Vitamin K2 MK7 –It’s Time To Know More About This

Most of the best testosterone boosting supplements contain ingredients that have been tested and clinically proven. Nutrients such as Vitamin A and C have occupied major attention, thanks to the fitness videos, magazines and websites. However, amongst all the essential vitamins, Vitamin K2 lacks the deserved attention. Though some of the supplements contain Vitamin K2, we need to understand how it really helps in our testosterone production part.

First, enlighten yourself with the fact that Vitamin K has more than a thousand forms. Hey, how do you which form is beneficial for you? Well, no worries. Science has done the homework for us and has chosen the two best forms, K1 (phylloquinone) and K2 (menaquinone). As K1 is comprised in leafy greens, it has obtained a lot of attention. But what about Vitamin K2? Doesn’t it need recognition?

According to the study source, [1] and [2] human bodies do not effectively perform the job of converting K1 into K2 and that we need optimum quantities of K2 for availing the valuable advantages.

What Is Vitamin K2?

Another fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin K has been well-known for blood coagulation. Since years, this vitamin has been positively connected to the blood clotting process only. But it has been observed by the researchers that Vitamin K2 works like the vital Vitamin D and resembles the functioning of steroidal hormones.

Vitamin K2 provides benefits such as prevention of vascular calcification, lowering the risks of heart diseases. It increases bone density and stimulates the osteoblast activity in the bones.

Apart from these benefits, Vitamin K2 lowers the risk of cancer and mortality. Just imagine, we have finally got a Vitamin that can lower the risk of death. It is indeed a life-changing and a life-saving vitamin!

Relation With Testosterone

Vitamin K2 MK7 Testosterone

Vitamin K2 bestows us with a numerous health benefits and the good news is that it also boosts up testosterone. It regulates and maintains male health.

According to a study source, Shirakawa, H et al. Vitamin K deficiency reduces testosterone production in the testis through down-regulation of the Cyp11a a cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme in rats. Bioch Bio Acta. 2006; 1760(10): 1482-1488, men with low levels of Vitamin K2 demonstrate low levels of testosterone too.

Though certain studies have been conducted on rats, we have no human study that supports the linking of Vitamin K2 and testosterone directly. However, it is true that the testicular tissues in rats and male humans is similar and hence, these study outcomes could be of little help to us.

Research Study

Study [1] - Japanese Study - For nearly 5 weeks, male rats were fed with 75 mg per kg of their bodyweight with Vitamin K2 and their testosterone levels were measured on a regular basis. After five weeks of study, the testosterone levels hiked up by 70 percent. As LH levels did not increase during this process, it means that the testosterone levels hiked up within the ballsack and not through the brain.

Study 2 - Same Japanese Study - Vitamin K2 was incubated in a direct manner on the testicular cells. The resulted showed a more production of testosterone as more amount of MK-4 of Vitamin K2 was fed into the cells.

Study [3] - A different Japanese Study - This study was carried out by another team of researchers. They found that the deficiency of Vitamin K2 in male rats was responsible for low testosterone levels. This messed with the testosterone biosynthesis process. When the same rats were provided with dosages of Vitamin K2, there was a rapid increase in the testosterone levels.

Study [4] - The results found in Study 3 were seen in this study and hence, researchers received a full-fledged evidence.

Key Points

In this part, we will understand why MK-4 form of Vitamin K2 is important and superior to the other forms.

MK-7 – This form of Vitamin K2 is derived in the gastrointestinal system of our body. This form of vitamin can be obtained from the fermented foods such as yogurt and cheese. As it remains in our bloodstream for early 3 days, this form is an effective type of supplement.

Mk – 4 – This form is the result of the synthesis of the enzymes present in the brain and the reproductive body organs. If you are consuming grass-fed animals, then you can get higher amounts of this form. Supplementation of MK-4 remains in our bloodstream only for 8 hours and hence, this is not a recommended type of supplement.

However, when it comes to testosterone production, then the medical studies have been done on rats using the MK-4 form of Vitamin K2. Hence, we cannot ignore the importance of MK-4 form and use it as a testosterone-boosting supplement.


Before we move ahead towards the recommended dosage part, we need to again understand the nature of this vitamin. Vitamin K2 is a fat soluble nutrient and hence, it can be easily absorbed into the body along with fatty substances. Hence, it is a wise idea if you are consume Vitamin K2 along with a meal that is comprised of enough fatty substances or is comprised of fatty acids.

The minimum dosage of Vitamin K2 for a shorter period of time is 1500 mcg.

If you require higher dosages of the same, you can increase it up to 45 mg.

If you have decided to consume Vitamin K2 for a longer duration of time, then it is advisable to increase the intake of fatty acids in your meal. Thus, the most recommended dose would be 90-360 mcg.

Research is still being carried out with regard to the recommended dosage of MK-7 form of Vitamin K2.

Side Effects

For most of the men, Vitamin K2 is extremely safe. But in order to ensure well-being and safety, one needs to take certain steps beforehand. People suffering from kidney diseases or kidney malfunctions or who are seeking dialysis treatments, should consume higher dosage of Vitamin K2. It can also lead to liver dysfunction is it is used for treating clotting issues.

In case you are suffering from any medical condition or not aware about your sensitivities, then it is better to consult your physician before consuming any kind of supplement, including Vitamin K2. This will ensure your safety and the positive effects of Vitamin K2 will definitely come to surface.


    Apart from boosting testosterone levels, Vitamin K2 provides us with a range of valuable benefits that can be described as follows:

    1. Ensures Bone Health

    Vitamin K2 ensures bone health for a longer duration. According to the medical studies, Vitamin K2 is actually more important than calcium for bones. People need to understand this truth and make necessary changes in their mindset and in their diet regime. Vitamin K2 binds minerals and calcium and build a powerful bone matrix. This bone matrix acts as a strong pillar for strengthening the bones. In case the binding does not take place, then it will get collected in the soft tissues and calcification takes place at the inappropriate places of the body.

    2. Ensures a healthy heart

    Lot of calcium does not help your body but results in calcification. Hence, it is wiser to pack your calcium intake along with other nutrients such as Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and magnesium in the correct quantities. As per studies, people who are consuming right amounts of Vitamin K2 are less likely to develop cardiovascular problems. Hence, do not restrict your diet to only calcium.

    3. Improves oral health

    This is an important advantage and we just don’t take this seriously. Oral health is also important. Mere brushing and flossing does not help, it needs to be backed with a proper diet rich in Vitamin K2 foods. A person consuming sufficient quantity of Vitamin K2 foods is not subject to enamel fractures and has good oral health.

    4. Prevents varicose veins

    Though this study is still in its initial stages, we need more findings and results to prove this benefit. But according to the researchers, Vitamin K2 limits the calcification of blood vessels and thus, prevents varicose veins.

    Though sufficient research is required to create the positive connection between Vitamin K2 and testosterone, it would be still a good idea if you would include a small dose of the same in your diet. It will maintain your heart and bone health, and also work on your testosterone levels to some extent. You can definitely stack it with other nutrients and supplements that aid in testosterone boosting.

    Vitamin K2 will remove the low T-level problem and maintain it at the right levels.

Additional Key Factors

Below mentioned testosterone supplements will provide you with the recommended dosage of Vitamin K2:


Vitamin K2 - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Another name of Vitamin K2


Forms of Vitamin K2 that we need to work on

MK-7 and MK4

Foods that contain Vitamin K2

Egg yolks, beef, fermented foods like chees and yogurt, chicken breast and liver, salami, butter, natto, wheat grass.

Recommended form of supplement for testosterone boosting


Is there any supporting scientific study?

Yes. There are some scientific studies, but these have been carried out on male rats. No human based study has been undertaken.
However, if you compare the testicular tissues of men and male rats, then you can find a great degree of similarity.

Which is the best Vitamin K2 MK7 Testosterone Supplements?

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