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If you ever ask anyone how to be a charismatic man, then you can receive answers such as “A muscular body, everyone loves it,” “A broad smile,” “An attractive personality,” and so on. But if you ask anyone what are the ways to be a charismatic man, then anyone will suggest you to join the best gym in the town. But no one will recommend you with a testosterone boosting supplement because they are not at all aware about the scientific facts and studies going on with respect to the same.

However, as if you have decided to be a charismatic man now, you can definitely also learn the methods to be so. Subscribing for a gym is something you ought to do. But in addition to a diet and exercise regime, you can include a supplement too in your routine.

Only then, you can stimulate your hormones to boost your energy and in turn, be more enthusiastic in the gym as well as in the bedroom. Got it? Turning to the supplement called Jym Alpha Jym, let us discuss about it in detail and go ahead with more valuable substitutes.

What Is Jym Alpha Jym?

Jym Alpha Jym is the only testosterone producing supplement that has been prepared and utilized by the owner of Jym Supplement Science, Dr. Jim Stoppani.

Hence, you can notice that we know the owner by his name and also his recommendation on the label of the supplement.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Jym Alpha Jym

The owner of the JYM Supplement Science and the designer of this supplement, Dr Jim Stoppani has provided us with his personal opinion about this supplement. According to him, the ingredients that are included in this bottle of supplement have been recommended by him since a long time and these ingredients are great for producing testosterone in men.

The doses of these ingredients are optimum and have been supported by scientific studies. He has designed this particular product, and other products of the JYM brand.

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Not only has he designed this supplement, he has been using it for his personal gains. Hence, you can find that the owner of these supplements is himself using the products. He endorses his own perfect tools of testosterone production to all of you for increasing your muscles, and stabilizing your mental functionality.

Features and Specifications

It brings about drastic changes in your muscle gains, strength, and mental functions of men, transforming you into an alpha bodybuilder.

Containing scientifically researched ingredients, this supplement is of immense value for those who want to hit the gym with a blast.

How Does Jym Alpha Jym Work?

As there is no specific explanation about the working of this supplement in detail, we would like to seek an explanation from the company on how it affects our body, and makes us an alpha man in the gym.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

You are supposed to consume 3 capsules in a day on all the workout and non-workout days of the week. When you do not perform a workout, then you have to divide the dose in morning and evening dosages. When you work out, you should consume one dose before the workout session and the other one in the morning or at night as per your training sessions.

    Now, let’s move towards the ingredients section.

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (50 percent saponins)[1]
  • Damiana (Leaf)
  • Dilindolymethane (DIM)
  • Ashwagandha root extract [2]
  • Eurycoma longifolia root extract
  • Quercetin (as quercetin dehydrate)
  • Other ingredients included are magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose.
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According to Dr Jim Stoppani who has conceived the idea of this product, each ingredient has been backed by a scientific study and hence, there is no fuss involved with respect to the purity and grading of the ingredients. All the ingredients have been blended in the requisite proportion and are not just mixed together.

Dosage: 3 Capsules / day.


The price is pretty affordable as it says $39.99 for one bottle of 180 capsules


It is specifically mentioned that this product has been designed, used and endorsed by Dr Jim Stoppani. However, we would like to check how he has witnessed the changes in himself through his pictures or any video. Instead of mentioning his one-liner review about this product, we would like to know how other customers have experienced it, what the product is about and what it contains in detail. All we are getting is an endorsement line and nothing else.

The benefits and the working of this supplement should have been elaborated in detail.

Is Jym Alpha Jym Safe To Use?

In case you are consuming some kind of medications, OTS medications, are below 18 years of age, or are a pregnant or nursing woman, then Jym Alpha Jym is certainly not for you.

For rest of the men, this is very safe to use, provided you consume this supplement as per the given instructions on the workout and non-workout days.

This product is comprised of chemicals that are acknowledgeable in the State of California for causing cancer related diseases and birth deficiencies or any reproductive defects. Hence, you have to be cautious. This word of caution has been mentioned on the label of the supplement itself. Hence, you can double-check it.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

Time to know about the true customer reviews of the product, Jym Alpha Jym. Is it really worth buying? Will it make you an alpha man? Let’s check it out.

A strict no-buy suggestion from this customer. Aged 55, this customer received a boost of energy in the very first week of the consumption of this product, however, it was followed by a nasty headache at night. The customer tried again reusing the same product to know whether there is a problem with himself or with the product. But no, the problem was not in him, but in the product that was giving him irritating headaches all the night. Hey, would you like to buy such as reasonably priced product that gives you headaches frequently? Obviously, you got the answer.

- Daniel G Denver, USA

This customer also felt a bout of irritation when he was using this product. Irritation, headaches and nausea are some of the common side effects of using some of the supplements. But the problem arises when these side effects persist for a long time and interfere with your routine activities. Hence, better to avoid this product, says this customer.

- Brandon H Halifax, Canada

There was no major change in the body or in the mind, according to this customer. Highly disappointing review, isn’t it?

- Max P Mackay, Australia

Sleepiness and tiredness were the two symptoms experienced by this 31-year old customer. As it was his first time in using this product, he suggests you to try it once as he believes that it might work differently for different people. This review alerts us beforehand.

- William H Madison,USA

Conclusively, Jym Alpha Jym doesn’t seem to support your goal of being a charismatic man. We cannot criticize any supplement on any basis but we can definitely make ourselves conscious in choosing the right kind of supplement. Customer testimonials will definitely help you in this journey and you can switch over to a healthy substitute. Remember, trial and error method is risky when it comes to your health.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

Thus, in order to transform you into a charismatic man, you can go for any of the following supplements. You have a number of healthy choices. Though selecting the best one is a bit challenging, we still have some basic information about these products for you.



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5/5 (70 Reviewer)

A product by TestoGen, it not only makes you charismatic but healthy and fit in the long run. Remember that attractiveness of body is not the only thing you want to be charismatic. You also want to be a humble person, a good partner and a co-operative friend during the life.

Hence, Testogen will improve your mood, reducing the symptoms of depression. You will feel less cranky or irritable or angry over petty reasons. We feel that stress is the only factor that is causing all the anxiety and depression problems, but it is the testosterone levels. We try to fight against stress but do not try in increasing testosterone.

As your testosterone is elevated by Testogen, you feel energetic, enthusiastic and your mood becomes calm for the rest of the day. As mere lean body is not sufficient, you also need to have a calm mind, this supplement will help you in acquiring both.


Want another supplement alternative? Here is TestRX by Leading Edge Health. The best thing about buying TestRX supplement is that there are no purchase related worries.

It means even if you are buying a product for the first time and you did not like it, then you can return it back to the company.

The company won’t say no for the money refund at all. It is reasonably priced and hence, you are spending a meagre amount in trying this product. Hence, be worry-free while clicking the Order Now button on the page.

So, get going to be charismatic!


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