Testofen – The Truth Revealed With Scientific Proof

When you have done enough in the gym, had enough nutritious food all the day and strived every bit to earn an amazing physique. Now, all you need is a fortifying and high quality supplement to give your body the necessary boost.

‘Hey, do I really need that supplement? If I can quit a workout session or cheat on my diet, then it is superb!’ Well, if these are your lines, then this is not what you should look for. You cannot cheat on your diet or your exercise regime, because when it comes to earning a lean body, no cheating is allowed. You have already entered in a relationship with your body. All you can do now is lover yourself truly, madly and deeply.

A health supplement is not just a substitute for a meal or a workout session. It is in fact a complementary component for your stringent regime.

Fenugreek supplements have occupied a lot in the minds of fitness conscious people. These supplements are said to be of immense value in increasing testosterone and improving a man’s libido. But is that true? You need to know whether the stated claims are true or not and is Testofen worth trying or not. In that case, this article will help you. At the end, you will understand that Testofen is not ultra-booster of testosterone but it is worth considering option as a supplement.

What Is Testofen?

If you are confused with what Testofen exactly is, a supplement or a product or an ingredient, then this entire article is for you.

Testofen is a brand name and a registered trademark. This has been developed for an extract of fenugreek manufactured by Gencor. This fenugreek is scientifically known as Trigonella foenum-graceum.

Though the herb, fenugreek is produced around the globe, its origin can be traced to the Middle East regions.

Fenugreek leaves can be used in multiple ways, like a whole food or can be even consumed as a beverage. However, Testofen is not produced from the fenugreek leaves.

Testofen is made out of the fenugreek seeds, which are fortified in phytochemicals, called as “Fenusides.”

According to the company team, Testofen contains 50 percent standardized form of Fenusides and are beneficial in providing us with the wholesome advantages.

Though there are many fenugreek supplements, all of them are not fortified with the said fenusides and are not packed with all the benefits that Testofen offers.

Hence, if you are looking out for a fenugreek supplement, then have a look at Testofen and understand how it works for you beforehand.

Relation With Testosterone

Testofen Fenugreek Testosterone

Though Testofen has little to do with testosterone, it is other valuable benefits right from libido enhancement to regulation of blood sugar levels. But according to the official website of Gencor, Testofen has testosterone increasing capabilities. As compared to the subjects of the placebo group, those who were consuming Testofen as the only ingredient witnessed significant rise in the free testosterone levels. Along with the testosterone increase, other benefits are also visible like anabolic activity, immune support, reduction in body fat, and promotion of muscle size and strength.

Source: Wankhede S, Mohan V, Thakurdesai P, Beneficial effects of fenugreek glycoside supplementation in male subjects during resistance training: a randomized controlled pilot study, Journal of Sport and Health Science (2015), doi: 10.1016/j.jshs.2014.09.005.

Research Study

Plenty of studies have been conducted with regard to the testosterone levels but one can find mixed results.

Study [1] - This study witnessed increase in testosterone levels in human males.

Study [2] - In this study, the methodology used in Study 1 was used but the results were varying.

Study [3] - Even this study used fenugreek extract but not a reputed branded one. This study too resulted in a failure.

Thus, there is no sufficient evidence that Testofen is a best solution for testosterone. One study achieved success but others failed consequently.

Testofen does not refer to boosting testosterone, but stabilizing the low testosterone levels to the normal level. Thus, one cannot guarantee muscle gain effects within a short period of time as it takes a lot of time to stabilize and increase testosterone, and then bring about the muscle growth.

Key Points

1. In a traditional medical science, fenugreek has been widely used for improving libido, digestive issues, and for management of blood glucose.

2. Testofen is a unique form of fenugreek and besides these benefits, it provides men with other advantages such as accelerating testosterone levels, improving libido, and gaining muscle mass.

3. Though all the above benefits are not backed by scientific results, it is just a recommendation without a strong evidence.

4. You should understand there is over-exaggeration of the claims made by the supplement companies regarding Testofen. Hence, you need to be realistic and you should keep the boundaries intact.

5. In case of men having normal testosterone levels, Testofen will not help them to a small extent.

6. One needs to be realistic before buying Testofen and not expect for a sudden and dramatic change in themselves. It will definitely help them in increasing masculinity but it will take time with proper and regular dosages.


In the scientific studies, dosages amounting from 500 to 1000 mg of Testofen have been used.

In case you want to improve your libido, then 600 mg of Testofen per day is recommended.

In order to stabilize blood glucose and insulin concerns, 1-3 gms of Testofen in a day is an ideal dosage.

However, higher dosages should be strictly avoided.

Side Effects

Being extremely safe, Testofen has very rare side effects and one can hardly notice them, though some of them are stomach upset and diarrhea.

People who are allergic to chickpeas or fenugreek seeds may suffer from some kind of allergic reactions. Hence, if you are allergic to chickpeas, just be careful before consuming this one.

For rest of us, Testofen is safe and secure, with ample of benefits.


Testofen, being a natural substance, works with your body’s natural mechanisms of chemicals and other components. In short, it works in the way similar to that of testosterone.

1. Improves energy and stamina

Users of Testofen will definitely enjoy a higher level of energy and stamina level. As they get involved in strenuous workouts and physical activities, their energy does not drop down. On the other hand, it boosts up.

2. Burns fat and increases muscle mass

Like a power-packed ingredient, Testofen has the amazing capabilities to decrease the fat deposits in the body. When consumed regularly, it also increases the muscle mass, enabling you to earn a lean and muscular physique.

3. Increases sex drive and libido

For every men, sex drive is of much importance. It is a barometer for his confidence and self-esteem level. There is a direct relation between the sex drive of a man and the testosterone levels. As the testosterone levels rise up, there is a direct improvement in the sex drive and overall stamina during the intercourse.

Thus, these ample benefits can be harnessed with the help of a Testofen based supplement. However, mere consumption of supplements is not sufficient to earn a great physique. You are also required to consume a healthy diet packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Testofen supplement does not mean that you can substitute your diet or quit your workout session. It is an add-n to your regime.

Additional Key Factors

In order to consume right amount of Testofen, you can seek the best fenugreek supplements, which is not at all a scary task. Some products are effective, while some just claim to be effective. You should know the difference before picking up the best one. Some of the highly recommended supplements are as follows:

    Test X 180 Ignite
    Swanson Ultra: Testofen Fenugreek Extract
    New Vitality Ageless Male

    Even though we have given this list of recommended supplements, you ought to check with the manufacturers of the same and seek a confirmation about the same.

Testofen - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Is clinical research available for Testofen?

Yes. Sufficient clinical research is available in case of Testofen.


Brand Name and Registered Trademark

From which part of the fenugreek plant is Testofen produced?


How much percentage of Fenusides is contained in Testofen?

50 Percent

Is Testofen worth considering supplement?

Yes. Of course. Though it is not a massive life-changer for you, but it will promise you with impressive results on a gradual basis.

Which is the best Testofen Testosterone Supplements?

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