Vitamin D3 - Don’t Ignore This Wonder Vitamin For Your Testosterone

Whenever we come across the Vitamin D, the next thing that crosses our mind is bone health. However, apart from being a bone vitamin, this vital nutrient has amazing powers. Amongst the 24 nutrients, Vitamin D3 is great for testosterone production in men and it has been proven in scientific studies.

Ditch the weight room and closed gyms. If you have natural sunlight available, then don’t waste it. You can even workout in the open and gain the authentic form of Vitamin D3. Apart from sunlight, you can also consume fish and eggs.

But the next thing to know is how Vitamin D plays an important role in testosterone production in men. How much do you need to consume Vitamin D3 if you are not getting enough sunlight at your place? Here we go!

What Is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a component of the fat-soluble Vitamin D. It is a wonder vitamin when it comes to healthy bones and a healthy heart. When your body is exposed to sunlight, your body naturally produces this Vitamin and is utilized rightly for several bodily functions.

The small intestine absorbs this vitamin and stores in the body tissues. As it is accumulated in the body for a longer period of time, you need to be careful about its supplementation.

Relation With Testosterone

Vitamin D3 Testosterone

Along with calcium, our body also needs Vitamin D3. In men, Vitamin D3 is essential for development of sperm cells, maintenance of sperm counts and enhancing the testosterone levels, along with an accelerated sexual drive.

In men, Vitamin D3 does not work as a vitamin, but acts as a hormone. It controls and manages all the bodily functions, especially virility, hormones, and sexual activity.

The Vitamin D3 is linked with the endocrine system. Hence, low amount of Vitamin D3 can lead to low testosterone levels. Let us see how the studies have proven this statement.

Research Study

Study [1] - In this study, it was proven that men with higher Vitamin D levels have higher testosterone levels as well in comparison with men with lower Vitamin D levels.

Study [2] - A group of men were provided with 3332 IU of Vitamin D3 for one year and it was observed that their testosterone levels were 25.2 percent more than the men consuming a placebo.

Study [3] - Elderly with Vitamin D supplement do not have risks of low testosterone levels.

Study [4] - This study was conducted in Australia and observed that elderly men having low Vitamin D levels were subject to risks of low testosterone and a greater degree of fractures.

Study [5] - This study was conducted to evaluate the positive relation between Vitamin D3 and testosterone. 1362 men were observed in this study as subjects. According to this study, there is linear positive connection between Vitamin D and serum and testosterone levels. It means that if a men is already having sufficient level of Vitamin D3, then a Vitamin D supplement will not further increase the same. But as most of the men lack in Vitamin D3 levels, these study outcomes is hard to be found.

Study [6] - This study was conducted in 1939 by Dr. Abraham Myerson. This study emphasized the significance of natural UV rays for raising the testosterone levels in men. As per this study results, if a man’s chest is exposed to direct sunlight for a period of 5 days, then his testosterone levels increase by 120 percent. Similarly, if a man’s genitals are exposed to sunlight for 5 days, then the testosterone levels rise up to 200 percent. Thus, it shows how sunlight is important for a man’s health and one should take advantage of it.

Study [7] - In this study, light exposure signals were exposed to the brain. As a result, the brain released LH hormone and the testosterone levels boosted up. Hence, enjoying sunlight is definitely a better choice.

Study [8] [9] [10] - In these studies, it was observed that in humans as well as in animals, Vitamin D levels in the bloodstream affect the sperm quality and motility in a favorable manner.

Key Points

The above studies conducted with regard to Vitamin D3 and testosterone levels help us to list out the following key points:

1. Men who have low levels of Vitamin D tend to have low testosterone levels as well. Hence, if you are detected with low Vitamin D levels, then you can also assume that your testosterone levels are dropped down.

2. If you are a healthy male and you prefer to consume a low dose Vitamin D supplement for nearly one year, then you can experience more than 25 percent increase in your testosterone levels. Thus, you are not afraid of the symptoms of low testosterone levels by any chance.

3. In case your Vitamin D levels are already in the right amount, then you won’t get the testosterone-boosting effect with the Vitamin D supplement. In short, it is fine if you are not consuming a Vitamin D supplement.

4. Natural sunlight is a boon for your testosterone production. You can enjoy basking in the sun, or even working out in open air.


You are supposed to maintain the balanced quantity of Vitamin D3 in your bloodstream, which is ideally 50-70 ng/dl. If it is below this level, then you can seek dosages of Vitamin D3 in the following manner:

    An excellent quality supplementation of Vitamin D3 – Low to normal dosage for a shorter period of time. As soon as the levels stabilize, go for a maintenance dosage.

    A multi-vitamin tablet – This will not only fuel your body with Vitamin D3 but also with other vital nutrients.

    Enjoy basking in the early sun for some time – This is the most natural and purest form of Vitamin D3.

Side Effects

If the recommended dosage is consumed, then one will not experience any effects. There are no such significant instances when someone consumed more amount of Vitamin D and experienced any negative and unpleasant effects.

However, it should be noted that being a fat-soluble vitamin, it is difficult to throw the excess quantity out of the body. Symptoms such as headache, loss of appetite, nausea and dry mouth can result if you are consuming too much of Vitamin D supplementation. Hyperkalemia results due to excessive consumption of Vitamin D.

But if you are living in cold countries where sunlight is a major concern, then Vitamin D supplementation will definitely help you. People living in sunny and hot countries can consult their doctor before taking a step further towards Vitamin D supplementation. This is because they are already enjoying a lot of sunlight and hence, Vitamin D deficiency is not a major concern for them.


    Being a fat-soluble nutrient, Vitamin D affects more than 2000 body genes and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the body organs. Warm sunlight can definitely elevate your mood and also provide necessary strength to your body. Still, we would learn the benefits of Vitamin D3 for the bodybuilders, athletes and fitness freaks.

    Enhances Bone Strength and Health

    Men who have low testosterone levels tend to have weak bones. As per the Cleveland Clinic study, they are also susceptible to osteoporosis. The main regulator of calcium absorption activity is Vitamin D3 and insufficient consumption of this vitamin can lead to several bone related issues. Hence, if you are on a Vitamin D3 supplementation, your bones will become stronger and you will be less susceptible to diseases such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and muscular weakness.

    Improves Muscle Quality

    According to the study outcomes of the University of Western Ontario, elderly men who were provided with 800 to 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 supplementation experienced better muscle strength and balance. Nearly 13 reports pertaining to this study were obtained.

    Protects body against diseases

    Vitamin D3 plays a significant role in cell growth, cell management and relevant interactions. It even obstructs the process of cancerous tendencies in human beings. Persons suffering from Vitamin D3 deficiency are subject to risks of certain diseases such as heart diseases, blood pressure problems, asthma and arthritis. Hence, if you are consuming right quantity of Vitamin D3 supplement or in its natural form, then your body is protected against a number of dangerous diseases. It is like a shield against the future damages.

    Other benefits

    Vitamin D3 provides additional benefits to men such as healthy sperm, healthy prostate, better erectile function, and so on. In case your Vitamin D3 levels are balanced, then there is no urgent need to go for supplementation. Surely, Vitamin D3 is a testosterone-booster but your do not have to consume surplus dosages. If you are living in cold places where sunlight is not available, then you need to seek your doctor’s advice for an appropriate Vitamin D3 supplementation.

    Apart from testosterone-boosting properties, Vitamin D is a miraculous vitamin for your entire lifespan, bone health and heart health. Vitamin D3 along with calcium and other important Vitamins can help your body and health a lot.

    Before that, check your Vitamin D3 levels and consult your doctor.

Additional Key Factors

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Vitamin D3 - Frequently Asked Qusetions

What are the compounds in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D1, Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3.


Fat Soluble

Natural Form of Vitamin D3


Artificial form of Vitamin D 3


Are the testosterone properties of Vitamin D3 backed by scientific study?


Which is the best Vitamin D3 Testosterone Supplements?

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