Ginseng - An Ultimate Natural Testosterone Booster

Did you know that after the age of 30, your testosterone levels drop down, leaving you to suffer the symptoms of low testosterone levels? Well, it is a bitter truth but Mother Nature also takes care of the remedies for it. Since hundreds of years, we have been using natural herbs, flowers, seeds to get rid of ailments. It is surprising to notice that these natural substances help us to live a healthy and fulfilled life, without resorting to artificial products.

On the same parlance, testosterone levels can be boosted in a natural as well as legal manner through natural herbs. One of the natural herbs that is a boon for testosterone-boosting is ginseng. Currently, you can find thousands of bodybuilders and fitness freaks consuming health supplements that contain ginseng. But is ginseng really effective? Hey, do you have an evidence of scientific report purporting it? How much quantity of ginseng is appropriate? All these questions would be answered gradually on this page. Hence, stay tuned!

What Is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a natural herb that has been used in many bodybuilding and testosterone products. Available in various forms, Ginseng has been proved scientifically to raise up testosterone, stimulate sex life and build muscle mass in men. Moreover, it is observed that ginseng boosts up immune systems and keeps ailments at bay. Thus, this powerful ingredient is boosted with tonic and medicinal properties.

Relation With Testosterone

Ginseng Testosterone

Following explanation is not only the benefits of ginseng but how it actually interacts with your body to increase testosterone.

Libido Enhancement

Since more than 10 decades, ginseng has been used for raising testosterone levels in men. Bring a natural herb, it is good for your libido enhancement.

This is because it stimulates an important component of the brain, hypothalamus that helps in secreting sex related hormones. These sex hormones are nothing but vital building blocks for your sexual well-being, healthy sex organs and overall cell growth.

    Oxygenation of sex organs

    Another significant benefit of ginseng is that it maintains general and overall health of sperms. The blood is properly circulated and transported throughout the body, passing through every cell and tissue. As your sex organs receive sufficient quantity of blood at regular time intervals, they are oxygenated and function better than before.

    Improvement of mood

    Low testosterone not only affects the physique but also results in mental stress and tension. With ginseng, you can relieve yourself from these worries.

    Importance of Nitric Oxide

    Ginseng is comprised of nitric oxide that causes widening of the blood arteries. This results in free flowing of blood throughout the body. It facilitates proper blood flow in the penile region and other sexual organs. Due to this consistent blood flow, the erectile functioning is improved considerably and leads to a higher level of testosterone formation.

    As a result, ginseng contributes largely to boost up testosterone and provide you with amazing results.

Research Study

Various animal and human studies have been conducted with regard to the medicinal properties of ginseng. Some of the results of the studies are as follows:

Study [1] : Ginseng extract accelerates the levels of testosterone in male rats - For 20 days, male rats were injected with ginseng extracts in order to evaluate the levels of testosterone and their copulatory behavior. It was observed that active ingredients present in ginseng lead to improvement of copulatory behavior in male rats and increases their testosterone levels.

Study [2] : Panax Ginseng accelerates the testosterone levels in human males - This study was conducted on 66 young men who suffered from certain sexual problems. It was observed that Panax Ginseng not only improved the semen quality of these men, but also improved the quality of reproductive hormones in then. No doubt, it elevates the testosterone levels.

Study [3] : Double blind placebo study conducted in Korea - Within 8 weeks of ginseng consumption, this group witnessed a remarkable improvement in the erection function, sexual performance and drive in comparison with the men in the placebo group.

Study [4] : Human Study - In this study, the users consuming ginseng were satisfied with respect to their erection quality as compared to the group who did not consume ginseng.

Study [5] : Study showing the relevance of nitric oxide and testosterone levels - This study was conducted on adult male rats and it was observed that ginseng root stimulates the process of nitric oxide synthesis. The similar kind of working can be observed in human males too. But this study really worked and as a result, researchers took it seriously and ginseng was used as a part of most of the testosterone boosters.

Key Points

1. Also known as eleuthero, ginseng is a small shrubby plant.

2. Since ages, ginseng has been used in the Chinese medicine.

3. The tap root being extremely beneficial is commonly used in many products and also in herbal tea preparation.

4. The types of ginseng are panax ginseng and Siberian ginseng. The type of ginseng that is influential in testosterone boosting is the Red Korean Ginseng, also known as the Panax Ginseng.


As ginseng is available in various forms, you can decide and pick up according to your preferences.

In form of oral pills: If you check the bottles of oral pills or tablets, you can find recommended dosages on it. Stick to it and do not over-consume the pills for quick results.

In the form of syrup: In case you do not like to swallow capsules, then ginseng is also available in the syrup form. You need to check the dosages mentioned on the bottles.

In the form of brewed tea: Have you seen how holy basil leaves can be brewed into tea? In the same way, ginseng can also be brewed into tea and consumed like a beverage. In this case, you need to know the exact quantity to be consumed as you should not exceed the recommendations. The best thing is that you are consuming ginseng in its pure form, and in an ideal manner.

In the form of extract: Thanks to the supplement industry, ginseng is also available in the form of extracts. You can mix it in liquids and even in protein shakes to acquire a double advantage.

Always make sure about the purity of the product that contains ginseng. In case you do not know how much to consume, then speak directly to your doctor.

Side Effects

No Side Effects

As ginseng is a natural herb, it does not have any side effects. However, if you are suffering from any hormone-sensitivity, or from an auto-immune disease or any other serious medical complications, then it is advised not to consume this substance. Others can definitely seek advantages of this ingredient.

Ginseng might cause minor side effects such as headache, dizziness, insomnia and increased heart rate. This might be in the initial stages of consumption and as you get habituated to it, the side effects might decline.

Another important aspect is that ginseng needs to be consumed in its pure form. If pure and high quality of ginseng is consumed, then no side effects have been reported by researchers. However, if it is in impure or mixed form, it can cause certain side effects.

If you are consuming ginseng supplements or pure form of ginseng with other supplements, then it can lead to certain reactions. Hence, it is advisable to obtain an opinion from the doctor before determining your dosage of supplements.


Comprised of ginsenosides, Ginseng converts arginine into nitric oxide that is helpful in lean muscle mass development and other benefits. Some of the benefits are described as follows:

    1. Enhances Sexual Life

    If males are suffering from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, then ginseng will help considerably. Since decades, ginseng is used for accelerating sexual performance of men. An effective aphrodisiac, ginseng provides men with considerable improvement in their sexual organs.

    2. Improves Immune System

    Not only does ginseng contribute in a healthy sexual life, but it also maintains and fortifies the immune system in men. This aspect helps in preventing certain illnesses. As the amount of immune cells increases, your immune system becomes stronger and you are less susceptible to cold and flu.

    3. Stimulates Physical Energy Levels

    Along with strength improvement, ginseng also contributes in stimulating physical energy levels in men. As a result, bodybuilders and athletes can perform well in the gym and on training grounds, accelerating their metabolism and increasing energy levels. As ginseng helps you to recover quickly, you can perform well on a daily basis and build lean muscle mass.

    4. Builds Muscle Mass

    The increased testosterone resulting out of ginseng consumption makes your muscles stronger and offers it an attractive shape. Your workout is justified and you obtain amazing results in the form of an attractive physique and a strong body.

    6. Other benefits

    Apart from sexual life and a physique. Ginseng offers other benefits such as improvement of memory and mood, lowering of blood glucose levels, and improvement of lungs and COPD symptoms.

    In short, Ginseng is a vital ingredient in bodybuilding and testosterone-boosting supplements with its amazing properties. It boosts up your testosterone by raising the levels of nitric oxide. It plays a wonderful in eliminating the problems of erectile dysfunction.

    Ginseng enjoys more popularity and significance than other natural ingredients because it has been well-researched and proven in clinical laboratories. This substances has not only tested on animals but also researched with the help of human beings, specifically targeting the areas of testosterone and erectile functioning. Hence, when the question of scientific results pops up, Ginseng rules the list.

    Hence, Ginseng is a recommended and do-try substance for all the bodybuilders, athletes and elderly men who want to have a higher level of personal life.

Additional Key Factors

If you want to consume right amounts of ginseng, then these are the best supplements:


Ginseng - Frequently Asked Qusetions

Forms of Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng
Red Korean Ginseng
Panax Ginseng

Botanical Name of Ginseng

Eleutherococcus senticosus

Active ingredients in Ginseng

Eleutheroside B and Eleutheroside E

Scientific Study Results Available


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