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In order to live a fulfilled life, it is better to discover ourselves, understand our meaning of life and then, live as per our defined purpose. Well, it is easy to say this line but it is difficult to find purpose and meaning in life. Even as a bodybuilder, you should have a meaning of your new life and routine. Why do you want to be a bodybuilder? Can you cross any limits to be an athlete? Does it add purpose to your life?

For making our lives meaningful, we should search our abilities and work on them. Simply joining the best and expensive gym of your city is not working on your abilities. You have to build your confidence, overcome your physical weaknesses and create your own personality. No, you do not have to join any personality development course or seek a mentor. No motivational video watching needed for it. You just have to work from within and accelerate your testosterone.

Yes, it is simple as that. In order to work on our abilities, we have to strengthen and nurture ourselves from within. And a healthy supplement can definitely work on that aspect. Let us know about this supplement called MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10 and read about suitable alternatives for it that can enhance your abilities and add purpose to your life.

What Is MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10?

MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10 is the first-of-its kind free testosterone booster that controls estrogen levels and increases amounts of free testosterone. It is consisted of key ingredients like maca extract, tribulus terrestris and brassica oleracea.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10

The maker states that this product is reliable and effective because several clinical studies have been undertaken on the test subjects. Sufficient quantities of the ingredients were provided to the subjects and results were evaluated after a certain period of time. According to the study outcomes, the bioavailable testosterone in a man’s body increased by 33.8 percent. Hence, this supplement can lead to significant increase in the amounts of testosterone.

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The maker also claims that this supplement can give you instant results, which is within a day of the consumption of the supplement, this is considerably unique than the other supplements.

Just check the other supplements who provide money back guarantee of 60 to 90 days, while this company states that same-day results can be seen.

Features and Specifications

It is a multifaceted formulation and renders same-day results in a man.

Various scientific studies have been conducted to prove the significance of each ingredient.

It is also known as a 10 hour testosterone male vitality formulation which has not been previously seen in any other supplements.

How Does It Work?

If you check the testosterone boosters that are sold in the market, then those are not supported with a valid clinical study. However, MuscleTech ITALIGENIX T10 is supported by a clinical study which shows that the ingredients have been blended in a unique blend to serve you all the wholesome benefits.

This multifaceted formulation is inclusive of a core ingredient that boosts free testosterone and decreases the free estrogens. The test subjects involved in the study experienced this significant change.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • InstaTest Matrix
  • Fenugreek extract [1] as Trigonella foenum-graecum – seed – standardized for 80 percent apigenin flavonone glycosides
  • Maca extract as lepidium meyenii – root
  • Tribulus extract as Tribulus terrestris [2] – fruit – supplying 40 percent saponins
  • Boron [3] citrate supplying 5 percent boron
  • Broccoli as Brassica oleracea – whole plant – supplying dilindolymethane
  • Olive extract as olea europaea – leaf – supplying oleuropein
  • Safed musli extract as Chlorophytum borivllianum – root supplying saponins
  • Miscellaneous ingredients included in this supplement are sesame oil and candelilla wax.
  • Capsule ingredients are gelatin and FD&C Red No.4.
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Dosage: 3 Capsules / day.


Certain scientific studies are available to prove the vitality of each ingredient in this supplement.


You are required to consume 6 capsules twice a day, which is a huge dosage for any man. In case it exceeds for a particular day without your knowledge, then it may result in side effects such as headache, nausea, excessive hunger or even high temper. We would prefer a supplement that needs smaller amounts of dosage to avoid negative effects.

If you are allergic to certain substances like fenugreek or olive, then you cannot consume this supplement.

It costs $149.99 currently due to an offer going on. Else, it will cost you $169.99 which is very expensive even trying for the first time. Just imagine, you will require 3 bottles in a month, resulting in a high-cost supplement routine.

No other offer or any money-saving package is offered by the company. Hence, it doesn’t attract customers to buy the product immediately.

Is MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10 Safe To Use?

Consultation of the family physician is required before opting for any supplement, including MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10. In case you have some medical concerns and are consuming any medicines, then inform the doctor about the same. Such people have to take necessary precautions before buying any health related product.

Before you consume any supplement, always read the information given on the label and use as directed. Do not use it randomly or as your friend or family member tells you. This is because every product might work differently in case of individuals. Your friend might have noticed instant results within a week and you might not even see any difference in your body even after 4 weeks. Such things can happen, please note it in your mind. Never compare yourself with others.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Since it is a brilliant idea to check the product reviews before buying any product, here are some of the genuine opinions of the customers about MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10.

One of the customers was thankful about the return policy of GNC Company. As a result, he could save his money by returning the product. This 41-year-old customer feels that this product is for those who have exhausted their testosterone levels and not for middle-aged men. He could not feel any difference in himself. And he ironically states that he likes to buy from GNC because he can return the products when they do not work for him. We can understand the effectiveness of this supplement through this ironical review of the customer.

- Shane N Indianapolis, USA

Some of the customers found this product to be working for them but on the same lines, it is expensive for their pocket. Hence, they cannot make repeated purchases as there is no significant money-saving package on the site. Eventually, they switch to other reasonably priced supplements which give similar kind of outcomes.

- Eric C Cambridge, Canada

The company clearly mentions that this supplement can result in changes in your temperament. Hence, if you are already cranky or irritated in life, then you cannot consume this one and become crankier than the usual. Remember that a supplement should calm your mind and not irritate it.

- Harry P Brisbane, Australia

Conclusively, it seems difficult to add meaning and purpose to your life with MuscleTech VITALIGENIX T10. As prevention is better than cure, goes the cliché, it is better that you have understood the pros and cons of a supplement beforehand. This will save much of your effort. Now, instead of wasting another minute, learn more about the following nutritional supplements.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

No need to ponder and wander in search of your dream T-supplement because we have got some of the best ones for you.



User Rating
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You do not have to buy a male enhancement pill or go for any weird gadget to increase your sexual arousal. This is because PrimeMale contains all the ingredients that can enhance your sex drive without the use of any gadget. It targets your testosterone levels, makes you lean and attractive and then directly focuses on enhancing your sex drive.

Hence, you need not consume supplements for enhancing your libido or sexual organs. You simply can rely on PrimeMale for outstanding results. The team at Propura Limited has done a marvelous job indeed!


As the name suggests, this supplement fuels up your body with requisite energy in the form of testosterone.

Embrace your new energy and stamina levels and elevate every aspect of your relationship.

Research has been carried out that the ingredients in this supplement can definitely help in increasing your masculinity and transforming you into a PRO that you had always dreamed of.


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A natural supplement that can reduce your anxiety and bring calmness and vitality to your mind as well as your life. Your lean muscle mass increases and you feel a boost in your sex drive.

No matter how much you work at the gym or at the office, fatigue will be out of its way. Moreover, this supplement is also proven to enhance the cognitive abilities of your brain.

For instance, as you cannot concentrate as you age, TestoTEK irons out this inability.

You can be alert all the time and can focus on any given project at office and even at home.

So, enrich your life and health with any of these T-supplements recommended.

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