Muscletech Clear Muscle – Is It The Only Muscle Booster?

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Review

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So, how do you motivate yourself every day in the morning? Probably, by checking your mobile for the daily dose of motivation through social media? Or by listening to your favorite song? Or by talking to your partner about your day plans and desires? Or just by sipping on a cup of hot ginger tea? Well, your motivation dosage can be from different sources as each morning is a new day, new beginning for you.

However, as you age, your motivation level also declines gradually. It may happen that the above motivational sources do not work for you at all. You may find all this motivation concept to be boring and monotonous. What worked for you in your early 20s doesn’t work for you right now!

This is not your fault as it takes place due to the hormonal imbalance. Losing hope is not the solution, you have to fund the right motivation with the help of a good quality supplement.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle – this name itself says that it works on muscle building. Let us check how this muscle-building supplement works for other customers and whether it will work for us or not. If not, then find below some other muscle-building supplements that are more effective.

What Is MuscleTech Clear Muscle?

MuscleTech ClearMuscle is one of the best products found in the range of MuscleTech. Containing patented BETATOR, it is said as an advanced muscle-building supplement available in the market.

It is true that we strive to give our best and extend our potential. However, the potential varies from person to person. The scientists at ClearMuscle understand this very well and hence, they have developed a unique formula that provides you with greater muscle gains as per your efforts.

Features and Specifications

ClearMuscle has the following key specifications:

It is an advanced muscle-building supplement.

It is comprised of the patented BetaTOR, a novel ingredient.

A clinical study is available that shows the impressive outcomes of ClearMuscle supplement.

It gives you muscle gains on the basis of the efforts you put in your training program and hence, the results vary from a person to person.

How Does It Work?

ClearMuscle is a revolutionary supplement that is powered by BetaTOR, a new metabolite and free acid derivative of leucine and HMB. This compound has the impressive power of harnessing the potential of HMB to increase its bioavailability, efficiency and outcomes. BetaTOR is great in the process of protein synthesis using the mTOR pathway. Simultaneously, it fights with the catabolism by obstructing the UPP pathway. As a result, the body enters into a perfect condition to build more muscle mass. MuscleTech is the only supplement in which this novel ingredient and its working is found. You cannot find it in any other supplement.

Clinical Study That Supports The Effectiveness Of This Supplement Is Given As Follows:

In a study conducted at the University of Tampa, well-trained athletes were provided with a supplement of ClearMuscle for a 12-week period and it was backed with an intensive training program. Another group was provided with a placebo. The group that consumed placebo gained only 4.6 lbs. of muscle mass while the group that consumed ClearMuscle witnessed a gain of 16 lbs. mass. Moreover, the ClearMuscle group could perform more repetitions on the bench press and squats as compared to the placebo group. Thus, the study confirmed that ClearMuscle has more effective performance than BCAA, protein or any other performance-improvement supplements.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • BetaTOR (HMB Free Acid (beta-hydroxyl-beta-methyl butyrate)
  • Choline Chloride
  • Veggie Capsule (Hypromellose)
Clear Muscle Betator Ingredients Image

Dosage: 2 Capsules / day.


A clinical study supports the impressive working and results of this supplement.


Though it is comprised of a novel ingredient BetaTOR, it ignores the importance of natural ingredients such as ginseng and nettle root extract. Hence, customers do not get any benefit of the natural herbs and extracts that are extremely beneficial for our health.

Though one clinical study has been provided, customers would like to know about more scientific evidence with respect to the ingredient, BetaTOR.

It is over-pricey - $69.99 without any kind of offers and discounts.

Is MuscleTech ClearMuscle Safe To Use?

If you are a healthy adult, then taking MuscleTech ClearMuscle is safe for you. However, if you are having a medical complication, then you should avoid taking it. It is ideal to approach your doctor before consuming any new supplement or before staring any new fitness regime.

You should consume not more than 6 capsules a day. On non-workout days, take 2 capsules in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. On workout days, add 2 capsules half an hour before a workout session.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Since it has a clinical study outcome attached to it, this supplement has received many positive reviews from the customers and it has a rating of 3.5/5 on the site. However, some customers are not satisfied with the product quality.

For instance, one customer has reported no change in his body and health even after consuming the supplement as directed on the bottle. He has finished off with two bottles and hence, he is dejected.

- Ethan D Dallas, USA

Another customer tried this supplement. Since he was a new user of supplements, he believed that he had more potential to develop strong muscles. However, he didn’t feel any positive change in his muscle strength and growth. His physique remained at the level when he was not taking any supplements.

- Owen L Halifax, Canada

In short,MuscleTech ClearMuscle is a good choice, but not the best supplement in the market. It is a muscle-building supplements, but enough explanation is not given how it can influence and increase your testosterone levels. Hence, if you are looking for an exclusive testosterone boosting supplement, then ClearMuscle is not a good supplement. Hence, we have found out some of the amazing testosterone-boosters for you which will also help you in gaining great muscle gains.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

No need to rely on muscle-building supplement, because the following supplements will work on your muscles by targeting your testosterone levels. Moreover, it will also provide additional benefits such as energy and a stable mindset.



User Rating
4.7/5 (62 Reviewer)

TestoFuel was formed keeping in mind not only the purpose of muscle building but also to provide other benefits such as increasing strength, HGH formation, reduction in body fat, and improvement of mindset and confidence level. Hence, you get multiple range of benefits in a single supplement.

You do not have to buy several supplements for different purposes. For instance, ClearMuscle for muscle-building, male enhancement pill, cognitive power tablet, mind stability pill, etc.

Your supplement routine can be complete and fulfilling with only TestoFuel tablets.


TestRX has unique powers to inform your body for creating more testosterone. It does not actually contain testosterone in any form, but it contains ingredients that are responsible for creation of more testosterone in the body.

TestRX facilitates the process of protein synthesis and creates obstacles in the path of cortisol formation. Hence, your muscle tissues are saved from breaking down and they get fortified.

TestRX is also comprised of amino acids which help in building more protein in the body. More protein means more muscles, right?

Hence, TestRX is a testosterone-boosting supplement that works wonderfully to get muscle gains too.


User Rating
4.3/5 (50 Reviewer)

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