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If you are a good communicator, then we would like to see how you talk to yourself. Are you polite to yourself? Are you confident and full of pride when you are talking to yourself? Do you motivate you, inspire yourself and talk softly to your mind? Self-talk is very important in the journey of a bodybuilder or an athlete. You have to keep inspiring and encouraging yourself.

Let us check of a random guy who visits your gym. “I am so scared to go to the gym, others seem to be blasting out every second of their workout session and I am pushing myself to do the 10th repetition. I know that I am no good enough for anyone in the gym. I really can’t go further. It is better to be satisfied with what I have and love myself.”

Now, let us check the self-talk of the most enigmatic person of your gym. “Wow, it is exercise time. Hey, let me try this new exercise move today. I am sure I can do the 20th repetition of the third set today. Yes, I can do it. I do not compare myself with others because comparing with oneself is more challenging. I have to push myself more out of my comfort zone and put more energy.” So, do you talk to yourself like the random guy or the enigmatic guy? If you want to be that enigmatic guy (we are sure you have selected the later), this is a short help-guide for you.

What Is Force Factor Alpha King?

The so-called premier free testosterone booster, Force Factor Alpha King is your one-stop solution for your low T-levels. The premium formulation gives you the full and outstanding experience of becoming an alpha man and gives you with all the abilities to unleash your potential.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Force Factor Alpha King

The manufacturer names this product as Alpha King for some reasons. How do you describe a king? Probably, strength, drive, confidence, power, self-esteem, ambition, and the ability to achieve greatness and who provides the next generations with a legacy.

As a result, the Alpha King supplement was prepared as a highly defined vitality supplement for delivering free testosterone. So, as you train yourself rigorously in the gym while consuming these supplements, you gain muscles, a drive, energy, ambition and confidence, transforming you into a king.

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You gain the competitive edge for reaching the topmost position of masculinity. You also gain passion and vitality from this supplement.

Features and Specifications

It is a premium male vitality supplement.

It is comprised of new and advanced ingredients like the AlphaFen.

This formulation works for a man in reaping the full benefits of masculinity.

How Does It Work?

AlphaFen is a completely new and advanced ingredient that is used in Alpha King. It is also a defined form of fenugreek extract with improved bioavailability for boosting free testosterone to the maximum levels. Only one capsule a day can give you the desired effect. Now, how does this AlphaFen works?

AlphaFen works because of the high amounts of sapogenins comprised in it. It refers to a constituent compound of fenugreek and it results in the blockage of the enzymes that converts testosterone into estrogen. Thus, the process of estrogen formation is regulated because of these sapogenins.

Alpha King is inclusive of other male enhancement ingredients such as DIM, tribulus and black maca extract. All these ingredients enhance the masculine elements in your body.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

Ingredients that are a part of a capsule of ForceFactor Alpha King are as follows:

    P6 Testosterone and Performance Blend that includes:

  • AlphaFen Fenugreek Seed
  • Liposomal Extract – standard to sapogenins
  • Tribulus terrestris – fruit [1]
  • Black Maca Root Extract
  • Dim (Diindolylmethane)
Alpha King Ingredients Image

Dosage: 1 Capsule / day.


As compared to other GNC products, the price of this supplement is relatively lower.

It builds lean muscle, enhances sex drive, and improves performance of a man, whatever task he performs.


1. It is not recommended who are allergic to dairy products, gluten and those who are vegans.

2. Though the rating given on the site is 4, more favorable customer reviews need to be added. Only the genuine reviews.

3. Some customers do not experience any effect even after consuming one bottle of supplements which is not fair.

Is Forcefactor Alpha King Safe To Use?

Regarding the safety of the supplements ForceFactor Alpha King, one has to know that it is only for adults and should be kept far from the children.

Secondly, you are supposed to approach a healthcare practitioner if you have a serious medical concern or you are a pregnant woman. In case you consume other prescription medications, then it is not recommended to consume this supplement without contacting a healthcare practitioner.

Always check the label of the supplement bottle and the expiry date. In case the product has been expired, then it should not be added in your shopping cart. Though it is not possible in online shopping, we recommend you to approach GNC stored instead.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Only one capsule with breakfast can bring drastic outcomes in your body. Let us check whether any customer has experienced a drastic change in himself.

It didn’t work for him at all. Hence, very disappointing.

- David C Seattle, USA

Even after finishing one full bottle of Alpha King Supplements, he didn’t experience a smallest change in himself. Such customers do not feel like placing an order again.

- Ryan W North Bay, Canada

This customer feels that his 80 bucks were simply wasted in this supplement. He has decided not to buy again. What about you? Will you give it a try?

- Michael S Geelong, Australia

Alpha King seemed to be a useless product for this customer.

- Ethan K Cape Town,South Africa

In short, if you want to alter the self-talk, then ForceFactor Alpha King should not be in your purchase list. It will elevate your hopes, and then shatter you down after wasting your time and efforts. Such product will definitely not change the way you talk to yourself. Your negative self-talk will continue and you will just keep blaming your bad luck or a bad product.

Hence, it is better to find a product that will enhance your self-talk. You should have trust in that product. In this way, you can trust yourself and overcome your limits.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

Here are some suggestions for testosterone supplements which you can in your shopping cart. We have given two products, and choosing the most suitable one will lie in your hands.



User Rating
4.5/5 (53 Reviewer)

A brilliant combination of natural ingredients is TestoMax by Crazy Bulk. It will be super-duper effective for you if you are stacking it with other supplements of the same company, Crazy Bulk. You can even check for their recommendations and buy a suitable package that contains a stack of all the valuable supplements required for bulking and cutting.

4 capsules a day is the recommended dosage and one bottle of TestoMax capsules will cost you around $59.99.

Thus, with a perfect supplement, you are not only safeguarding your health but also saving your pocket and time.


With fortified nutrients such as ZMA and DAA, TestRX by Leading Edge Health is a product that you can trust upon. If you check the reviews and testimonials of the customers, then you can find that the company has a larger base of satisfied customers all over the world.

Not only the customers make repeated purchases, but they have also witnessed a drastic change in their bodies.

The benefits are in terms of higher aerobic performance in the gym, a high-level of stamina and larger and stronger muscles that transform you into a true ALPHA KING without much of time and hassle.


User Rating
4.3/5 (50 Reviewer)

So, these are the right products that can lead you in becoming a confident person with a positive self-talk. Always remember that it is fine to be a little low on one day. But if the low feelings and nervousness persist, then you have to check with your hormones and also with your daily life. Always be self-motivated because you cannot expect others to motivate you every day and each morning. Hence, while going to the gym, you should know that this is for your own good and you are responsible for your outcomes.

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