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In order to be successful in life, you have to put in lot of efforts. Mere efforts are not sufficient, you have to be consistent in putting those efforts and plans in action. Similarly, in a workout session, you should not put all the force and power in one day. You have to be consistent in performing the same level of performance every morning during workouts and stringent exercise regimes.

You can increase the performance level, but you are not allowed to decrease the same. “Hey, I don’t feel like exercising today, I just don’t feel that energy and mindset to do it today, let’s do it tomorrow, I have an urgent commitment today, I will skip today’s workout, I am consuming a supplement every day, hence it is fine if I skip a session or so, I am tired, fatigued, exhausted.”

Such reasons are not valid reasons but excuses. We blame our mindset and our conscious mind but in reality it is our low testosterone levels that is speaking in our behalf.

Once you understand the concept of testosterone in your body, you will soon grasp how important it is choose an appropriate supplement for yourself. We will help you, no issues.

What Is Force Factor Test X180 ALPHA?

Force Factor Test X180 ALPHA is a supplement that transforms you from a mediocre male to an ALPHA male, taking your overall life to the elite level. Your strength in terms of sexual and physical performance is increased naturally.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Force Factor Test X180 ALPHA

This supplement will make you feel invincible in the gym as well as in the bedroom. You will feel like an ALPHA male and your will push yourself from the mediocre limits. Thus, this company has set high claims for all the customers.

Features and Specifications

This supplement improves your sexual performance, as per your enhanced libido.

Claims Image

As other supplements concentrate only on enhanced libido, this one gives the necessary strength and stamina to give an outstanding performance in the bedroom.

Your blood flow is improved and all the muscles are oxygenated.

The lean muscle mass is built up tremendously.

Your power and stamina levels are boosted up.

How Does It Work?

The researchers at Force Factor understood that performance levels of men can be improved with the help of a game-changing supplement. Hence, they included a power-packed ingredient known as L-citrulline. This is an amino acid that produces nitric oxide in tremendous quantities.

As a result, your performance levels get boosted up instantly. Nitric oxide also helps in smooth and efficient flow of blood in the body, oxygenating the muscles and providing sufficient nutrition to all the muscles and tissues. During workout sessions, this process is damn necessary and even in your bedroom, you need a lot of nitric oxide. Well, this is taken care of by Force Factor Test X ALPHA by increasing the amounts of nitric oxide in your body.

Another clinically proven and trademark ingredient used in this supplement is Testofen. Testofen works in coordination with your exercise regime and accelerates your sex drive, stamina and power. Thus, your libido is not only improved but your stamina and performance level is also increased to satisfy your arousal.

It is free from illegal substances and hence, you will feel an outstanding experience, as per the company’s claims.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (as Thiamin Mononitrate)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B12)
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) [1]
  • Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) [2]
  • Zinc (as zinc oxide) [3]
  • Selenium (as Amino Acid Chelate)
  • Copper (as copper amino acid chelate)
  • Manganese (as Amino Acid Chelate)

The other ingredients are silicon dioxide, gelatin and magnesium stearate.

Thus, as these power-packed substances are blended in one supplement, the maker claims it to be very effective for men who wish to transform themselves into alpha men.

Test x180 alpha ingredients Image

Dosage: 2 Capsules Daily.


It is an exclusive combination of clinically demonstrated ingredients such as Testofen and L-citrulline.


The price of this supplement is relatively higher than other supplements of other brands. $94.99 seems to be heavier for a layman.

Counting the outcomes, then we can find many dissatisfied customers who have not experienced any positive change. Hence, even though the ingredients seem to be superb and effective, the overall product is not worth to give a try.

Is Force Factor Test X180 ALPHA Safe To Use?

In case of any medical complications, doctor’s opinion is required beforehand. For rest of us, this supplement is safe for usage and consumption as directed.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

The above explanation is from the manufacturer. Now, let us know what the customers say as they use this product. They would be in a better position to tell the authenticity and utility value of the supplement in clear terms.

This customer advises other customers not to waste money on this supplement. Using the same amount, we can buy a bulk and money-saving package of other brand selling one of the best supplements.

- Michael S Washington, USA

Even after consuming this supplement for 2 weeks, this customer didn’t experience any kind of change, not even a small change. He feels that it is better to try another brand that gives quick results.

- Charles W Charlottetown, Canada

Customer has tried all the Force Factor range of products and is very much disappointed.

- Alex S Canberra, Australia

Customer suggests us to try some other products as he has been continuously disappointed with the products listed on the review. (He has recommended another site but we have recommended two best products in the last section of this page. Do check).

- Matthew P Durban,South Africa

Lastly, this customer also advises us not to waste time in using this supplement as it will not give any outcomes.

- Mohammed A Dubai, UAE

So, Having Heard From The Previous Customers, What Is Your Decision?

In conclusion, Force Factor Test X180 ALPHA is not the ideal product that you are looking for. This happens in case of many health supplements. In the initial stages of product promotion, the manufacturer presents the product in an appealing way so that the customers are assured about its positive outcomes. However, when customers invest tremendous time and efforts in using that product, they realize that this is not the product that they are looking for.

The brand name and the label also matters a lot while buying a product. Customers simply get attracted to the brand name and the designer label and buy the product. Supplements which don’t require doctor’s prescription are purchased randomly by the customers. In due course, they understand that the supplement is of no use to them. Hence, a doctor’s consultation is always recommended before buying any kind of supplements.

For your reference, we are providing details of two best testosterone-boosting supplements. Though these two products also do not require prescription from any doctor, you can still seek help of doctor beforehand for the sake of precautionary measure.

Recommendation/Best Alternative


PrimeMale Image

User Rating
4.7/5 (62 Reviewer)

A synergistic formulation of 12 ingredients, PrimeMale will provide you with all the benefits right from a sound mind to a sound body. An anti-ageing supplement that targets the testosterone production in your body by natural means is definitely PrimeMale and worth a try!

Comprised of rare ingredients such as red ginseng, mucana pruriens and bioperine, this product also contains essential vitamins and minerals to uplift your body to the highest level.

Due to the transparency of the manufacturer in disclosing its ingredients and manufacturing processes, this supplement enjoys priority over other bodybuilding supplements.

For all those who do not prefer a libido-enhancing supplement thinking it is a sign of embarrassment can opt for this anti-ageing one. For impressive outcomes, a synergistic formulation, a risk free money back guarantee and a reputed brand - you should try this product for all the mentioned reasons without any doubts in your mind. You must have tried many boosters and supplements from the market, but this one will elevate your confidence.


TestRX is yet another natural bodybuilding tablet that does not comprise of actual testosterone, but contains all those substances that lead to the formation of testosterone in your body.

It works in a fantastic way by facilitating the process of protein synthesis. Due to testosterone, your muscles grow, you recover fast due to high energy, you muscles become strong, and red blood cells are produced leading to more oxygenation of muscles.

All these reactions in the body are inter-related and it just accelerates your lean muscle mass and stamina. Fortified with ingredients like fenugreek seed extract and D-Aspartic acid, it also contains other necessary nutrients such as vitamins.

TestRx Image

User Rating
4.3/5 (50 Reviewer)

It will provide you with strength, stamina, virility and performance, transforming your body into a lean physique. Thus, if you are hinting for a supplement that contains authentic ingredients, best quality substances, a reputed brand at a reasonable price, with no worries involved, then TestRX is the right choice for you. If you are an elderly person looking to increase testosterone, then it should be on your immediate shopping list.

Thus, we have done our job to help you with the review of Force Factor Test X180 ALPHA along with some genuine recommendations.

Top Rated Testosterone Boosters

Testogen Image #1 Testogen

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5/5 (70 Reviewer)

Prime Male Image #2 Prime Male

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4.8/5 (65 Reviewer)

Testo Fuel Image #3 Testo Fuel

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4.7/5 (62 Reviewer)

Testotek Image #4 Testo Tek

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4.6/5 (59 Reviewer)

Testo-max Image #5 Testo-Max

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TestRx Image #6 TestRx

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4.3/5 (50 Reviewer)

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