True Facts To Know About ZMA (Zinc Magnesium)

When we discuss about the nutrition required by bodybuilders and athletes, then the first thing that comes to our mind is protein. Yes, Protein and protein, all that is supplied to these fitness conscious people. But did you know that minerals also play an important role in the workout lives of these bodybuilders? Let us understand this better.

It has been observed by researchers that athletes are deficient in minerals such as zinc and magnesium. Zinc is lost by these athletes while training when a lot of sweating takes place. It goes like this – More intense workout – More loss of sweat- More loss of zinc. Similarly, zinc is also lost during urination. Certain bad dietary habits also result in loss of zinc. For instance, consumption of white flour, refined sugars is responsible for loss of vital elements such as zinc and magnesium.

Even healthy foods such as cereals and legumes also obstruct the process of absorption of zinc in the body. Alcohol is one of the causes due to which zinc is lost through urine. Now, what to do? How can you restore the lost zinc? You cannot stop workouts. You cannot stop eating legumes and cereals. Though you can cut down white flour, but what about the restoration of these vital minerals?

ZMA supplements come into picture when this kind of situation arises. ZMA supports your immune systems, helps in your bodybuilding journey and aids in weight loss. It is time to know more about this supplement in complete detail.

What Is ZMA (Zinc Magnesium)?

ZMA is a synergistic combination of two minerals, zinc and magnesium and a vitamin, Vitamin B6. Zinc plays an important role in testosterone formation but when it is combined effectively with other ingredients like magnesium and Vitamin B6, the value of zinc increases. All these three components contribute effectively during all the biological processes.

Let us be frank when it comes to the question – Does ZMA contribute in testosterone production in males? ZMA does not boost testosterone in your body, always remember this. According to the reliable research sources, it helps the bodybuilders in maintaining the optimum testosterone levels during workout sessions but it has not been formulated to boost it up. Now, as we clear with respect to this aspect, let us learn how it can actually help in enhancing our physique and health restoration.

Relation With Testosterone

ZMA Testosterone

As per the researchers, ZMA has impressive anabolic properties. A study was conducted in the Western Washington University and a group of football players were involved in the same. They were provided with a ZMA supplement on a daily basis before sleep for an 8-week period. According to the study outcomes, these players experienced a 30 percent rise in their testosterone levels.

On the other hand, another group of football players who were consuming a placebo experienced a decrease of 10 percent in their testosterone levels.

Research Study

Though fewer studies were conducted with regard to ZMA supplement like the above, many studies have been conducted about the positive effects of zinc supplementation.

Study 1 – Year 2007 – Selcuk University in Kenya - This study observed that testosterone levels in men increased after workout and during resting time due to zinc supplement. This study was carried out for 4 weeks. The similar study was conducted for wrestles and the results were impressive enough to form a suitable conclusion.

Study 2 - USDA researchers have inferred that reduced levels of zinc are responsible for loss of muscle mass. Hence, optimum zinc levels are essential for completing a fantastic workout and for the requisite weights.

Study 3 – The Western Washington University - In a 7-week ZMA supplementation program, the subjects could experience a 20 percent increase in their leg strength. Thus, magnesium has superb powers than a placebo.

Key Points

In this section, let us study the individual properties of the ingredients of ZMA, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.


It is an essential mineral.
It accelerates the body enzymes that are responsible for various biochemical reactions.
It is a useful component for the process of protein synthesis and the molecular procedures, which help in muscle development and active recovery.


Another essential mineral, magnesium contributes largely for the various chemical reactions in the body.
It maintains the health of the cardiovascular organs, and maintains the bone strength and health.
It also maintains the metabolism process and metabolic rate.

Vitamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is needed for the proper functioning of sugars, fats and other substances on the body.
It helps in promoting health and wellbeing of nerves, skin and other body parts.
Found in various foodstuffs, Vitamin B6 can also be prepared in the laboratory. Thus, you can also consume a supplement if you are deficient of Vitamin B6.


If you are searching for a ZMA supplement, it should contain the ingredients in the following proportions: Zinc – 30 mg, Magnesium – 450 mg and Vitamin B6 – 10-11 mg.

Usually, a dose of 3 capsules a day is ideal for the effectiveness.

Always check the label and determine whether ZMA is from SNAC Systems or from a trusted source. If the source is not a reliable one, then do not buy that supplement. You can ask your doctor for the trusted sources.

How much zinc is more? – Consuming zinc more than 50 mg can lead to unpleasant effects on the body, especially the metabolism process and the rate. It can also harm your muscle growth. Do not consume ZMA supplement along with copper, we repeat for your understanding.

How much magnesium is more? – Consuming more than 450 mg of magnesium can interfere with your sleep quality. Even though zinc helps in getting a good night’s sleep, too much of magnesium can lead to the opposite situation.

If you are confused with the dosage of ZMA supplement, then do not hesitate to ask your doctor about the same.

Side Effects

No Side Effects

ZMA contains two vital minerals and a significant vitamin. Hence, it does not result in any side effects on your body and health. However, you need to take precautions while consuming ZMA.

Firstly, you should consume it on an empty stomach as it does not absorb with other ingredients like copper-rich foods and dairy products. Another important thing to be noted is that you should eat a ZMA supplement 1-2 hours after your meal and 1 hour before going to bed. In this way, ZMA will not interrupt with your digestion process and also with your sleep quality.

If you are amazed with the qualities of zinc and magnesium and you are about to consume individual supplements of the same, or a plain zinc and magnesium supplement, then here is a tip. Always prefer the ZMA supplement because it is known as the chelate and mixes with each other properly. ZMA also contains Vitamin B6, another important ingredient that helps your body to utilize magnesium properly.

In case you are sensitive to mineral-rich foods and substances, then you need to consult your physician before making a purchase decision. Moreover, you should not randomly buy and consume this supplement. You need to follow the given instructions and also check with your doctor for the recommended dosage.


    1. ZMA is proven to maintain optimum levels of testosterone in human males.

    2. Apart from testosterone-maintenance, ZMA maintains excellent sleep quality. The athletes and bodybuilders not only experience muscle gains but also enjoy a higher level of sleep quality.

    3. According to the researches, the bodybuilders experienced tremendous strength in arms and legs.

    4. When zinc level falls down, the thyroid levels also drop subsequently. Hence, when ZMA level is boosted up, the thyroid hormone function properly and increase the metabolic rate too.

    5. Zinc also lowers the leptin levels and relieves you from food cravings, you can control your hunger and eat what is required by your body.

    6. ZMA helps in fortifying the immune system of the body, safeguarding yourself from other ailments.

    7. Being an effective antioxidant, ZMA not only maintains your overall wellbeing but also aids in post-workout recovery episodes.

    Thus, you remain healthy, fit and lean not only in the gym but also in your overall life.

    Conclusively, though ZMA has not been proven by scientific in boosting testosterone, it is vital for all the bodybuilders and athletes due the outstanding benefits it offers. It can build larger muscles, help you in performing your best during dynamic workouts and to be consistent in your fat loss regime. Hence, it is a good idea to incorporate the consumption of ZMA in your daily supplement routine, provided you have sought doctor’s advice.

Additional Key Factors

If you really want to consume ZMA in a serious way so that it benefits you the most, then here is the crucial tip. You can add ZMA value by consuming 5 mg of Bioperine along with it. Bioperine is the extract of black pepper that can easily absorb other ingredients into your body. Hence, when you consume ZMA with Bioperine, the absorption problem gets resolved and you avail the benefits quickly.

TestRX is one of the best supplements that contain optimum quantity of ZMA and is a testosterone-boosting one.

ZMA - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Contents of ZMA

Zinc Monomethionine/Asparate and Magnesium Asparate and Vitamin B6

Is scientific research available?

No. It has been strongly recommended by scientific studies to include ZMA as healthy supplements. However, no scientific evidence is available to prove the same.

Is ZMA a patented formula?


Is ZMA a registered trademark?


Who developed the formulation of ZMA?

ZMA was created by the Founder of BALCO Laboratories, California by Victor Conte.

Which is the best ZMA Testosterone Supplements?


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