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You will come across many claims that are true and sometimes, even false. We should be aware whether a claim made by the marketing department of the supplement company is true or not. We can always know this by referring to the attached scientific report and results. If the outcomes of the scientific are not available on the website, you may even contact the supplement company for the same. No one will say no to you. It is your right to know the truth!

Buying a supplement seems to be easy but it can also be challenging if you are opting for the most genuine one. You will have to check with the manufacturer, know the ingredients, and check the label for the proportions and also the most important, the expiry date. So, it is not easy to choose the right supplement.

But we are here to help you in providing some of the true and correct information about one of the popular ingredients, Tribulus Terrestris. Though the name is well-known, it is the time to know more about its real benefits and not what we read in the marketing claims of the supplement companies.

Come on. Let’s get started.

What Is Tribulus Terrestries?

Tribulus Terrestris is a small leafy and vine plant that is grown in many parts of the world like Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. The roots and fruits of this plant have been utilized for medicinal preparations since ages. Mostly, this plant has been used for enhancing libido, maintaining a healthy urinary tract and reduction of swelling.

But in this age, tribulus terrestris is used in many health and nutrition supplements along with a so-called claim that it increases testosterone levels.

Relation With Testosterone

Tribulus Terrestries Testosterone

The following study will show that tribulus terrestris does not necessarily increase testosterone in men. Even if it doesn’t do that, it provides other benefits such as improvement in libido, improved in blood glucose and cholesterol levels in humans. Thus, low testosterone causes low libido and low sexual drive. Such problems can be alleviated with the help of tribulus terrestris supplements.

Hence, it doesn’t promise you of more muscle mass and development, but it can provide you with an improvised version of your sexual life.

Research Study

If you search online for the reviews of tribulus terrestris, then you find many marketing claims stating that it has a direct effect on your testosterone. Some even state that it can result in increase in testosterone levels in men.

But truth be told, this is not reflected in the studies conducted by the researchers. Let us know this first.

Study [1] - A review described the outcomes of the 12 studies conducted on the impact of tribulus terrestris on men and women of age group 14-60. More than 90 days were spent in these studies. The subjects were healthy men and women and had some kind of sexual issues.

According to the researchers, the supplement containing tribulus terrestris did not increase testosterone in men.

Study [2] - In this study, it was observed that tribulus terrestris increased testosterone in animals to some extent, but this study outcome did not prove that the plant would increase testosterone in humans too. Thus, this study is not adequate to state that this plant has a positive impact on the testosterone levels.

Key Points

1. Also known as goat’s head, Tribulus Terrestris has a long history due to its use in ancient times. It was used in India. Greece and Africa due to its medicinal properties and its assistance in promotion of well-being. Ayurveda as well as Chinese medicines utilize this medicine since decades.

2. It is commonly known as a libido enhancer and stabilizes the testosterone levels. Also, as it enhances athletic performance, it is also used in supplements to improve muscle mass and size.

3. The various health benefit of this supplement are increase in testosterone production, muscle strength, enhanced sex drive, anti-aging effects and anti-cancer properties.

4. Saponins Protodioscin is the active ingredient found in tribulus terrestris.

5. This plant has various local names as it was found out in Asia and Africa.

6. In the Indian Ayurveda medicine, this herb is used for treating male fertility and virility problems. In Sanskrit, it is known as gokshura.

7. In another medicine system prevalent in India known as Unani, the same plant used.

8. As it has anti-diuretic properties, this plant can also be used for relieving problems such as kidney problems, urinary tract issues, and uro-genital problems and so on.


You need to follow the dosage instructions specifically so that you do not go through any unpleasant side effects.

    You can have 750 mg – 1250 mg of tribulus terrestris thrice a day.

    You need to consume it for approximately 3 months. Do not take it for long-term and beyond 3 months.

    You should take a break of 2-4 weeks in between the consumption of these supplements.

    The cycle of 3 months needs to be continued for better and safe results of the supplement.

Side Effects

If you are following the recommended dosage and instructions, then it will not cause any negative effects on your body and health. When higher doses are consumed, problems come to the surface. Symptoms of over-consumption of these supplements are:

People feel warmer and hence, if you are staying in hot climate countries need to consume smaller amounts of this supplement.

This herb accelerates your body energy levels and this causes a minor interference in your sleep at night. Hence, exercise routine is must to churn off the unnecessary energy created.

You could feel fast heart beats and this may happen for some time for the first few days.

In case of severe symptoms, you can contact your doctor.


    Since decades, this natural herb has been used by thousands of men to improve their athletic performance. Apart from physical benefits, this herb provides you with an array of useful advantages for your overall health and well-being. Following are numerous benefits of this ingredient:

    1. Improves athletic and bodybuilding performance

    As it impacts the testosterone levels, tribulus terrestris improves endurance and strength of a person and helps in muscle gains. You are not tired even when you blast out during a workout session. You still give more in the next session even on the following day. Your energy levels are always high and hence, it is strongly suggested for athletes and bodybuilders who have to involve in exercise regimes regularly. Similarly, it is also good for those whose job involves strenuous physical activity.

    2. Resolves sexual problems

    Low testosterone results in sexual problems such as low sex drive, poor performance, low stamina and erectile dysfunction. Tribulus raises up the testosterone and also deals directly in treating sexual issues as mentioned. Your intracavernous force is accelerated and your sexual behavior gets improved significantly. The muscles become smooth and there is a proper blood flow to all the sexual organs. This results in better erection and potency related problems are also resolved to some extent.

    3. Reduces hormonal imbalance

    Those who suffer from issues related to hormonal imbalance should consume this herb to bring it on the right track.

    4. Improves your circulatory system

    TT has the ability to throw out the unnecessary waste out of the body and broaden the blood vessels. Due to this benefit, you enjoy better erection.

    5. Improves mood and behavior

    Low testosterone also results in depression, anxiety and mood swings. Men become cranky and irritable even at minor aspects of life. TT helps in reducing this mood swings and makes your mood pleasant and cheerful to start your day. Due to a cheerful mood, you perform better at work and maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones.

    Thus, tribulus terrestris has effective powers to reduce the effects of low testosterone problems mostly found in elderly men. Men above the age of 30 are likely to be struggling through various physician and mental issues due to the declining level of testosterone. For building strong muscles and earning a lead body, a supplement fortified with tribulus terrestris will be a better choice for you. Just make sure you check with your doctor, understand the ingredients and follow the dosage as specified.

Additional Key Factors

You can find supplements relating to tribulus terrestris on any online store of health supplements. However, you have to check carefully about the reputation and trustworthiness of the manufacturer, whether pure ingredients have been used or not and how it is to be consumed. Some of the well-known and good quality supplements of tribulus terrestris are:

Optimum Nutrition Tribulus 625 Caps.
NOW Foods Tribulus 1,000 mg.
BulkSupplements Pure Tribulus Terrestris Powder
Biogreen Labs Tribulus Terrestris Extract
BRI Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris Caps

Tribulus Terrestris - Frequently Asked Qusetions





Other Names of Tribulus Terrestris

Puncture Vine

Any scientific research available to support tribulus terrestris?

If you have been reading about the facts that Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone, then please check whether it is a marketing claim or a genuine scientific study report. No study has observed that this plant can increase testosterone in human males, though observations have been made in animals.

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