Oyster Extract – A Delicious Testosterone Boosting Ingredient

Being a bodybuilder or an athlete or an elderly man, are you consuming the right quantity of minerals and vitamins? Sometimes, mere balanced diet does not help. It should also be backed with a healthy and excellent quality supplement.

If searching the right supplement seems overwhelming to you, then we are here to help you out. You do not have to spend your whole salary in trying out different supplements. Nor do you have to gain a degree in nutrition and diet. All your need is to believe in the amazing properties of oyster extract.

In Japan, oysters have been consumed since 10,000 B.C. They have been considered as excellent aphrodisiacs and scientific studies have been conducted to prove the same.

Let us study more about this delicious and useful ingredient as to how it can boost up your testosterone levels, without opting for other unpleasant alternatives. If you are a seafood lover, then jump for this one. If you don’t like seafood, then don’t worry. We have a supplement solution for you. Here you go!

What Is Oyster Extract?

Oysters can be defined as mollusks in a seashell. All oysters are not edible.

Hence, oyster extract is derived only from the edible oysters, all members of the Ostreoidae family.

Since many years, oyster is enjoyed as a food delicacy by most of the people. Nearly thousands of oysters are nurtured in the huge farms and enjoyed on an annual basis.

Comprised of protein and saltwater, oysters are aphrodisiacs. Due to their amazing effect on your testosterone, they result in an extreme sexual arousal.

Relation With Testosterone

Oyster Extract Testosterone

When you pronounce the word oyster, the next word that simply pops up in the mind is zinc. Zinc is a unique kind of mineral that has natural and amazing testosterone boosting powers.

In each serving of an oyster, you can find 76 mg of zinc which is very impressive indeed!

Yes, other vital ingredients are also present in an oyster but zinc is the primary and active ingredient that is useful for all the men out there.

Due to the large sources of Vitamin D and zinc, oyster extract is an ideal choice for your testosterone boosting component.

Research Study

Study [1] - 57 football players were involved in this study for 8 whole weeks. It was witnessed that 37 subjects completed this study and their free testosterone levels increased along with a quality improvement in the muscle strength. This study took zinc and magnesium into account as a supplement.

Study [2] - In this study, 17 diabetic patients were involved and were provided with 30 mg of zinc supplement for a period of 8 weeks. This study concluded with the observation that zinc supplement such as oyster extracts can fight cancer.

Study [3] - This study was conducted on rats to test the effect on zinc on reproductive organs. It was inferred that oyster extract reduces the problems of reproductive organs in male rats.

Study [4] - In this study, it was found out that zinc deficiency in rats caused their testosterone levels to drop off.

Study [5] - It was inferred in this study that after a strenuous physical activity, zinc supplements help in enhancing the testosterone levels.

Study [6] - After 6 weeks of zinc supplement consumption, the patients suffering from renal dysfunction witnessed a rise in their serum testosterone levels.

Study [7] - When zinc supplements are consumed on a daily basis with the usual diet, then the testosterone levels rise up after exhaustion exercise.

Key Points

Following are some of the interesting facts about oyster extract:

1. Oyster is rich in D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA). Both of these amino acids essential for production of testosterone in the body.

2. Apart from these two ingredients, oyster is also rich with higher quantities of zinc.

3. Hence, power packed with a mineral and two vital amino acids, oyster extract is an important substance to produce more testosterone in your body naturally.


Oysters are available in three forms namely, raw, cooked and powdered form of oysters. If you love eating and relishing on seafood, then this is the most delicious form of consuming more zinc. If you do not like the taste and smell of seafood and still would like to have oysters, then the supplement form of oysters is recommended for you.

Oyster extract powder is the dried and grounded form of oysters. 100 mg of this ingredient along with other important ones is recommended for the initial days. An increased dosage of 500 mg would also be appropriate if you deficient in zinc. As it mostly classified as a food recipe, it is hard to determine the recommended dosage of this supplement. In that case, consultation of a doctor or a physician will always be useful.

Side Effects

No Side Effects

If you check the supplements available in the market, most of them have a warning about the expected side effects of the same. Such side effects are seen only in the initial stages of supplement consumption.

However, oyster extract does not cause any serious side effects on any person. But if you are allergic or seafood and have sensitivity towards eating it, then oyster extract supplement is definitely not your thing then. Apart from these allergies, oyster extract is not said to have any recognized side effects on men till date.

It is suitable not only for men to develop a good physique and build a sexual life, but it is also beneficial for those men who have lower levels of zinc in their bodies.

People who are suffering from any medical concerns and are undergoing any treatment and medications need to consult a family physician before consuming supplements with oyster extract. This is because it should not harm you in any way.


    1. Accelerates Testosterone Levels

    With large quantities of zinc, oyster extract is a natural testosterone booster. Though zinc is essential for men’s health, they are not getting in enough quantities on a daily basis. This calls for an effective zinc supplement. As Oyster is also fortified with Vitamin D, you can get more quantities of it.

    2. Enhances your Sexual Performance

    It enhances men’s sexual performance, libido and erection quality. It resolves sexual concerns in men such as erectile dysfunction. Zinc in oyster is a boost for all men. It will offer them with stronger erections, efficient level performance and an amazing bedroom life.

    3. Improves Immunity System

    It safeguards your body system from several diseases and symptoms, making you feel energetic and strong every day. It helps in repairing and recovery of muscles within the shortest possible time. It assists in the stimulation and regulation of T-cells and t4 Helper cells necessary for the immune defense system.

    4. Safeguards from Free Radical Damage

    Fortified with antioxidants, oyster extract safeguard the body cells and tissues from any kind of oxidative stress and the related damage. As you age, your skin and body cells tend to become damaged. Oyster extract avoids this from happening and gives you an opportunity to be young and cheerful all the days.

    5. Growth and Development

    It also helps the young adults during their growth and development phases.

    6. Improves Athletic Performance

    Though sufficient research is not available for this function, a survey will definitely can show that oyster extract works as a fatigue-fighter and improves your performance in the gym or on the training ground, wherever you are.

    With a pool of vitamins and minerals in it, oyster extract supplement will accelerate your testosterone levels and uplift your life and protect your body against various ailments. Oyster extract benefits all the bodybuilders, athletes, and men who want to improve their sexual life. It is a truth that more research and human based studies are required to be done with respect to oyster extract but we cannot ignore its importance.

Additional Key Factors

Sufficient quantities of oyster extract is contained in supplements such as TestoTEK and TestoFuel.

Certain supplements do not include oyster extract because it is a kind of seafood and some people are even allergic to it. Hence, you can find a limited range of oyster based supplements in the market. You can even increase your oyster intake in your diet by adding cooked as well as raw oyster delicacies.

Oyster Extract - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Is Oyster Extract backed by scientific research?

Research has been done on animals and more research is required to be done on humans.

Does Oyster Extract suit women?

Yes. Oyster extract not only improves sexual health of men but also that of women.

Different forms of oyster

Raw Oysters
Powdered form
Cooked Oysters
Supplements (Capsules)

Is it suitable for people suffering from seafood allergy?

Not recommended for them. Yet they can seek advice of the physician before consuming it.

Which is the best Oyster Extract Testosterone Supplements?

TestoTEK and TestoFuel

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