not true enough.

- Marcus S Nowra, USA

Another customer experienced the same no-effect after consuming this supplement. He has not spent much time in reviewing the product in detail though.

- Thomsan K Ontario, Canada

This customer thinks that this supplement is just an over-priced and over-hyped energy pill. He says that the company has made a joke out of their own claims, and fooled the customers. One can grab a vitamin tablet even for 8 bucks that works better than this one.

- Sam W Adelaide, Australia

This customer had used this product long a year before and had felt a difference. However, when he purchased the same one again, he found that the quality had been reduced and there was no effect on him.

- Christopher R East London,South Africa

Another customer had issues pertaining to the working of this company. He placed an order for this product, but he didn’t receive the order and just got a spam of promotional offers from the company. As he tried to track the product purchased, he was not answered with suitable response by the customer service team. Even after 15 days, he has not received the product, which is a serious concern on the part of the company staff.

- Robin P Sengkang, Singapore

This customer clearly states that the positive reviews given on the site are misleading. Even after exercising for 3-4 times in a week and consuming this supplement as per given instructions, he couldn’t feel a slight difference. He advises not to waste money on such stuff and try something else.

- Josh B Adnan M, Malaysia

One more customer experienced unpleasant negative effects such as headache, sweating, confusion, abdominal pain that was miserable for him. He would even forget the important details. Even though he consumed as given on the label, he experienced a disappointing effect of this supplement.

- Shum W Victoria,Hong Kong

Conclusively, you ought to hunt another alternative for ForceFactor Test X180 IGNITE. You must have learnt a lesson not to judge a product by reading its fake reviews, or checking its label or liking its attractive name. Don’t go for ad commercials too. You should not fall in a trap of misleading advertisements and claims of the manufacturer and should do your homework.

It could be checking multiple reviews, websites, list of ingredients, and importance of each ingredient and then, going for a trial pack that has a money back guarantee. All these steps will definitely help you.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

For your assistance, we are adding a list of two products that can give your testosterone levels an essential boost. Performing research and understanding more about these products is your job. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed at the end.



User Rating
4.8/5 (65 Reviewer)

It has mucana pruriens, it has B Complex Vitamins, it has magnesium, and the nettle root extract. Being amazed is the only alternative for you when you check the list of ingredients on the bottle of PrimeMale supplements. It has an outstanding ability of overcoming the obstacles that hinder the production of testosterone in men. Thus, it increases your important hormone, testosterone by ironing out the hindrances and making the way quite easier.

As you age, you experience a lack of testosterone at different phases of life. But this won’t happen anymore with PrimeMale supplements. The unique aspect of PrimeMale is that the makers, Propura Limited are not hesitant in mentioning its ingredients on the packet.

The customers can read those ingredients, understand why each ingredient has been included, get it checked from the family doctor and then make a purchase decision.

Thus, for the manufacturer, the customer journey does not end with the supplement purchase but it continues till he or she makes repeated purchases and is satisfied with the product.


A TEK Naturals product, TestoTEK is a unique combination of ingredients that are not only natural but in their authentic form. Some of the key ingredients in this supplement are oyster extract. You must be not aware that oyster extract works as an aphrodisiac. Yes, it can enhance your sexual life.

Moreover, as it is comprised of high amounts of zinc, it does not make you exhausted and fatigued during a workout. Thus, you perform more in the gym, and it results in stronger muscles and overall amazing physique.

The price is affordable for anyone who wants a best dosage of supplements in his routine.

TestoTEK review

User Rating
4.6/5 (59 Reviewer)

So, get your dumbbells on and head for a dynamic workout session today.

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