Will Nugenix PM ZMA Testosterone Support Boost Your Testosterone?

Nugenix PM ZMA Testosterone Support Review

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Whenever you check out a new supplement, you always ask the vendor or the customer service representative, “Hey, will it work for me?” Yes, that is the first and the obvious question that comes in the mind of any person before buying any health supplement. But do you get the right answer from the vendor?

Well, the vendor may try to distract you by suggesting other alternatives from the same company. But remember that the vendor is just a salesperson and not a customer who has actually tried the product. Hence, you have to search and approach those people who have actually tried that supplement and experienced it. What are their views? Are they buying it again? Are they recommending you to go for that supplement?

Hey, you do not have to ask each and every customer before buying Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Support because we have an elaborate review of it along with useful customer reviews. Just keep reading.

What Is Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Support?

Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Support is an anabolic supplement that helps in releasing free testosterone. Other benefits of this supplement include regulation of all the hormones and promotion of sound and deep sleep at night.

Manufacturer Information and Claims about Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Support

The manufacturer has claimed strongly that it regulates the hormone levels in a human body in a healthy manner. On the same lines, it boosts free testosterone levels and promotes deep and sound sleep, without any interference.

Features and Specifications

Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Support is an anabolic health supplement.

It is comprised of a clinically proven ingredient ZMA, which occupies prime importance in this supplement.

How Does Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Support Work?

Nugenix PM is a nighttime testosterone-boosting supplement in which the key ingredient is ZMA. ZMA has been clinically proven and hence, it can be stated strongly that it can boost testosterone levels in men.

ZMA is an anabolic support formulation that contains bioavailable, patented ingredients such as zinc mono-L-methionine sulfate (L-OptiZinc), zinc aspartate, magnesium aspartate and Vitamin B6.

In this supplement, ZMA has been uniquely blended with the natural extracts of tribulus terrestris along with Melatonin for rendering proper sleep at night and providing extreme muscle strength.

Ingredients (Research) And Thoughts

  • Magnesium as Magnesium Aspartate
  • Vitamin B6 [1] as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
  • Zinc [2] as Zinc Mon-L-Methlonine Sulfate and Zinc Aspartate
  • ZMA [3]
  • Tribulus terrestris [4] (Fruit and Aerial Parts) (Standardized to 40 percent saponins)
  • Melatonin
Nugenix PM ZMA Ingredients Image

Dosage: 4 Tablets / day.


It is inclusive of a clinically researched ingredient, ZMA and a natural herb.

The price is only $39.99 which is relatively affordable than the other supplements of the same brand.


1. Customers are not satisfied with the performance of this supplement in terms of their overall health and well-being.

2. Clinical research links need to be made available on the website for easy reference and understanding. If the customers can get easy access to the clinical test results, they gain a higher level of trust in the product.

3. The drowsy effect of this supplement can even last till the next day morning. Hence, it should be consumed carefully.

Is Nugenix PM ZMA Testosterone Support Safe To Use?

You are required to consume 4 capsules half an hour before going to sleep at night. As a result, it leads to sound sleep and the supplement works as a testosterone booster during night.

It is safe but you should not consume dairy products and other calcium based supplements while consuming Nugenix PM. Or else it can lead to certain side effects.

In case you suffer from any medical issue, you need to check with the doctor beforehand.

Women should not consume this supplement, especially pregnant and nursing ones.

As it can cause drowsiness, it should not be consumed during daytime, particularly before driving a car or operating any machinery. If you miss a dose at night, then do not take it in the morning. Skip the dose instead or else you will end up feeling sleepy all the day.

For others, this supplement is safe to consume as it promotes sound sleep which is much essential in this age of stress and worries.

Customer Reviews And Ratings (Testimonials)

As we stated earlier, we are providing you with the reviews of the Nugenix PM for your understanding.

One of the customers couldn’t feel any positive change in his body after taking one bottle of the supplement. Hence, he doesn’t recommend it at all.

- Smith J Houstan, USA

Another customer noticed a huge difference in his sleep. As stated in the product description, he slept better at night. But he couldn’t find any other difference in his health and body. Well, this is not a sleeping pill, right? You cannot afford to consume a testosterone supplement that makes you feel sleepy and does nothing with the testosterone.

- Gold Coast B Gold Coast, Australia

The third customer experienced severe constipation because of the non-dissolving nature of the capsules. Even after two weeks of consumption, there was no positive difference in this libido or mood or strength.

- Luke T Scarborough, Canada

One of the customers has strongly recommended not to use this product.

- Joshua W Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Conclusively, Nugenix PM-ZMA Testosterone Booster does very little with our testosterone. It only delivers sound and sleep at night, which is not a valid reason to buy these ones. Instead, you can buy a health supplement that will not only render good sleep at night but will also raise your testosterone and give you a ton of benefits.

Recommendation/Best Alternative

Following are the testosterone supplements that can grant you with a ton of benefits, especially boosting up of your testosterone levels.



User Rating
5/5 (70 Reviewer)

One of the amazing supplements developed by Wolfson Berg Limited is TestoGen that works on the principle of Triple Action Formula. It works on three main aspects namely, muscle strength, sexual life and cognitive abilities.

Thus, you get an amazing physique, an improved version of intimate life with your partner and a higher level of concentration and alertness. Thus, you earn a sound and focused mind in a sculpted body.

Fatigue, depression and loss of energy become aliens for you, because you get a best companion by your side, TestoGen supplements. Do not make low testosterone a part of your life. Elevate it instead!


One of the best creations of Propura Limited is PrimeMale testosterone boosting supplement. Packed with ingredients like luteolin, nettle root and magnesium, this supplement has a fighting mechanism to control hormones such as luteinizing hormone and SHBG. PrimeMale is not a specific male enhancement supplements but it works on your sexual drive and enhances your sexual organs too. In addition to this, it strengthens your muscles, giving them the necessary blood flow and nutrition. Moreover, it fortifies your cognitive abilities such as concentration during work and even at home while dealing with your family members.


User Rating
4.8/5 (65 Reviewer)



User Rating
4.7/5 (62 Reviewer)

Ditch the so-called best supplement and incorporate TestoFuel in your supplement routine. One of the impressive supplements created by Roar Ambition Ltd is TestoFuel that irons out the non-essential part from your body and provides your body with what is extremely necessary.

Several scientific studies have been conducted in order to create a dynamic TestoFuel supplement. You are getting a recent product after several updates and modifications. The maker is not selling you with a decade-old concept.

Right from increasing testosterone and growth hormones, it targets on your energy levels and weight lifting abilities.


One of the outstanding supplements by TEK Naturals, TestoTEK have been created and processed in FDA approved facilities. Each bottle of this supplement has been manufactured according to the GMP guidelines and hence, one can be completely assured about its quality.

Every time you make a new purchase, you get a product that is pure, safe, clinically tested and effective in terms of results. During the manufacturing of these supplements, close monitoring processes are observed in terms of quality checks.

It is the only supplement that will give you impressive results within a short period of time.


User Rating
4.6/5 (59 Reviewer)



User Rating
4.5/5 (53 Reviewer)

The best supplement to fulfill your New Year Resolution of getting fit and a sculpted body – TestoMax by Crazy Bulk products. After the age of 40, men lose confidence due to considerable loss in strength and weight lifting capacity.

However, with TestoMax, many men have experienced a boost of energy sweeping in their bodies and their abilities to life weights has increased significantly. Even though it is a gradual change, it has amazed the customers themselves.

They have gained a higher level of confidence they used to have years back.

Top Rated Testosterone Boosters

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