Amazing Facts To Know About Tribulus Alatus

If you have heard that Tribulus Terrestries is the only ingredient that can boost up your testosterone levels, then you are not on the wrong planet. You would be amazed to know that another unique ingredient known as Tribulus Alatus has outstanding powers to rise up your testosterone levels just like a miracle. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, it is a boon for all the bodybuilders and athletes out there.

Now, the next question that would have popped up in your mind is what is Tribulus Alatus? Well, that sounds the weird name of a person! Jokes apart, Tribulus Alatus is one of the Tribulus bestowed by the nature for all those who are fitness freaks and would love to build lean physique. Let us check how Tribulus Alatus will help you in your journey.

What Is Tribulus Alatus?

Before we move ahead towards Tribulus Alatus, let us learn more about the medicinal properties of the Tribulus family. Tribulus is a natural herb that is beneficial in treating sicknesses such as high blood pressure levels, constipation, skin disorders, kidney disorders, high cholesterol problems, vertigo. This vital ingredient also plays an important role in treating cancer disease to some extent.

The medicinal properties contained in Tribulus herbs actually influence the secretion of hormones in a human body. Tribulus Alatus is one of the herbs belonging to the Tribulus family and is not much known to the bodybuilders and athletes.

The importance of this ingredient can be traced in the Middle East parts and in the Sahara Dessert. Due to the tremendous anabolic properties contained in it, it can be said as a powerful testosterone booster. It is a recommended ingredient for those who want to build their endurance level and undergo toughest workout sessions.

Relation With Testosterone

Tribulus Alatus Testosterone

The scientifically proven compounds in Tribulus Alatus boost testosterone in your body. Remember, you are not consuming testosterone directly, but helping your body to product this vital hormone naturally. Another significance of these compounds is that it increases the levels of androgens in a man’s body as a result of which there is a remarkable difference in strength and stamina. Increased level of androgen also increases the libido in men. Hence, men consuming this supplement have an optimized level of libido and demonstrate an outstanding athletic performance.

Research Study

Let us understand how certain studies and researches have been undertaken to justify the role of Tribulus Alatus in boosting testosterone in men.

If you compare with the benefits of Tribulus Alatus and Tribulus Terrestries, then you will find the Alatus is more powerful as compared to the latter. But it is disheartening to know that sufficient study and research has not been undertaken to prove the same. Hence, you need to consume Tribulus Alatus with necessary precautions and with a doctor’s consultation.

    According to an Egyptian study that was conducted on male rats, Tribulus Alatus showed dramatic results in boosting testosterone in rats. The extracts of this natural herb were provided to the male rats through a tube attached to their stomach. The dosage was provided for nearly 40 days.

    Study [1] - Even this study found that the levels of free testosterone increased amongst male rats.

    It has also been found that the aerial parts of this plant are effective and need to be used in a supplement.

Key Points

Time to know the characteristics of Tribulus Alatus in brief:

1. Tribulus Alatus is a natural plant that boosts up a man’s libido and testosterone levels.

2. It is comprised of 6 steroidal saponins namely, Protodioscin, Spirostan, Furostanol and Cholestane. Amongst all these saponins, Protidoscin plays an influential role in boosting up the immunity and testosterone levels in a body.

3. The nutrients contained in Triubulus Alatus that makes this herb effective are as follows: beta sitosterol, gelatin, luteolin, magnesium, sapogenin, flavonoids, silicon and stigmasterol.

4. Though many of the health supplements contain this ingredient, it is essential to know the quantity used and how it works together with the other ingredients.


The dosage of saponin needs to be in the range of 70 percent and a dose should vary between 500mg to 350mg in a day. If you consuming a health supplement that contains Tribulus Alatus, then a dosage of 4 tablets a day would be recommended. You can consume it along with food to enable absorption.

Side Effects

Men who are sensitive to certain substances or have some kind of allergies may experience cramps in their stomach after consuming this ingredients. However, it is would not be a correct advice to be scared of using this ingredient.

As this ingredient works differently on different bodies, you need to check how you are actually feeling while consuming this ingredient. Generally, this ingredient will not give you any side effects. You should consume this ingredient in any quantity as you like. A doctor’s opinion is required before consuming this ingredient. Your family doctor understands how your body reacts to certain substances. Hence, he or she will recommend which supplements that contain Tribulus Alatus you can consume safely without any worry.


    1. Though Tribulus Alatus is not much aware to the public, it offers a plethora of benefits to all the fitness conscious men out there. Hence, before turning your attention from this ingredient, you need to read the following benefits with careful attention.

    2. Apart from the general benefits discussed above, it is a powerful anti-oxidant and an immunity booster. Hence, you can be away from the illnesses if you are consuming this substance rightly.

    3. It has been scientifically proved that this substance is a Glutathione booster.

    4. It erases all the free radicals from your body and keeps you young as ever.

    5. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it reduces inflammation. Hence, if you are suffering from any joint pain or chest pain, you can definitely seek due to this herb.

    6. After a tough workout session, you need to recover quickly so that you can perform at the same speed. Tribulus Alatus bestows with quick recovery time, enabling you to maintain consistency in your tough workouts.

    7. It not only stimulates the testosterone levels but also increases the luteinizing hormone, commonly known as LH.

    8. It improves the health of male sexual organs, increasing your libido and enabling you to perform well in the bedroom.

    9. It increases your physical strength and the overall weight and quality of your muscles.

    10. Increasing the androgens in your body, it enhances your stamina and endurance level during all types of strenuous physical activities.

    11. Bodybuilders and athletes can be benefitted due to this ingredient.

    Thus, Tribulus Alatus is highly effective in boosting testosterone of the body. As most of the people in the bodybuilding community are not aware about the vitality of this ingredient, it is the right time to get more information about it. The key is not to blindly consume any ingredient, but to analyze its importance and whether it suits the particular person or not.

Additional Key Factors

Though less amount of research proves the importance of Tribulus Alatus, it has higher levels of saponins. If you are thinking of consuming this ingredient, then make sure that it is in the pure form in the supplement, especially extracted from the fruit. You also need to be on a liberal budget to consume supplements containing this ingredient. But it would definitely give you promising results.

The best testosterone supplements available in the market that contain Tribulus Alatus as one of their ingredients are:

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Tribulus Alatus - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Botanical Name

Tribulus Alatus

English Name

Winged Caltrops

General Benefits of Triubulus Alatus

Kidney disorders such as stone and cancer, Anemia, anorexia, chest pain, joint pain, uterine problems Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, heart diseases, high cholesterol, sore throat, tumors, constipation, and lung cancer.


Aphrodisiac, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, astringent, immunity booster

Scientific Study

Not conducted yet. Hence, one should always seek the opinion of the medical practitioner before consuming this ingredient.

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