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Cellucor P6 Chrome Review

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In order to stay motivated all the time, exercise is essential. A regular routine of at least 30 minutes of fitness activity releases enough amount of endorphins and gives you a blast of energy and cheerfulness. Hey, but you are already exercising and it is one of your motives of life to be fit and muscular. Then, how do you have to keep yourself motivated for all your exercise schedules?

One of the best tips is to include variety in your exercise regime. No one likes to eat the same food every day. Then, why would like to do the same exercise moves every day in the morning? Hence, you can approach your fitness trainer and request him to include a variety of exercises and dynamic moves in your exercise routine. You will be free from boredom and motivated to try something new each day.

Another tip is to read a positive thought every morning. Yes, it sounds boring but it helps. You can check out for any app that offers a positive quote each morning. Instead of checking mails and social media messages, you can read it and gain positivity out of it.

Lastly, a supplement. Yeah, a supplement will give you all the physical energy through the way of increased testosterone. You will have more energy, more cheerfulness, and more capacity to work out in the gym and perform in overall life. This is how Cellucor P6 Chrome works and if you think you really need to buy this, then check it out.

What Is Cellucor P6 Chrome?

Cellucor P6 Chrome is a testosterone support formulation that is comprised out of a unique and effective blend of natural ingredients. Created by GNC, it is said to be one of the best hardcore supplements.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Cellucor P6 Chrome

Cellucor P6 Chrome is a unique testosterone formation supplement, as per the makers. It not only works in increasing your testosterone but hinders the formation of one of the obstacles, estrogen.

Features and Specifications

It is an estrogen blocker.

It is a testosterone support supplement.

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How Does It Work?

Cellucor P6 Chrome works in the capacity of an estrogen blocker and regulator. Estrogens create a hindrance in the path of testosterone formation. Hence, as men age, the levels of estrogen increases and the testosterone level decreases. This leads to many health issues, including loss of energy, loss of libido, and lack of motivation in life.

Hence, the creators at GNC produced this supplement to regulate the levels of estrogen in your body. As your estrogen level is reduced, the way to natural testosterone formation becomes clear. As a result of rise in testosterone levels, you experience a ton of health benefits.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • P6 Chrome Blend – Tribulus Alatus[1] Fruit Extract – 1445 mg
  • Ingredients which are also used in this supplement are capsule shell (gelatin and titanium dioxide), rice flour, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.
  • Cellucor, P6 Chrome are trademarks of Nutrabolt.
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Dosage: 2 Capsules / day.


It works by focusing on the estrogen. It not only works as a testosterone-booster but also as an estrogen-blocker.


More information is needed to explain the working of this supplement. Mere stating that it is an estrogen blocker does not suffice the purpose. The maker should explain how it will have an impact on the hormones and other organs in a human body.

Though ingredients have been mentioned, lack of clinical evidence is present. The customer is confronted with questions such as whether it has been tested in clinical labs, what the P6 Chrome blend contains, has it affected anyone and so on.

Though the price seems to be reasonable $29.97, it does not offer a range of wholesome benefits to a man.

Is Cellucor P6 Chrome Safe To Use?

Before you take a decision to consume any supplement, it is an essential step to consult the family physician and check whether it is suitable for you or not. The same rule applies before buying Cellucor P6 Chrome.

Following persons should avoid consuming this supplement:

    Persons below 18 years,

    Women, especially pregnant and nursing women should completely avoid it,

    If you have any medical issues and concerns,

    If you are consuming prescribed medications,

    If you experience any adverse effects of this supplement.

You should never exceed the recommended dosage as it can cause serious effects on your body. If you find that the bottle is broken or it is without a seal, then you should return the same to the manufacturer and claim for a new one.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Customer review checking has become a new and latest trend of new customers. Hence, for all them, this section means a lot.

The customer ordered for two bottles but did not receive the delivery even after calling the customer support team for many times.

- Nathan D Washington, USA

GNC salesperson at the store suggested this supplement to a customer. After consuming it for more than a month, this customer lost all his energy and hope, because it didn’t create any difference. GNC has dropped the price significantly, and has also compromised with the quality.

- Alex W Sydney, Australia

Cellucor P6 Chrome may be increasing your energy, but not on a long-term basis. You cannot afford to buy a supplement that gives you instant but short-term results. You ought to buy a supplement that is a long-term solution for all your problems and needs. Only then, you can make it a part of your supplement routine.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

With an effort to provide you with long-term solutions, we are providing details of two supplements in the below part. When you will make repeated purchases of these products, you will gain more amounts of energy and it will help in stabilizing your testosterone levels. This is what we need – stabilization of testosterone and not just increasing it. Needless to say, it adds more benefits to your health.



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4.7/5 (62 Reviewer)

Roar Ambition Ltd did a miraculous job by creating TestoFuel – a natural bodybuilding supplement that not only offers you muscle growth but also with other benefits. Ginseng is one of the primary ingredients in TestoFen. Let us know more about ginseng and how it will help you.

Ginseng has an amazing capacity to help your body in increasing testosterone. Also, it enhances the sexual hormones, elevating your sex life to a higher level. It increases cell growth and builds your overall immunity.

Thus, if you want to consume ginseng in the right amounts and help your testosterone boost up, then TestoFuel could be a better choice.


When the team at TEK Naturals decided to create a unique supplement for bodybuilders, they carried out extensive scientific research of various natural ingredients and nutrients.

They really wanted to develop a supplement that was clinically proven and gained trust of thousands of customers around the world. On the same lines, they wanted the price of the supplement to be reasonable. Hence, they fixed it at $69.99 for a bottle of TestoTEK supplements.

The money back guarantee scheme was also decided to be set at 30 days.

Thus, this unique supplement is an ultimate one for those who would like to check clinical results before buying any health related tablets.


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4.6/5 (59 Reviewer)

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