Stinging Nettle - Extremely Beneficial For Your Testosterone

Many of the testosterone boosting supplements do not include stinging nettle as an ingredient. This is because sufficient evidence is not available to state that it is directly responsible for testosterone production in men.

But some of the supplement manufacturers are smarter. They understand that stinging nettle has unique properties and men should definitely gain from it. It has the capabilities to produce free testosterone by working in a smarter way. Hence, these supplements contain a portion of stinging nettle root extract.

Now, you must be wondering as to how stinging nettle can increase testosterone levels? It is the right time to learn more about its functioning in your body and how you can gain immense benefits out of it. Also, do not forget to know the other benefits of this interesting plant.

What Is Stinging Nettle?

Stinging nettle is an interesting and a medicinal plant that has various kinds of benefits on the human health. Due to the hair like structures present on this plant, it is known as stinging nettle. These hairy like structures are known as trichomes and cause a sting-like feeling when you touch the plant.

According to the traditional medicine, this plant is used for many purposes. Clinical studies have been done on rats and humans and have inferred that this plant is indeed beneficial for treating prostate related problems.

Relation With Testosterone

Stinging Nettle Testosterone

According to the scientific research, stinging nettle root increases the amount of free testosterone and prevents it from binding to SHBG. Please note that SHBG stands for Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

Due to the binding process, your testosterone gets locked up. But stinging nettle has the capabilities to prevent this binding process.

Other clinical studies have also shown that men having low testosterone levels and consuming stinging nettle supplements showed considerable boost in the free testosterone levels.

Research Study

Study [1] - In this study, the researchers concluded that stinging nettle extract manages and relives benign prostatic hyperplasia in patients.

Study [2] [3][4] -This study inferred that stinging nettle extract obstructs the process of binding of testosterone to the sex hormone.

Study [5] - Nettle extract inhibit the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and thus, increases the levels of testosterone.

Study [6] - This study inferred that nettle extract has powers to treat prostate hyperplasia in rats, and improves the urine output and reduces the prostate size.

Study - This study found out that if stinging nettle extract is administered to the patient suffering from prostate issues for 6 months, then it helps in treating the prostate enlargement.

As a result, the levels of free testosterone are boosted up.

Key Points

Following are some of the interesting facts about oyster extract:

1. The roots of this plant are primarily used for medicinal purposes.

2. It is utilized for various conditions but there is a need for more scientific evidence to prove the same.

3. It is a relief for those suffering from prostate related concerns such as urination issues, pain during urination, and so on.

4. Fortified with astringent and diuretic properties, it is beneficial for joint pain and swelling.

5. Stinging nettle is also used along with certain fluids for treating ailments like UTI, kidney stones, allergies and hay fever. It can also be used for bleeding of certain body parts, anemia, stomach concerns, asthma and respiratory problems, and wound healing.

6. External application of stinging nettle can also be done on skin to relive from muscle pain. It can also be applied to hair to treat problems such as oily hair, hair loss and irritable scalp.

7. Young leaves of stinging nettle are also cooked as a vegetable in some parts of the world. v

8. These leaves were used previously in the Greek medicine.

Thus, stinging nettle is comprised of active ingredients that reduce inflammation and accelerate the urine output, relieving the person from various problems.


If you are looking out for prostate health, then 120 mg of stinging nettle root extract is recommended thrice a day.

In case of relief from allergies, 300 mg of the same is recommended twice a day.

Side Effects

No Side Effects

Stinging nettle is considerably safe if you are consuming it on a regular basis for a period of 2 years in the form of oral supplements. But it can result in sweating and stomach related concerns in the beginning.

Gradually you will get used to it. You can even apply it to the skin as per the instructions given.

However, people suffering from disorders such as diabetes, low blood pressure levels and kidney concerns need to avoid stinging nettle. If you are really concerned in consuming it, then you may discuss it with your physician regarding the same.


Stinging nettle has something to do with your testosterone, but apart from it, it offers you with a range of benefits that you can definitely avail of. Some of these benefits are described as follows:

    1. Reduces seasonal allergies

    If you are allergic to seasonal changes, then you need not avoid stinting nettle but make it as your best companion. This is because stinging nettle has unique properties to reduce your seasonal allergies and make your life perfectly cool as usual. It also fights hay fever, so you have got another benefit in your pocket. It releases histamine which is useful in fighting against those rigid allergies.

    2. Improves Prostate Health

    This benefit is especially for those elderly men who experience symptoms of prostate dysfunction. Stinging nettle comes to your rescue by protecting your prostate organs. There are even possibilities that stinging nettle fights against prostate cancer related symptoms.

    3. Reduces Joint Pain

    Stinging nettle is effective in seeking relief from joint pain and connective tissue pain. Due to the strong anti-inflammatory properties contained in it, stinging nettle reduces the pain, soreness of the joints and tissues, and arthritis related pain.

    4. Hinder the process of Estrogen Formation

    It is essential to have an estrogen-blocking component in every testosterone booster. Well, all of them do not have this component but stinging nettle is a nice exception to it. It has amazing properties of estrogen blocking, as a result of which men do not experience the unpleasant impact of higher estrogen levels and symptoms related to it. Thus, this is another mechanism through which stinging nettle boosts testosterone in men.

    5. Enhances Sexual Drive

    Along with a range of sexual benefits, stinging nettle provides men with a higher level of arousal, satisfaction and performance during sexual activity. Even men above the age of 50 can experience positive impact due to stinging nettle.

    6. Improves Muscle Growth and Recovery Time

    As your testosterone levels rise up, your muscle mass also increases. You recover quicker after a heavy workout session.

    In conclusion, stinging nettle is a delicious and yummy beverage and is also beneficial for a number of ailments such as joint pain, overall health and allergies. Men will be men with this amazing ingredient and they can also safeguard themselves against prostate concerns.

    Unfortunately and truth be told, stinging nettle does not actually accelerate your testosterone levels but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore it completely and not utilize it as a supplement. Stinging nettle supplements are still amazing for your fitness, overall health and physique objectives. So, don’t let it down!

Additional Key Factors

The best stinging nettle supplements are:


Stinging Nettle - Frequently Asked Qusetions


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Other Names of Stinging Nettle

Urtica dioica
Radix Urticae
Common Nettle
Greater Nettle

Is scientific study available for stinging nettle root extract?

Yes, though it is available but it is not sufficient to state. More evidence is required.

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