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As usual, before we start, we will offer you with our little dose of motivation. How often do you practice mindfulness? Mindfulness is an amazing concept that not only helps in overcoming depression, but also in gaining positivity and hope in every facet of our life. You could be writing your first book, composing a new song, or aspiring to be an athlete. Mindfulness will help you in every aspect of your aspiration.

You can try it while exercising. When you lift weight, or do repetitions or try out a new move, then always focus on your muscles. This step is not only for beginners but also for the experienced ones in this field. Concentrate on the muscles you are working, think about the muscles you are training and you will feel a new ray of positivity in your life. You will feel amazing, and gain a sense of satisfaction that you are achieving something.

Similarly, when you consume a supplement, do not swallow it but also check out how it is affecting you. Do not look out for instant dramatic changes, but enjoy the small gradual changes. Is it affecting your energy? Is your sexual drive improving? Apply mindfulness technique in supplementation routine and you will notice a massive change in your attitude.

What Is Now TestoJack 100?

Now TestoJack 100 is a male performance formula that helps in getting a healthy sexual performance and virility improvement in men.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Now TestoJack 100

The manufacturers of Now TestoJack 100 stated that this supplement has been designed specifically keeping in mind the virility enhancement requirements and for improving sexual activity with their intimate partner.

Features and Specifications

It contains potent, natural and standardized ingredients which are in their pure forms.

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It is an advanced and specialized formulation to fulfill the sexual requirements in men by enhancing their drive and abilities.

How Does It Work?

One of the key ingredients contained in Now Foods TestoJack 100 is LJ100. LJ100 refers to the potent form of Tongkat Ali, scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia. Thus, this ingredient contains a concentrated form of bioactive compounds. According to the scientific studies, LJ100 is helpful in promoting well-being of reproductive and grandular functionalities.

Tribulus terrestris is also one of the primary ingredients of Now TestoJack 100 which promotes male virility. Another key ingredient, ZMA is a blend of two vital minerals, zinc and magnesium. ZMA supports your immune system, and promotes the smooth functioning of reproductive and neuromuscular organs.

Thus, this unique combination of ingredients has resulted Now TestoJack 100 to be an optimal formulation for supporting a man’s grandular and reproductive functions.

ZMA and LJ100 are registered trademarks of SNAC Systems and HP Ingredients respectively.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • Vitamin B6 [1] from Pyridoxine HCI – 3 mg
  • Magnesium from Magnesium Aspartate – 140 mg
  • Zinc [2] from Zinc mono-L-methionine and Zinc Aspartate – 9 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris[3] Extract 40 percent saponins – 250 mg
  • LJ 100 as Eurycoma longifolia 22 percent Eurypeptides – 50 mg
  • Miscellaneous ingredients are cellulose, cellulose powder, stearic acid (vegetable source) and silica.

Dosage: 2 Capsules / day.


The price being $26.99 for 60 veg capsules and $47.99 for 120 capsules, this supplement is suitable for a budget-inclined person.


This supplement concentrates only on the male virility segment and does not take into account the muscle strength, energy, recovery time, and testosterone functions in men.

If you are looking for a supplement that is focused only on male virility, then you can pick up this one. But if you want a supplement that offers diversified health benefits, then better choose something else over this.

If you take into account the number of benefits provided by this supplement, this seems to be a pricey one. On the other hand, you can find a nicer and effective supplement that is reasonable too.

Is Now TestoJack 100 Safe To Use?

Now TestoJack 100 is a safe supplement only when used in suggested amounts. It is suitable only for adult males. In case you are a pregnant or nursing woman, then you should be far from these supplements. Similarly, if you are experiencing a serious medical complication, then it is better not to consume this one.

Always resort to a practice of approaching your physician before you consume any supplement.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

    A customer simply wanted to enhance his sexual life. He chose this supplement and experienced a slight change in his libido. However, as it did not offer any other benefits like energy levels or muscle growth, he shifted to a better testosterone-increasing supplement.

    Another customer placed an order but it was not delivered in time. It took a week for receiving the correct status of his order from the customer support team.

Thus, even though we can see that this is a natural and safe product, it does not give you ultimate benefits for a man’s overall health promotion.

Conclusively, Now Foods TestoJack 100 does not offer you with an amazing range of benefits apart from male enhancement. You are not looking for a stand-alone male enhancement supplement, right? You want an ultimate one, the one which promises and delivers all you wish for a – a body, strength, sharpness of mind, pleasure, and so on.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

Do not get overwhelmed while deciding which supplement to choose. Simply apply the mindfulness technique and reap benefits out of it. Following are the two supplements that can prove as ultimate ways to boost testosterone and improve your overall life. We don’t recommend you to buy both of these supplements instantly. You can discuss it with your doctor, analyze your medical condition, know your requirements and then opt for a suitable supplement. Take time but make a wise purchase decision.



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TestoGen also contains a number of important ingredients, including boron. Boron is a trace mineral and has shown effective outcomes in raising testosterone levels in men. When a group of men in a clinical study were given 10 mg of boron supplements for a specific period of time, they experienced that their testosterone levels increased and estrogen levels decreased.

In a similar study, bodybuilders were given a boron dosage. This study also concluded a rise in testosterone levels. Hence, both the studies concluded that a boron supplement shows impressive outcomes as compared to a placebo one. TestoGen experts noted this observation and included boron in this supplement.


TestoFuel is a treasure house of vital nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Magnesium is a vital nutrient that is necessary for a bodybuilder. Most of the supplements concentrate on protein and tend to forget the vitality of the mineral, magnesium. Magnesium regulates the enzymes and difference processes taking place in the body.

It provides a relaxing and soothing feeling to the muscles, tissues and nerves present in the body. Hence, not only your body is energized, but your mind is also relaxed in a better manner. Magnesium facilitates metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in the body, and your food is absorbed very well. It also fortifies your muscles to store more nutrients.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis has stated that if a man has more quantities of magnesium, then he has more levels of testosterone. Since TestoFuel contains magnesium, you can go for it.

TestoFuel Review

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4.7/5 (62 Reviewer)

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