Bioxgenic High Test Male Performance – Will It Make You Really High?

Bioxgenic High Test Review

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What are the traits of a perfect masculine man? Hey no, it does not count which type of shirt he wears and the type of cologne he smells? Masculinity of man is not determined by how he smells and with respect to his outer clothes. It depends indirectly on his hormones.

The way he enters the gym in pride, the way he blasts out in a workout session, the way he talks diligently and humbly to people and the way he is happy in his intimate life with his partner – All these things really count in determining the masculinity of a man. All these aspects are influenced largely by the hormonal balance in a man.

Oftentimes, people tend to neglect the hormonal balance in a man’s body. Most of the attention is given to the hormones in females, saying that her biological clock is ticking off. But what about a man’s biological clock? Yes, he too has one apart from his usual wristwatch. As many supplements claim to state the benefits of raising testosterone, we will learn more about this one – BioXgenic High Test. We will know whether it is truly beneficial or else, we will discuss about some other substitutes.

What Is BioXgenic High Test?

BioXgenic High Test is the advanced formulation created by GNC that provides the customers with a three pronged testosterone-formation. It also consists of the fourth prong that is full of prostate support elements.

Thus, this product has unique elements in its working such as the four prongs that fortifies and nurtures the significant organs in a man.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Bioxgenic High Test

The manufacturer claims can be listed out as below:

Promotion of lean body mass in the form of stronger and bigger muscles
Acceleration of the testosterone levels in a natural manner
Improvement in the libido and energy levels
Protection of the prostate organs

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As men enter their 30s or 40s, some of their organs began to become weak, particularly the prostate organs. Other supplements mainly take care of the testosterone levels but they do not protect the health of the prostate organs. However, this supplement is an exception which protects your prostate and helps you to stay away from some of the hazardous diseases.

Features and Specifications

It is an advanced and testosterone boosting formulation.

It is comprised of four pronged formulation that nurtures various organs of our body.

How Does It Work?

This supplement works in the form of four prongs. Let us study each of these prongs in detail for clear understanding.

Prong 1: Release of necessary hormones in the body – Research shows that some kind of amino acids are helpful in releasing the growth hormone. L-Arginine is an ingredient that stimulates this growth hormone and speeds up the tissue repair process. As a result, the recovery time needed after an injury is lesser than earlier. Another ingredient, L-Ornithing improves the levels of human growth hormone and reduces tiredness and fatigue resulting out of exercise regime.

Prong 2: Formation of testosterone – As per the clinical research undertaken, Testofen is useful in supporting the levels of free testosterone, maintaining muscle mass and in reducing the nasty layers of body fat.

Prong 3: Natural Factors – You can find the use of tribulus terrestris in the Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. This ingredient helps in acquiring better and stronger erections in men during sexual intercourse, more amounts of ejaculation and enhances muscular density. Hence, along with stronger muscles, your sexual drive and your sexual performance is also improved to a great extent.

Prong 4: Protection of Prostate organs – As you increase levels of testosterone, the prostate also gets strengthened. Hence, men above the age of 40 can seek a sigh of relief with this supplement. Saw palmetto is an important ingredient that protects prostate and urinary organ health. It also reduces inflammation. Bioperine is an ingredient that absorbs and increases the bioavailability of other ingredients contained in this supplement.

Hence, you get a power-packed formulation in the form of this supplement.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

Following ingredients are contained in the supplement of BioXgenic High Test:

  • Zinc as Zinc Oxide [1]
  • Proprietary Blend (Green Tea Extract 50 percent EGCG leaf, Coconut water powder)
  • Hormone Release X Complex
  • Testosterone Boosting X Complex
  • Natural Factors X Complex
  • Prostate Safety X Complex

You can refer the above section to know what is contained in each complex.

Bioxgenix high test ingredients Image

Dosage: 3 Capsules / Day.


The four pronged formulation is a unique aspect of this supplement.

It comes with a 30-day guarantee scheme. Hence, if you do not like this product, you can return the remainder of the same and claim your money back.


Research links should have been included in the product description.

Many of the customers have been stuck in the scams of the company, resulting into considerable loss of money and time.

Is Bioxgenic High Test Safe To Use?

This supplement is strictly meant for men above the age of 18 years. Please note that this product is not at all recommended for women. If anyone is suffering from hormone related concerns or cancer, then do not consume this supplement. One should consume dosage as per given guidelines only. Excess of the recommended dosage can result in harmful effects for your health. In case the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, then you should immediately contact your physician.

For rest of the men, this supplement is safe.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Even though the product description seems to be interesting and attractive for the customers, we can find a 2.5 rating for the product on the site. The truth must be in the reviews, then!

One of the customers has experienced stomach related concerns after consuming this supplement even after eating proper food. Hence, he wasted his 70 bucks just for the attractive product description and stomach irritation.

- Michael S New York City, USA

Many of the customers feel that this product has wasted their money. It does not give any fruitful results in your health.

- Alex S Hamilton, Canada

Some customers feel that this is a scammed purchase as he wasted money and also time in trying. His hopes were shattered. A customer buys a product believing the manufacturer claims and when it doesn’t work out, it is pretty dejecting for him.

- Andrew k Melbourne, Australia

Drowsiness, and lethargy were some of the side effects experienced by some men. Energy levels declined by using this supplement, which is not at all fair.

- John W Atlanta, USA

One customer was offered with a trial bottle. However, when he checked his credit card, he found that the company deducted the amount of the supplement from it. This is not justified on the part of the company. It cannot simply deduct the amount without the permission of the customer and force them to the purchase. Such indirect strategies do not work at all.

- Harry W Brisbane, Australia

In short, BioXgenix High Test is not the one you are supposed to look for. In the health supplement market, you can find loads and loads of health supplements that will promise you with outstanding outcomes but rare is the case. You have to keep your eyes and ears open and keep searching for the best ones. You will definitely stumble on the best product that is made exclusively for you. However, do remember that do not compromise with your health in trying out all the available products. Even trying can tamper with your health. Hence, be alert and be specific.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

In order to overcome low testosterone problems, these are the two best supplements that can definitely work for you.



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5/5 (70 Reviewer)

Wolfson Berg Limited’s natural formulation, TestoGen is another useful product that delivers results as it has promised in the descriptions. Thousands of men have realized the importance of this product after giving it a genuine try. Mostly, people check reviews of the other customers and buy the product. After a month or so, they understand that this product is not delivering results and they realize they have been fooled.

This is because the manufacturers write false claims and reviews about the product. But this is not the case with TestoGen. The makers are genuine and they claim what they have achieved in the scientific studies. You can even check the reference links mentioned on their website for reference. Hence, they assure you that you will not be fooled with their promises.


Introduced by TEK Naturals, TestoTEK is the product you should definitely try on. It is has a superb approach of converting and elevating your life to the next level of bliss. Your testosterone levels grow in a natural manner without the involvement of artificial substances.

Loaded with 12 dynamic ingredients derived from the nature, this formula is not only boosted with B-Complex Vitamins, minerals but also with herb extracts such as mucana pruriens and oyster body extract.

The best thing about TestoTEK is there are no false promises. They are really the way they say about themselves. You don’t have to worry about its quality when you are consuming the tablets. The tablets do their work in a fantastic manner.


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4.6/5 (59 Reviewer)

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